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  1. Take your time. As far as i remember, there is no time limit. I may have failed that test in the past due to rushing. ...and i used a regular dagger type weapon since i’m so bad at redeemer and glaives.
  2. Or how about a new “Primed Charged Chamber” from baro or whatever. Primed chamber will still be special since it will only cost 7 capacity. Primed charged chamber can cost like 16 capacity for the same effect.
  3. I agree with this. Aura form is nice to have but it is not really as important as a catalyst or reactor. I’ve regularly bought catalysts and reactors for my weapons and frames but i’ve not yet bought aura forma.
  4. Regular weapons and mods are too powerful for pvp, so i think that would be a good time to farm conclave mods.
  5. Very lucky. Regular thumpers don’t drop korrudo bp, so they don’t count.
  6. Hunted for at least 30 mins per day for a month or so after it released. Got it after i received a loot drop chance booster from daily rewards. I’m not sure if the booster helped, because when i randomly went to plains a couple of days later, the group got 3 bp from 5 thumpers, and one of the guys said they had a drop chance booster. I know that chance boosters don’t affect bp so... RNGod works in mysterious ways.
  7. While we’re discussing making mechanics, that aren’t part of the main gameplay, easier, we should look into happy zephyr as well.
  8. I'd like to try Warframe Battle Royale with Conclave mods/rules on PoE/Orb Vallis. You can lore it as a simulation.
  9. I like the 4th ability. Channel ability to summon several primaries at a time with each primary unloading its clip and being replaced by another full clip weapon from your arsenal. Lasts until each weapon is spent.
  10. Guys, dont expect too much from customer support. I've worked customer support for several industries, including game companies. The support arent out to get you or screw you over. In most cases, cust support dont have access to dev tools and cant see game data. They ask for proof so that they can move up your issue to someone who can get it fixed or at least send it further up the chain. If they could fix your problem right away, they would so. Less work for them and better chances of good survey results (in some cases that means bonuses).
  11. Just go to the forums and start whatever topic comes to mind or reply to whatever threads you find.
  12. New year. Maybe they’ll have new rules.
  13. Double post. Not really a forum poster.
  14. I bet it’s: atlas - end of august or early september ivara - end of november or early december Nezha - mid january for chinese new year
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