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  1. Yeah they really need to take a good look at controller support. The more functions they add to a key the harder it is to bind. Accessing gear wheel emotes still doesn't work on controller by default and when I bind the key it messes up menu controls.
  2. Acceltra is op and well worth pouring formas into.
  3. Holy crap that's really cool! Honestly I would have taken that over the K-Drive lol.
  4. I'd rather something be op and of use, rather than it being nerfed into mediocrity and never touching it.
  5. This test was alot easier when you could just atterax through walls lol. Anyways, I feel like this vid explains it well. He goes pretty slow and doesn't even use bullet jump so it's easy to follow. Abilites are disabled so it does NOT matter what frame you use. Bring a fast hitting weapon with a little bit of range and follow the video.
  6. I made the mistake of bringing my Smeeta out during an eidolon hunt and it got reinfected. The vasca curative did NOT work but thankfully I was able to use my last imprint to cure him. At this point I don't bring my Kavat out to PoE at night since I've used all my 3 imprints and the cure doesn't work.
  7. You pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to Destiny 2. It's insanely overrated. Let's not forget things like the Eververse in a $60 usd game, the whole single use shader fiasco (compared to D1), and the $30 "season passes" most of which were huge letdowns, etc. But lets not get too off topic lol. Honestly since I've been a part of warframe (2017) The Old Blood is the only glaring example to me. I feel like it could have done with a few more months in the oven.
  8. This is the problem. It's becoming quantity over quality. I'm on the side of the fence that feels they are trying to push out too much content too fast to rake in more/keep players and as a result it's not being properly implemented and/or corners are getting cut to get it out faster. Take this new update as an example, everything about it was sloppy and screamed rushed. I'd rather them give old content QoL updates and bugfixes. Hell, rework archwing so it feels like I'm playing Zone of the Enders, complete with a proper lock-on system and all.
  9. This problem is still here. Imprinting is the only way to fix it.
  10. I noticed this as well. I ran a 1 hour survival a couple nights ago and only got 3 from drone drops. Also I've been running Piscinas farming orokin cells for the past couple days and have been consistently getting 1 cell per run in 20 to 30 waves. Either rng hates me or they're was a change to drop tables I missed.
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