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  1. I really don't see the need to build for weapons that use Void Damage when you can just rip weapons out of enemies hands and have 15 floating weapons that deal Void Damage. Grasp of Lohk scales infinitely so any Weapon infused with Xata's Whisper would drop off before Grasp of Lohk missed a beat. I don't disagree that it's a great ability with high status weapons that works really well but at best it's a companion piece alongside Grasp of Lohk. I wasn't too hip on the idea of using an ability that only provides Ability Strength. I tried a few other things on it before settling wi
  2. Personally, I don't like toggle abilities either (except for Ivara). That doesn't mean I'll automatically ignore something new just because they've been poorly implemented in the past. And I think your idea to combine them would make that ability way too convenient. I enjoy having to juggle many different things at once. I do understand where you're coming from. I just wouldn't prefer it. And I still don't get the "look! it's 3 frames!" flashy gimmicky thing. I just don't see that. I think its Just different opinions and views coming from different Warframe players. My top
  3. I just thought of something regarding Resonator. Does The Vast Untime freeze its duration timer?
  4. I've had a few players recommend trying out Resonator so I am. I've tried a few other abilities on Xaku. Larva was pretty fun. But it was just that. Fun. I hate using Blind Rage personally. I just can't stand tanking my Efficiency. But that's just me. Even though with a Primed Flow/Zenurik, I'd have plenty of time to replenish. I still feel like I'll run into a situation where I'm spamming the hell out of a couple abilities and there is nothing I hate worse than waiting for my energy to recharge. And if I have terrible Efficiency that will take even longer. Just a personal thin
  5. I replied to someone else who mentioned replacing The Lost as well if you're interested in my opinion about that. It's only a couple posts back. And I've been tinkering with my power a bit. Although, like I originally thought, having extra power on everything else is actually pretty great. I'm not only going for 100% Defense Reduction. It makes the initial Void Damage explosion from The Vast Untime an actual viable CC. It gives you far more Thralls when using The Lost/Accuse and it ramps up your damage a bit when using Grasp of Lohk. I did many comparisons in my Simulacrum. A
  6. I use Negate with my Wyrm Prime which also negates knockdowns and knockbacks. It works wonderfully for me so I've never really considered using Primed Sure Footed. I know a lot of people like it though. But 16 (or 8 if you polarize, which I don't want to do that either) Mod Capacity for my Exilus slot always seemed insane to me.
  7. Thanks for saying that. I couldn't agree more. I never watch build videos or follow Meta trends. I try to build for myself and my play style. I enjoy having conversations about builds but in my mind there is never ' one build to rule them all ' If I post a build, it's because I'm excited about the frame and the amount of time I put into figuring that frame out. I don't post a build expecting that to be the best of the best. I just get excited and want to share and talk about it.
  8. I've kept an open mind for a lot of suggestions and criticisms on my build as well as criticisms on Xaku itself but The Lost is far being a gimmick. I don't use Deny (although I do keep trying) But Accuse and Gaze are really great abilities. Gaze strips 100% armor/shields that can be put in two different locations which would be powerful enough to be just one ability on its own. And Accuse allows you so many more possibilities if you have to play end-game missions solo. Take for example a Steel Path Mobile Defense mission. A hoard of enemies is coming right at you and you can t
  9. Cool! I'll have to throw an Aura Forma in Xaku which isn't a big deal but this sounds interesting. Someone else mentioned using Decaying Dragon Key but didn't really explain it. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the responses everyone. As far as Prime Sure Footed goes, I use Negate with Wyrm Prime which is my solution for this problem and works really well. I wasn't too familiar with how shield gating worked so I've been looking into that and trying a few new things out with Brief Respite as my Aura. My main reason for using Empower was to try and get the absolute most range I could get while still getting 200% strength and I thought going over would be beneficial but after hearing from a few of you it seems that 200% is the sweet spot. Not only for 100% Defense Reduction but
  11. I will read that. I actually left Warfame right when shield gating came out and I never really learned anything about it and sort of even forgot it was a thing. Someone suggested Rolling Guard which would solve any status proc issues. Especially with infested. I'll definitely read up on shield gating. Thanks!
  12. I've tried a few. Still playing around really. Trust me. Empower was the last thing I wanted to put on this build. So .. anything more than 200% ability strength is pointless? I'm literally asking. Does the extra Void Damage on Xaku's 2 help at all? or not really....
  13. I play all the frames. See this is why I stopped posting on here. I just wanted to share and get some opinions. I wasn't trying to argue with anyone or say that your frame sucks. I even asked for a discussion and constructive criticism. sigh...ok What exilus would you use? Continuity to make up for transient to make up for overextended which has been pointed out thats a bad way to go about doing things. 75% Dodge Chance does pretty damn good meh on brief respite - I just don't want to build for shields Defense Reduction at 100% isn't the only thing that
  14. I didn't play Xata before they made the changes like a week or two after it was released but in its current state, I think Xata is one of the best frames in the game. I've been taking most kills in Arbitration, soloing a few Steel Path missions.... I did 8 rounds of ESO by myself with Xata... and that was before I finished my build really... I h aven't gone back since I've added a few t hings AND put Empower on it.
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