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  1. I'm pretty sure if DE would fix the enemy AI,level scaling and reward system ,most people would be satisfied with the progression of the game But as he said they keep giving us bandaids that tbh aren't quite effective cause they don't usually add that much value to the gameplay. We're tired of consoling ourselves with "Fashionframe is endgame" We want something else to do other than have warframe competitions about who can colour their warframe best Give us gameplay that indulges your gaming skills....Involving coordination and planning...with a variety of gameplay..something nerve wracking (don't you dare say eidolon) Just anything that can keep us pre occupied while being fun.
  2. Honestly we're hoping so cause we wanna break the current game engine Wisp haste,Volt's nyoom buff and Valkitty's angry buff
  3. Our Love is forbidden my dearest The rage quit shall not let us prosper together🤣🤣 Also,not gonna lie,I wanna see a volt,Valkyr Gauss speed boost when that frame shows up
  4. 😂😂Not gonna lie, the way y'all defended conclave like it was worth my time I was convinced that I was wrong but I went back in and was all alone for like majority of the time Kneeling with my boy Teshin there just waiting for a new soul to enjoy the mode I get that y'all wanna maintain the mode but why don't you want it to be fixed? As far as I'm concerned that's wasted potential in game I only managed to get one guy from the chat and he only wanted to farm standing We did get into Lunaro and I'm not gonna lie, I loved Lunaro cause it was kinda fun, I dunno why people don't like it But two three minutes into conclave it felt terrible playing that game model Even the other guy left after a short while citing the game mode was too boring plus the shooting mechanics were terrible
  5. I like using Volt btw But rarely if ever for his speed Cause Volt is a super versatile frame and one of those frames you really enjoy using when you want to have a feel for the git gud mode in game But the annoying speed spammers My god That faction of humans😑
  6. I think warframe have a mini scaling of some sort in regards to health depending on Mr level But yeah that'd be also cool, that way atleast being Mr 27 would mean something other than just having spent alot of time levelling up weapons and flexing on noobs Tragically DE ain't about that life cause no lie, some weapons would be sort of broken, but to some extent, cause the enemy scaling makes some of the overpowered weapons look like a joke at higher levels
  7. In the few years I've played warframe I've come to realise Getting near the extraction point faster than them then running away from it just before you enter the extraction area and waiting for the timer in the face of a Volt is more satisfying than constantly spamming stop in the chat
  8. Not gonna lie, I'm gonna use Gauss to just spite the spamming Volt main types plus the ones who buff with zero reason I mean why the hell are you coming to where I am and spamming your sprint buff after I told you I don't want it😑
  9. What would be the pros (alot definitely) and cons (nerf oriented people have freedom of speech too😂😂) of having extra mod slots or two in say a warframe, weapon etc Cause it hit me while modding I usually look at all the mods that I could've slapped into my weapon or warframe to make it just perfect So i dunno, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on this Is it just me with the perfect setup addiction or some items would be better suited for extra mod slots Again, just a discussion, not looking to be eaten alive here
  10. But in all honesty we know warframe rivens are going to be incorporated into the game soon enough (okay maybe not soon.. Give or take a few years) hopefully by then they'll have tweaked the enemies difficulty to be more oriented to real difficulty as opposed to just being bullet sponges But then again, with a synchronizes squad, you can literally stay in endless missions (not you disruption) till you break the spawn rate So i guess it's DEs way of saying, get friends, git GUD or suck it
  11. 😂😂😂On the bright side, region chat would be super lit no doubt
  12. 👀Not gonna lie, I'd love to see Ember with infinite strength DE if you can make this happen for just one day Just one day😂😂
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