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  1. they are not going to stop the mash 4 rep farming because of trinity's energy vamp nulls streamline and fleeting.
  2. ah my bad. thought AMD was affected by range. but as far as the power.. than you are saying iam better off with the build i got with transient? also are you saying that i should take stretch out? i do not think -48% range is going to do me any favors. thanks
  3. it effects AMD radius which i use alot, chaining explosion radius from MP and i also use worm hole. in that build i am -3% range and its fine. but u could defenitly do more dmg with more range on her. you are always choosing a sacrifice no matter what you do :)
  4. Good Day fellow Tenno, These are the Nova and Soma prime builds i have done with some forma. they seems to suit my play style, but, i am curious to see what others have done with them and if there is a different build i have not thought of that would be better. thanks for your time Nova Prime http://goo.gl/nMFXmw If i didnt like antimatter absorb so much, i would replace it with intensify and replace stretch with over extended. other than that i think this is good. but i am open to suggestions Soma Prime http://goo.gl/LT6Vq1 this i am happy with for void build, which i find
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