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  1. (XB1)Revan Reborn 1

    Fix these network issues NOW

    that's it! you're first damn it!!
  2. (XB1)Revan Reborn 1

    Fix these network issues NOW

    i've had this same issue since the launch of the sacrifice, making me only able to play Solo missions in most places (can't play in Plains of Eidolon) and now, with the release of Chimera is makes forging the new Paracesis sword completely impossible because i'll get kicked to orbit (or cetus if in POE) every half an hour exactly from the moment i start playing the game and half an hour is not long enough to kill a Teralyst in a group nevermind on your own, the only thing i've done with Warframe since then is log in to get my daily gift since that's basically all that's worth doing. and i swear to god, if someone in here gives the same suggestion i received in this last thread for this issue i'm gonna go on a killing spree, "just get a new router".