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  1. When using Melee with Gladiator Mods I will sometimes use Helios Prime with Deconstructor Prime so I can stack Gladiator Mods to 90% Crit Chance per combo without having to use any on my Melee weapon. When I switched from Helios to my Kavat I noticed that my Gladiator Mods on Khora were still showing 90%. I left the my arsenal and even went into a mission and came back out with the same result. From what I can tell, if you switch to a Companion that does not use a weapon (Kavat, Kubrow and even None) you will retain the set mod bonus from whatever Sentinel weapon was previously equipped. It will remain this way until you equip a companion with a different weapon. I tried Vigilante Mods with a different weapon and it does the same thing. So I'm thinking all set Mods will do this with any switch from Companion w/ Weapon to Companion w/out Weapon. I've yet to test if this is actually applying the stat bonus or if it's simply a graphical error.
  2. I've experienced very similar issues with Gauss
  3. Hello! You guys pushed through a hotfix to remove things associated with Railjack I believe. But this still exists when you go into the controller options.
  4. I'm having similar issues at our Dojo when trying to trade. Sometimes other Clan members will spawn in a separate instance of the Dojo so I actually have to invite them to my squad while we are both standing in the same room in order to initiate a trade.
  5. MISSING KUVA DROPS FROM KUVA DISRUPTION Hello!! I have done 4 Kuva Disruption missions so far. The first 3 rewarded me with a total amount of Kuva from each round totaled together (Around 1500-2000 Kuva) as well as several other amounts that I picked up from killing the Amalgams which ranged from 50, 100, 350, etc. that would total about another 2,000-3,000 Kuva. On average I would say that with a Resource Booster we were getting around 5,000-7,000 total Kuva in aprox. 30 minutes. I just finished my 4th Kuva Disruption in a Public Squad (the first 3 were in a Clan Squad) that lasted almost 40 minutes. The rewards screen only shows 2,000 total Kuva and does not reflect any of the smaller Kuva amounts that would have been picked up from what the Amalgams dropped. I was NOT host in this last Kuva Disruption run and I can't remember if I was host for the first 3 or not. I don't believe I was but I might have been. Thanks so much for taking the time to review these possible bugs. And also thanks for the new update!!! My Clan and I are having a blast playing Disruption in Arbitration which is something that we've been wanting to do for a really really long time!!!! Thank you!!!!
  6. You're absolutely correct. I didn't mean to come off as being elitist but I suppose I did 🙂 Although I'm gonna tell you right here and right now that deleting that Mag was a poor choice I don't care where you are in Warframe!! <- Highly Biased Comment
  7. I think my biggest concern is that they actually stick around. But I agree. If they've enjoyed that frame and continue to enjoy that frame I have no reason to say one thing or the other about it.
  8. My top frames for doing Index are Trinity and Ivara. I'm not saying they are better than Rhino but they can definitely stand toe to toe. Ivara can stay invis the entire time and I move around the tileset using her dashwire as you can set up 4 of these and move quickly from one end to the other. Her passive is enemy radar so you'll see enemies on the map without using an extra mod. I run 2 Arcane Guardians on her just in case. I always turn in at 10 (so +14) As long as you have a silencer Mod on your weapon you can use any weapon in the game with her. Fortunately for us the Fulmin came out and is silenced right off the bat so that's my go-to weapon with Ivara. My Trinity build is high duration, high efficiency and a bit of range. I build for her Link ability which turns her into a tank. Plus it makes it easy to find enemies. I also use Energy Vampire as needed so I don't have to rely on energy orbs throughout the tileset. Her 4 just for emergencies and I can't really recall using her 1 that much in this situation. As with Ivara I always turn in at 10(+14) I can't stand having the clock get under 60 seconds. There just isn't any need for it. I usually use my Rubico Prime with Trinity just because I have a nice Riven for it.
  9. I'm glad you had a positive experience with Rhino and you think of him that way. I think this comment out of all the others has gotten closest to swaying my opinion. 🙂
  10. I do realize this yes. I don't feel like I came across as trying to be the voice of the people. Just stating my 'very biased' opinion.
  11. To be honest I really don't know why. I'm only speaking from the experience of being in Arbitration for a few rounds and the Rhino dies first. I wouldn't think that should happen but it does quite a bit. I have no doubt that any frame in this game can be managed well and taken into any content, including Rhino. I think my point is that he is deceptively simple early on which leads to players not knowing how to properly Mod a frame.
  12. Fair point. I have never seen this video so I apologize if I am repeating opinions and arguments that have already been made.
  13. Anyone can throw on a new frame and take it to Helene and Max it out. It takes more to actually use these frames in real missions.
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