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  1. Sure enough, as soon as I claimed my kavat from the incubator, it started working again. DE, you own me 15 plat for the incubator rush job so I could use my Helminth again. Your bug, you pay.
  2. Ah, I'm having this problem and I have a kavat in the incubator. Going to wait and see what happens when I finish.
  3. 3 times this week I've had players refuse to come to the exit during a kuva siphon survival mission. When I finally got them to communicate, they stated their intentions to stay 30min. to satisfying the nightwave challenge. Would you please put "Kuva Fortress" in the challenge somewhere? Instead of "Survive for over 30 minutes in Kuva Survival", would you please make in read "Survive for over 30 minutes in Kuva Sirvival at the Kuva Fortress"? Look, it doesn't really affect me. I'm good. But I'm starting to hurt for all these guys who are cranking
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