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  1. Here's my rant about riven disposition changes. It's not about the specific nerfs. I understand weapons like fulmin and catchmoon. Very popular. But let's talk about what rivens do: they add damage. Why are weapons popular? Damage? partly. Just. But also gameplay. The fulmin is a silenced shotgun and a zero recoil aim bot in full auto. The Catchmoon has a godly hitbox, infinity punchthru, and infinite ammo. Why don't people use the Quanta? I have a godly riven for it +DAM/+CC. It's sweet. Thanks for the buff. Still won't use it. It's a very unsatisfying gun. Know why? It's WEAK. And I'm not talking damage. It feels like I'm doing cross-stitch with a tiny needle tracing through a pattern. With the fulmin, it sounds awesome and feels awesome. When I'm in full auto, I feel like Arnold S. in Predator cutting down a forest. With the Catchmoon, when I'm emptying a clip down a hallway, it feels powerful to just strip an entire mob into nothing as wave after wave of energy tears through mobs. I want to yell and scream with the exhalation of death dealing in an epic fashion. But I don't yell. Not often. So you nerf popular gun damage and buff unpopular gun damage to force players into using unpopular guns more. That's fine, but what you're doing is hurting the overall gaming experience. Destiny 2 arrives free to play tomorrow. Care to guess where they have you beat? Weapon experience. Rocket launchers go KABOOOOM! Shotguns are epic blasts. Machine guns sound like 50 cals ripping through enemies. I love the Destiny fight experience mostly because of the immersion into power. I love warframe for a myriad of other reasons. But your riven dispositions are continually pushing playings into cross stitching and quilting parties. My suggestion? If you want to push players into diversity, spend a little more time making the weapons sound and feel good. When I first heard the fulmin, I thought "holy ****, what is that epic sounding machine gun going off?". But then we switch over to the Akjag or Magnus, and we find ourselves in the toy aisle at WalMart. The guns sound like toys. I don't care if it does 1500 Corrosive damage. <Plink><Plink> is a horrible gaming experience. Why can't the guns sound like guns? Why can't revolvers sound like Destiny? Or Red Dead? Or even Borderlands. Why can't we have KABLAM!? My favorite handgun is the Bolto. Riven disposition is good, so it's manageable, but I still prefer using it cause it sounds so cool. I love the the deep thrumming it makes with every shot. (Not to tangent, but why do they sound worse as they get better? Bolto sounds awesome. Telos ... meh. Akbolto Prime sounds awful. Why did you nerf the sound???) Imagine if you came out with updates for existing weapons and made them sound *awesome*. Would I really be alone in using them? So much of the community is immersed in FashionFrame, am I to believe that I'm the only one who can both see and hear? Beyond wanting my frame to look good, I want my gun to sound good. I think diversity in the game could be achieved with some focus on sound buffs rather than just damage. Also, why not take augments to the next level and release weapon specific arcanes. Want people to use the vulkar? Release a weapon specific arcane that speeds up reload speed 3x on headshot. Don't make it a mod. It needs all the mod slots it can get to compete with Ruby. I love the syndicate mods. But they still take up a mod slot on weapons that already lack in damage. If you want syndicate augments to improve diversity, don't eat a mod slot. Someone else suggested an augment slot for weapons. Same as arcane slot essentially. Summary: The problem with weapon diversity in the game is not just damage. Most guns just suck. They're weak, sissy sounding toys that leave game immersion lacking.
  2. They did nerf it. I've had a couple of good runs. Maybe 3 or 4. But I have numerous runs of NOTHING. Just finished a corpus survival with zero essence except for the round rewards. No drone drops. Arbitration sucks again. It's a waste of time. I'm done with it.
  3. I ran an infested salvage for 4 rounds and only got 2 drone drops. I just finished 5 rounds of interception. 1524 kills with a seemingly representative amount of shield drones. I got 5 essence as a reward, but there were ZERO drone drops. ZERO. Not a single drone dropped essence the entire match. ... Okay, this is an edit. I deleted a lot of griping above. I've cooled off a little and started collecting data below. I'll need a LOT more, but it does seem like the survival is a much better mission than the other modes. I don't think the drop rate has been changed based on my last two runs of survival. But I do think the drop rate needs to be different across the different modes. Defense is less, but still worth playing. Salvage is woeful, and interception is worthless. As other said below, the survival just has so many more drones than the other modes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fri 09/27: 0.67 Essence/Round, 21.4 Essence/Hour, 8.57k kuva/Hour Infested Interception on Eris/Xini: 6 rounds, 4 drops. 28min, 1128 kills Fri 09/27 1.40 Essence/5Rounds, 26.7 Essence/Hour, 10.67k kuva/Hour Infested Defense on Eris/?: 5 rounds, 7 drops. 27m, 1385 kills Sat 09/28 Survival Infestation - Lost stats due to dog crapping on the floor, but it felt like a decent run about about an hour. Sat 09/28 Survival Infestation, 2.67 Essence/Round, 44 Essence/Hour, 17.6k kuva/Hour Infested Survival on Mercury?, 9 rounds, 24 drops, 45 minutes, 2799 kills
  4. Same as others. Squad could see the marker. I could not. Could not pick up anything at their waypoints. This has happened twice now in grineer arbitration in sedna. Lost both weapons eventually and was left with just my super awesome mega gram prime. Luckily I had that or I would've screwed trying to slice shield drones. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
  5. Another day, another half dozen bounty bonuses ruined by this stupid challenge. Changed up my sentimental. Trying operator only stealth. Feeding all the condracs before I enter the area to keep them from flying and dying. I love the game, but I find myself so pissed off over this stupidity. Please DE. Just choose something else. Time constraint. Melee only. No onions on my sandwich. Just pick anything else. FFS, this is just killing me.
  6. I would like to add my opinion that this objective infuriates me. It never succeeds with a full group. Never. As a general rule now, I never start the bounty "Capture their Leader" since that's a guaranteed capture objective. Worthless. As for the others,I just say a prayer and sacrifice a goat, hoping that I don't get this stupid broken objective. If I do and it's within the first two waves, I leave immediately, and scrap up the remaining goat offal to recycle for a future sacrifice. DE, please fix this broken objective. Thanks!
  7. 3 times this week I've had players refuse to come to the exit during a kuva siphon survival mission. When I finally got them to communicate, they stated their intentions to stay 30min. to satisfying the nightwave challenge. Would you please put "Kuva Fortress" in the challenge somewhere? Instead of "Survive for over 30 minutes in Kuva Survival", would you please make in read "Survive for over 30 minutes in Kuva Sirvival at the Kuva Fortress"? Look, it doesn't really affect me. I'm good. But I'm starting to hurt for all these guys who are cranking out long times on the survival missions and not getting credit.
  8. You’re right, I could. But this circles back around to the glaring fact that the cost of 10k kuva for 50 creds is incredibly mispriced.
  9. I dont think the OP was suggesting that the always available mission take place during the day. I *think* it was assumed that if you started it, that mission would take place during a night environment and have its own separate one hour timer. Again, I’m drawing inferences here. While that might seem weird, we already have such a day/night overlap with regular earth and Cetus. I would support such an idea. As to a cap? Why? Right now there are some players who hunt eidiolons every minute of night. Let them burn down the house farming them all the time. I doubt many would. Everyone needs a break. Doing the same thing every day for 12 hours straight gets old (can I get an amen from the kuva Hunters?). And if if they did, so what? I don’t perceive any unfair advantage from doing so. Just my thoughts.
  10. Someone check my math. I did it while sitting outside and a five-lined blue-tailed skink was eyeing me the whole time, so I might have made a mistake. 10,000 kuva for 50 creds 30,000 standing for 45 creds 20 derelict runs for 30k standing Requiring 60 invasions 60 invasions at least 300 minutes. Plus 20* 5 equals 100 minutes. Have I got that right? 6 hours of work for 45 creds?? So 10,000 kuva every 6 hours Or ... 30 minutes of kuva survival. 6 hours vs 30 minutes. Hmmmmm. What an absolute waste of time for the active player. I guess this last part is truly only for the young laggards to catch up in standing. Side note: Resident Evil: Afterlife called, they want their plot back. At least their Albert Wesker knew karate and looking awesome in sunglasses. This nightwave started out promising, but has become a great big bore. The zealots are too infrequent and give next to nothing in standing. The plot has bogged down. Give us Wesker already. Love the kuva disruption though. Good clean fun. Props for that, even if it doesn’t give enough kuva.
  11. Hey. Nekros desecrate is broken. It's turning off constantly. Not just me either. Several clan mates report the same thing. And it's not due to 1) nullifers or 2) low health. This is happening on grineer boards, such as kuva survival. I'm playing, look down, and desecrate is off. Turn it back on. 4 minutes later, same thing. Health is fine (using despoil). There's some really wrong going on. Please have one of your excellent staff (and I do mean that -- every one I've ever squadded with has been really cool) grab their nekros with despoil, and head to kuva survival. Spend 30 minutes there and count the number of times desecrate turns off. Cheerio!
  12. DE, I appreciate the bonuses. I do, but I want to echo the other frustrations. Liberate the Camp is STILL BROKEN, as I have whined about continuously now. And now that broken behavior is wrecking bonuses. Please spend 45 minutes and design up a better way to measure success in that task. It's maddening to have that timer count down and not see the first bloody troopship until 45%. C'mon already. Fix your junk. The "don't kill anyone else" bonus is mentally retarded. Why? Why? They're all enemies. Stop for a second. Think about the fact that this bonus is just STUPID. Beyond that, it alway fails due to companions. Are we really supposed to strip off glaives from Helios or NEVER use a companion because of this one bounty? "Konzu here, I want to you kill all the grineer ... except for this one brief 20 second period ... because the plot demands it." Stupid. Cave caches still suck. And now they suck even worse. I won't even begin my rant of cave caches again. The suck factor is over 9000. Again, thank you for the bounties. Please give us a chance to win them. Oh, while we're on the topic, would you please fix your homeboy in Orb Vallis as well? You know, the poor guy sitting outside so we can restart bounties without returning to Fortuna. He's still broken. Using him prevents hack time reduction tokens from dropping in the prisoner release task. And ... there goes the bonus in Orb Vallis too. Love the bonuses. Hate the bugs.
  13. Yet again. Another siphon, another zero kuva in mission rewards. Another zero increase in my kuva total. Please fix this. BUMP.
  14. Just did another kuva siphon. This time it was a regular siphon exterminate. We did it flawlessly, destroying the kuva siphon and completing the objective. Zero kuva in my mission window, and my total kuva did not increase. You're gonna wanna fix this bug. Kuva farming is a joyless boring grind as it is. To have bugs that rob rewards is just ... awful. BUMP.
  15. 6 times now in the past two weeks I've clicked on a kuva siphon mission, started it, and found myself in a kuva flood mission. These missions give me ZERO kuva even though we destroy the siphon with ease. I can verify that it's not just a display thing. My kuva total does not change after the mission is complete and I'm back in my orbiter. Please fix this. Aside from being "quite surprised" at encountering level 80-100 troops, it's frustrating to fight through that and receive NOTHING. Regards, Beaker
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