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  1. Hey DE, Would you please make the randomly spawning wolf minions killable? Let's be real about this. Since we can farm the event (or have farmed it until we can build a house out of wolf handles), fighting Wolf inside a normal mission is pointless. 1) He doesn't give any nightwave standing. 2) His minions are a pain. 3) Usually the team is ill-equipped and it takes longer to fight him than the entire mission. I just don't fight him anymore. I'm usually affinity farming, or relic farming some quick capture mission. It's just easier to abort and restart than waste 5 minutes on him. Suggestion: 1. Give nightwave standing for Wolf. I know it's been mentioned quite enough, but now more than ever it makes sense. 2. Undo the invincibility on the minions. 3. Allow me to switch out the Lotus with Vor for my mission commander. Sorry -- this doesn't have anything to do with Wolf, but it would be cool and now I have a third point. Just a dream of mine to spawn and hear Vor say something like "Look at these Corpus ... " Cheers, Beaker.
  2. Hey DE. I've noticed several times now that I can't pick up a syndicate token if it's within or very near the spawn point. When I stand over it, there's no choice for picking it up either. I'm not having trouble with any other syndicate marks. Hope the feedback helps! Cheers!
  3. Bump. New player. Never done it. First riven ever gotten was for plague kripath. Would LOVE to actually use it. At the very least, it would be considerate of DE staff to at least explain the long overdue absence of this event. On a similar note, ghouls suck. They're boring. Why do we keep getting them? Is there some large contingent of players who jump up and down at the sound for Vey Hek's voice? Or find them somehow entertaining? Stop the with ghouls. Rewards suck. They suck. Honest feedback. Bring back plaguestar. Give me my plague kripath that the gods have decreed I deserve when they bestowed upon me a riven for it.
  4. So I just tried this out. Like an idiot, I tried hacking a bursa at the end of a defense round (yeah... bad idea). The stay/leave prompt comes up and the time keeps going. So when the timer expires, the failed hack kills me. Great, time to revive. Only problem is the defense board doesn't drop any drones. no drones, no revive tokens. no revives. I sat there for about 10 rounds before aborting. Perhaps this idea needs to be given more consideration for defense boards? I would imagine the system works great for infestation survival where there are a bazillion drones...
  5. Hey guys. The title says it all. Several times now I'm battled tusk thumpers to the point of knocking out 3 of their legs and they realize the end is near, they take the coward way out and commit suicide by jumping in water. Please join with me and help put an end to death by water. Or, at the very least, have the tusk thumpers drop all their loot at the waters edge. Thank you
  6. BUMP. Just had the same thing happen to me. At 30 minutes, the reward popped up with Sharpshooter. When I finished the mission, I had Vigorous Swap. I don't have Sharpshooter yet and I wanted it. What to do? I'm being serious with my question. I really want that mod. I know DE support reads all the bug filings. How do I go about getting this fixed and getting the proper mod?
  7. Bump. I socketed two of my sculptures and didn't get any credit. Would you devs be a dear and correct that please? I'm not going to get another 3 sculptures this week.
  8. This isn't just fissue. Happens on invasions and nightmare mode too. This has happened to me 5 times since yesterday's update. This needs to be fixed ASAFP. The only really safe thing to run right now is excavation on earth. No doors. So ... BUMP. FIX THIS.
  9. This has happened numerous times with Phorid boss and now on Ceres/Exta. If I spawn into a match late during the boss cutscene, I'm unable to move at all. Can't do operator. Can't even bring up a menu to abort. I just have to sit there and die over and over again. If I spawn into a match with just one other player, I have to hard close my warframe client or he/she can't proceed past those utterly stupid "both of you need to hold hands while open this door" door. So, the logic there is buggered somehow. Cheerios.
  10. Several times tonight I've failed to receive a reward. No yellow pop up. Nothing in my mission results. On this last one, two of our squad got nothing while the other two got relics. None of us received the yellow pop up notification. This happened once while running solo. We were running the "Steal a Gravimag" bounty. Needless to say, this bug provokes a disappointing feeling.
  11. As a new player, I find these changes awful. I've spent the past month focused heavily on rivens. My pride and joy rivens 1) Catchmoon, 2) Tigris, and 3) Tiberon all just got crapped on. When you nerf a riven, you're not just balancing the game. You're invalidating a LOT of time and effort made by players. Obviously rivens are sought after to yield the "best" gameplay possible. Sometimes the difference is 10-20% increases. So a 20% nerf on a riven that I've spent 60 hours (I realize some of you have spent 1000+ hours on a riven...) completely invalidates all that time and effort. You are the gods of this game, but you're cruel and stupid gods. It's one thing to balance weapons. Nerf my favorite gun? Fine. I'll use another. I've got them all. But we only have 15 rivens. 15! I've sold or transmuted numerous rivens to focus on the best rivens for the best guns. And then you piss all over the ones I have left. Where is the incentive to start over? There is none. Everything I invest time and effort into will just get crapped on because it's popular 3 months from now. And now I have weaker rivens for great guns. So what do I do with my 15??? Do I keep nerfed rivens for great guns or seek out buffed rivens for weak guns? The choices you've laid out before me make playing this game unattractive. This was nothing more than a monetary decision. Much like nightwave, which is a whole lot of effort for jack squat. I realize now that anyone who invests 60+ hours into a riven is a fool. Anyone who invests any time at all in rivens is a fool. Anyone who pays platinum for rivens is a greater fool. I get it ... warframe is a game of grind. Your monetary model is based off grind. That's fine. No issues there. But ... introduce new grind. Don't take all my prior grind and make it worthless. That's a bad economic model. It leaves your customers feeling cheated, like they've wasted time, and pissed off.
  12. I'm disappointed by Nightwave. I understand that Battle Passes are the thing right now. Thanks FortNite and friends. But what am I really getting? 50 creds every four levels. And I'm progressing about two levels a week. So that's 100 creds every two weeks. Which means I can buy one catalyst or reactor every two weeks. Beyond that, there's only one catalyst in the progression rewards. Gone are the gifts of the lotus. Gone are the invasions that reward catalysts. What am I getting in return? Scenes? Emblems and stickers? The kuva is nice, but I can farm it. The forma is nice, but I can farm it. Nightwave is one big money grab by DE since reactors and catalysts are required to use any weapon and frame in the game. If I can get a decent coupon, I'll buy platinum. 50% - 75% off and I'll buy some. I don't mind supporting the game at that price point. But those are rarities and I find the normal prices unacceptable. I really don't want to spend my time gathering crap and selling it. I play a lot solo with my work schedule, and I can't be online to wait for buyers to contact me, etc. So there's really nothing left for me. I've got 8 new frames and a ton of weapons I'd like to use but I can't. Suggestions: Each progression reward that awards creds should be 100 creds instead of 50. At that level I would still be able to incorporate new frames and weapons into my experience while waiting for a coupon to make platinum an attractive price. Follow up Edit (Apr 10, 2018): I appreciate everyone's feedback. Since I wrote this: * The lotus gifted another catalyst, so I was wrong about them going away, and all those who corrected me were right. * I reached the max level of nightwave 30 and entered into the next phase where I earn creds for each level. While 15 is less than I hoped, this is *exactly* what I want. Now I can steadily grind away earning potatoes, of which I need many. I've really enjoyed this phase of nightwave. * I still haven't gotten a good coupon, but that's okay. The need for platinum has encouraged me to attempt some sales and I've been successful several times. The platinum earned has allowed me to expand my weapon slots. I left my original comments above to memorialize my frustration (and ... some ignorance). But my current state is that I'm very pleased with my ability to progress in a game i'm terribly fond of. Thank you again to everyone's feedback.
  13. Well, confusion reigns now. You have two major operations goings -- fracture closing and exploiter orbs to kill. Both expire in 5 or so days. Both are done by joining Orb Vallis free roam. Did you imagine this confusion? Fracture hunters joining orb parties. And vice versa. Tonight has been a complete cluster. I've had to bail on numerous parties, and I've enjoyed the non-stop host migrations. Someone should have thought this through and devised a way to keep the two groups separate. SMH.
  14. 1. I can see ability details now for my archwing. I got to arsenal-> select mode -> vehicle -> archwing -> abilities. I see the 4 abilities, and when I hover over them they highlight, but no details. Missing something or bug? 2. The archwing play seems off. My archwing is drifting hard to the left. It's like my toyota's alignment. During the missions, I'm constantly having to veer right to drive straight. Don't recall that being a feature. I do have a new archwing (elytron), so maybe one of it's features is driving into walls. And maybe my keyboard is having a good laugh at my expense. I'll try out other archwings and gain more data points.
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