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  1. I quit warframe the day Destiny 2 came out. I was MR 27, had everything, and was bored. Warframe is an excellent chess game, but once I learned all the game modes and meta for them, it’s not fun any more. Defense is boring. Exterminate is stale. Interception is boring. I have most everything for Destiny 2 now, but I still play it for fun. 1. strikes like savathun’s song have amazing replay because I love the story so much. 2. PVP. It’s broken in a lot of way, but still has some fun. Iron Banana and Mayhem can be a lot of fun. I tried PVP in Warfame a dozen times and could never find an opponent. 3. Raids. Cooperation is fun. 4. it’s difficult. The epic reprises of strikes like The Arms Dealer are memorable cause of the difficulty. And I don’t mean “baddies hit harder”. There’s actual modifiers and additional features. When’s the last time anyone gave two cents for the modifiers in warframe? Never except for reduced energy. The only difficulty I ever had in warframe was the final boss in the Inaros quest. Destiny has a ton of warts. But, even without the lure of loot, I still find myself playing for the sake of playing. the only time I *ever* played warframe for the sake of playing was when I’d go to Earth>Lith so I could flex my frames for the noobs. That’s it. I don’t miss warframe. The riven nerfs just pissed me off. All that time invested and every quarter you would trash my effort with nerfs. I don’t miss that. kuva farming SUCKS. Anyone who disagrees is a liar looking to curry favor with the DE babes. The grinding for 6 hours to get a void only relic just to have a 30% chance to get a part? I don’t miss that. Meh. I’m don’t ranting. The only reason I came here is cause it showed up in my google feed. cheerios.
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