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  1. 18 minutes ago, [DE]Helen said:


    We know you’ve been looking forward to the upcoming Beasts of Sanctuary Update! Don’t worry - we won’t keep you waiting much longer. The update won’t be released today, but you can still expect it later this week! There are just a few more things we want to whip into shape.

    Get ready for Sanctuary Onslaught and Khora… It’s going to be kavatastic! (couldn’t help myself)

    Thanks for your patience, Tenno!

    "There are just a few more things we want to whip into shape."

    Ahem, you guys into that stuff as well? Well then, continue your kinky fantasies.

  2. This is something I deeply respect and appreciate DE for, going the lengths to aid and assist groups that need help and support for a good cause. I've personally lost many relatives to cancer and can understand the pain and suffering the victims and their families go through. My heart goes out to them and the survivors, may anyone affected have speedy and complete recovery.

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  3. It's actually hard for me to accept the login rewards system because of it's drops. It's kind of useless for some of us to get ammo boxes and team heals especially those who have artifacts for ammo drops. I do know many players who would also rather reset the daily login in order to avoid gettting ammo box or team heals. Honestly speaking, for it to be fair, it should work like this:

    Tier 1: 30% ammo boxes / 30% team heals / 30% credits / 10% XPs.

    Tier 2 : 20% ammo boxes / 20% team heals / 25% credits / 20% XPs / 10% mods / 5% artifacts

    Tier 3: 15% ammo boxes / 15% team heals / 25% credits / 25% XPs / 10% mods / 10% artifacts

    And just an extra idea: For a consecutive logins of perhaps.. 50 days, a player could randomly win one of the below with the chances of getting:

    50% Ultra rare mod

    20% Artifact

    15% Platinum

    10% Platinum Weapon

    5% Warframe

    *Players who do support this, please do reply a comment/post

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