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  1. Ok someone has explained to me that pages can't send friend requests. So it is someone from a fake page following the people posting on the giveway thread. This is the fake page. So I'm changing the title of this thread. https://www.facebook.com/riska.khoirunisa.18
  2. In that case it's from someone spamming a fake giveaway on the twitch channel, under the guise of it being official. I used !giveaway like it says in the title, and it is possible in the speed of the messages that the link wasn't from nightbot and I did not notice. https://gleam.io/TFWnt/warframe-tennocon-2020-giveaway
  3. It's part of the Tennocon PC giveaway, you have to like and share his page.
  4. My first post was deleted without warning, maybe for posting the link? After entering the PC giveaway I got a friend request from the Vast page. It sent me a message that I was the lucky winner today which I am assuming it sends everyone. Then it linked me to a scam page where it wanted me to sign up for a "free prize" with my credit card information. Why is this scam page a Warframe partner? Update info: There is a fake facebook page naming itself Vast and trying to scam people who participated on the Vast GG page for the Cyberpower PC giveaway. Don't accept the friend request, pages can't send friend requests.
  5. So I entered the PC giveaway and went through all the entries. After doing the Facebook part VAST page sent a friend request. After accepting it's sending me to this page to sign up with my credit card for a "free prize". This is clearly a scam, why is this page a GG partner?
  6. This. This update filled the 25gb of empty space in my small SSD and now I can't get rid of it. There is something very wrong with that.
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