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  1. Or new mods like, say, a 60% pure heat mod that can't combine. It'll be lower than a 90% mod so you still have the option of using the 90 if you don't mind combining or if using that 90 won't combine anyway. You also get to choose between it and a 60/60 mod. The 60/60 can combine but the "pure" mod can't.
  2. This happened to me but I wasn't on the extraction platform, just near it. I didn't get the 30min reward since I got host migrated and the next screen I saw was choose relic. I decided to remain one round just in case to make sure I get the 30min NW challenge. Wasted 5mins instead of 30 mins.
  3. I don't remember when I lost a flower, or what I just finished subsuming and it didn't show. I was subsuming one warframe per day since the update was released, and I wasn't too concerned about the flowers at the time. Once I finished, I started counting the flowers and I believe I was missing one. Xaku was the 44th warframe at the time and I only had 43. I read the forums and other people were having the same issue last year. I figured that this will be resolved a few updates later, so I didn't report it then. I wasn't able to play during the holidays so just finished subsuming Lavos, but I'm
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