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  1. Not sure if this is the exact bug that I'm having, but there are no ores/jewels spawning anywhere on Plains of Eidolon outside of the immediate area near the entrance.
  2. Not enough spawns. The reason is irrelevant. It makes the game mode unplayable without abusing that exploit that you're promoting.
  3. You're right, it is your guess. The reality is that the spawns are extremely low in this mission type.
  4. Interception void fissures do not spawn enough enemies to get 10 reactant. Even in a group of 4 players. Doesn't matter what map it is, although I have seen it happen most often on Earth and Gas City (simply because interception void fissure missions on other nodes are very rare).
  5. Bump, just got this bug just now. This was never fixed and it's been 2 years ??
  6. Bump, this happened to me just now. This bug was never fixed after 2 years ?!?!?
  7. Bump, still never been fixed
  8. I don't know if that's the same bug, as this knocks you down even when you are nowhere near the eidolons. Even when you are in archwing. It's not from an eidolon ability, that is a separate bug.
  9. Where: Plains of Eidolon When: Night time during a fight with any of the Hydrolyst, Teralyst, or Gantulyst What: Constant unavoidable knockdowns that occur every couple of seconds, I didn't time them but something like every 2 seconds you get unavoidably knocked down. It interrupts weapon reloads, it interrupts movement, it is completely unavoidable except it seems like in operator mode when going invisible you don't get knocked down. Aside from that, at all other times, even in midair, you get knocked down constantly. I am not referring to an Eidolon ability that knocks you down. I am referring to a persistent bug wherein the game thinks you are constantly receiving a knockdown status and thus constantly prevents you from doing anything every 2 seconds, forever, until you leave the Plains. How to reproduce this bug: Fight any of the Eidolons None of the tags are appropriate for this bug. It is a gameplay bug, which for some reason is not one of the tags.
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