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  1. Is nvidia control panel a good way to upgrade the games looks?
  2. thanks for telling me 🙂 didnt know
  3. is virtuos shadow not being able to proc on dashing the eidolons head going to be fixed?
  4. Could it be that your keyboard switches to other languages causing it to type different characters than wanted? It can be that windows set the "change keyboard language" to a key-combination required for your login
  5. Dear DE, As you might know there is a bug with blood rush(has been around for quite a while now) causing it to stack infinitly. Leading to red crits 100% of attacks. No one can really do much to prevent the bug from occuring, it happens unintentionally. It would mean alot to me if you could look into this bug 🙂
  6. The following bug occurs when using gladiator mods on deconstructor prime. When I die and then proceed to revive myself the bonus that gladiator mods provide dissappears. Leading to losing that 30% extra CC per combo multiplier. I use my sentinel's weapon as a statstick for crits and I would appreciate it if someone looked into this bug 🙂
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