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  1. As far as I can tell (and have noticed) if an enemy has been 'pulled' however they die next will net +55% extra chance to drop energy (with 220% Ability Strength)
  2. I think people forget just how great Pull actually is. And how often you can use it with Fleeting Expertise. Plus with more strength it will increase the chance of dropping energy. So that's my energy solution. I run Vazarin so no energizing dash.
  3. Alright, I will. Sometimes it's hard to tell where to post some of this stuff. I usually bounce between GD and Offtopic. I always thought PHP was more for issues or troubleshooting? But I guess builds would make a lot of sense too. Thanks!!
  4. And the shield thing is definitely something I've had multiple players talk about. So I guess that is my main difference from a lot of Mag builds. Larger health pool over increasing her shields.
  5. Plus you get the added bonus strength from having two Umbral Mods with Vitality. ( Not a slam dunk but definitely worth a mention )
  6. Yea I've tried high shield builds and I just have better luck with a larger health pool. I can always overcharge my shields. But if my shields go and I get one shot I just can't do anything about that. This is a very specific Arbitration build made to go deep into Arbitration and perhaps even carry/revive if needed. From what I've experienced 300HP will let me down every time no matter how high my shields are. It could just be my playstyle or preference or a number of things. And I do realize that Adaptation works on shields as well as health.
  7. I apologize if it's bad form to re-post a similar discussion so soon but it seemed relevant. I've taken in feedback from Reddit users and Warframe forum users. I learned a few things and argued about a few things. But in the end I know I came out with a better Mag build. So for that, I thank each and ever one of you. The only things I'll say about this build is that Natural Talent and Greedy Pull are my 'Quality Of Life' Mods. Although both do provide ample tactical purposes they are not necessary by any means. But I feel like Mag is a better frame for having them. And I enjoy the hell out of her when they are equipped.
  8. What do you mean the frame is vulnerable?
  9. What's your duration sitting at? How low do you think 'too low' is for her duration in regards to Counter Pulse? Or maybe you boost her duration? Polarize and Magnetize are the only two abilities that duration even effects. And it's not a huge deal on Magnitize in Arbitrations because 1. I don't use it that often 2. If I do I want it out of the way as quick as possible so it doesn't block any drones. But a low duration seems to really wreck Polarize (Counter Pulse)
  10. Yea, it's definitely a chore. I make a bee line for any drones as soon as I see them and take them out with my Catchmoon. The majority of my time spent playing Mag is clearing drones with a weapon THEN using abilities on remaining enemies. Fracturing Crush is my go-to survivor ability for overcharged shields.
  11. Just wanted to get some feedback on a build I've been working on for Mag Prime in Arbitration. Also wanted to see if anyone else has specific Arbitration builds for frames you normally don't see in Arbitration. Or even for the frames that we do see!! I just know it's pretty damn fun coming up with ways to make non-tanky frames go the distance and sometimes even outlast the tank frames. I've have been messing around with different Mag builds for a long long time. I put the first 400 in-game hours into Mag. I'm currently at 1200 in-game hours and my top used frame is Mag at 43%. I eventually upgraded to Mag Prime 🙂 (reluctantly) I use Wyrm Prime with Cryotra (100% Status Chance Radiation/Cold) with her in Arbitration. Negate, Crowd Dispersion, Coolant Leak are my favorite Mods with Wyrm. Umbral Mods - I've got two Umbral Mods on her. Vitality and Intensify. I used to never run Mag with any health/shield Mods. But in late game Arbitration I found myself getting one-shot a lot. Looking at my build and my Umbral Mods I realized I could bring my strength almost back to 100% if I used both Vitality and Intensify. This helps a LOT with my Crush Augment. I can bring my shields to 1600 with only a few enemies around. Augments - Fracturing Crush & Counter Pulse are a must. I also love Greedy Pull because I always have energy (among everything else) but for Arbitration I left it off. Her Magnetize Augment is really good for Arbitration because you can't kill the drones if your bubble is in the way and it lets you destroy it when you want to BUT my duration is tanked enough so I can use Magnetize to kill really quickly then be done with it. UPDATE: Someone pointed out that my low duration might effect Polarize too much to be worth using an Augment. I'm considering putting Greedy Pull here because I think it will keep my energy topped off pretty much all the time. Aura - Bolstering her health with Physique which puts me at 940 after Umbral Vitality. I plan on using the new Aura Forma here so I have more options. Adaptation - Just a great surviveability Mod. And it kicks in when your shields or your health are hit. So I can take advantage of its benefits while my overcharged shields are getting hit. Not maxed at the moment but works great as is. I have 2 mod spaces available so I can definitely max this if I want to. Overextended - Mag needs range. I'd prefer to really max her range out but for this build 190% does the trick. Allows me to only use one Mod to do it. Plus I don't want my Magnetize bubbles taking up too much space even though they won't be there very long. Primed Flow & Fleeting Expertise - 744 Energy is a very nice energy pool to have. The way I play Mag is pretty dependent on being able to cast anything I want whenever I want to. So having a high energy pool to stack and also having decent efficiency is a must. EDIT: I currently run a maxed Arcane Guardian which works wonders with Mag. I've had that Barrier on there for awhile but I am going to start building an Arcane Aegis as my second Arcane here. EDIT: And I run Vazarin because Mag can't heal herself. Plus Vazarin is just so damn useful in a pinch.
  12. One thing I worry about with that is new players that don't know it's not supposed to do that and end up dealing with it and hating it. Maybe not though.
  13. Yup. It works fine now. A steam update must have made that revert to a default I guess. I don't ever remember changing that one way or the other. Thanks again!!
  14. Still seems weird that the controller doesn't work at all with my Launcher. This will only fix the original issue I was having with the alternate chat window coming (which is exactly what I wanted) I'm just confused as to why my Launcher doesn't wanna work anymore. As long as SOMETHING works. Thanks!!
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