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  1. First mission logging in, get a message from Wolf that its coming... but it just doesnt. wit 5 minutes and nothing shows up. Im gessing it came in this patch??
  2. @--Q--FSK41 but enemies can, once the way is opened by a tenno, but anyways thats cleared up what you said to begin with. I just played a 45min fissure survival and had no issues with the corrupted enemies spawning, though in general spawn points do need some changes, i agree.
  3. @(XB1)Bacon and Greg Yeah i wasn't 100% sure so i worded it as i did rather than something stronger, but now that you say that I'm sure that's what it is, game knowledge not a bug. Also just checked their in-game profile, 4830 hours played! I'm very surprised @--Q--FSK41didn't know about this!
  4. @--Q--FSK41 The attached image, from what i can see is an accessible room on an infested corpus ship tile set. you must destroy an explosive barrel visible through a crack in the wall above the glass you're looking through, then head back along the corridor, drop down and walk through a small shaft at floor level, Follow that along and you can then jump up unto that room. If you weren't to explode the barrel you would find a grate covered in infested mass, which you cant break with your own weapons, ONLY the barrel visible through the glass that is stuck to the roof of the room. In sabotage missions the caches can appear in this room too, so I'm surprised you haven't worked this out yet, given you have been playing for years! I hope this helps!
  5. Thats a shame- IMO the should be able to be converted to standing or SOMETHING, really hope this does get changed, where will we see an update to this (if there is one)?
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