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  1. Nightwave is a frustrating to me: I only have 0.5 - 1 hrs to play ANY GAME 5/7 days of the week, if that (and this may shock you, but I don't want to spend 4-5 hours catching up on the weekend, and for some things, like sorties, you can't - one a day only). I feel like I can't risk not spending that time doing the Wolf content lest I not get that one Umbra forma that I assume can be used on one frame only. So now Warframe is dictating what missions I spend my time on. In addition, I can't put any time towards Hildryn or Orb Vallis extra stuff, or grinding void traces/prime parts that are refusing to drop/void relics for those prime parts/rare mods from bounties that are also refusing to drop. I LIKE the concept of Nightwolf, but it is bottlenecking what content I get to and (feels like it is) forcing me to play some content that doesn't progress me towards the other things I want at all. I am not sure how DE can best address this, but I am already frustrated that I sit down at my computer for my half hour of game time and feel immediately like there's only one choice for how to spend it - Nightwave content. It honestly makes me want to go play another game because I don't want to mine or fish or do a sortie.
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