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  1. Damage 2.5 is going to ruin all the hard work DE put into Plains of Eidolon by driving all the newer players away. Not to mention the veterans like me. Might be taking a break along with the few thousand others if the update doesn't change. Slash is getting nerfed, with the stronger weapons taking the biggest hit. I'm talking about the Tigris Prime that would previously have 20k total physical damage for the slash procs now only working on that 10k slash damage. Impact is being made a nuisance with the ragdoll effect as opposed to the current stagger. In fact, it appears it may be swapped with blast? RIP the Baza and pretty much every lower damage-per-shot impact weapon. Puncture is basically being left alone, save that it now has a scaling effect on the damage reduction. I guess you could say it is both being nerfed and buffed - lower minimum but higher maximum. Lets all just hope DE realises the mistake before the update is released. We don't want the game that was meant to fail; to actually fail, do we?
  2. Six Primed Warframes - a Parody of "Six White Boomers", an original Australia Carol.
  3. @[DE]Megan does the valentine have to be a picture? Can it be an audiogram?
  4. Question, has this fixed the severe memory leakage at all? It gets rather annoying to be playing just fine for a few runs and then suddenly the system is out of memory for no good reason. This has already caused me to lose progress and exp from rewards not saving, and I really hope it's fixed or gets fixed soon.
  5. 669665 - Mastery Rank 22 test - Respawn after falling in a certain area puts you in the same spot, over empty space.
  6. This was always a thing, it defaulted to P (for progress). It's just that The Silver Grove bugged it out and so the feature was removed. It would appear it has been fixed and re-added.
  7. If you check the wiki, you can actually spawn the specters by taking an Apothic to earth and finding the Grove. Post-quest the tileset is obviously randomly generated, but the Grove is still attached to the same "tile" every time.
  8. Please fix Titania's Razorwing closing Warframe. It's not even a crash, it just closes it. System detects no abnormalities upon checking the activity logs. Kind of annoying, since it means I can't fly around like a fairy while farming exp at Akkad, because there is a fair chance of losing all that exp due to my game just closing itself. Next time it happens, I will go through the logs and find any reference to Warframe closing and post a bug report (logs are purged daily due to a rather annoying memory leak - only affects Warframe after playing for extended periods).
  9. Finally. More Traces! Gonna love my 1150 Trace cap :)
  10. He is actually complaining about the way it affects just the Ogris. The accuracy reduction is only 55%. Not 98%. This is indeed some sort of bug with the Ogris.
  11. Still no fix for Excalibur Prime's horrible update. The changes to his helmet tinting now look just a little bit stupid. And if anything, the resolution/quality of the helmet is lower than it was before. BRING BACK THE OLD EXCALIBUR PRIME HELMET Please :)
  12. Happy third anniversary to Warframe! Only another 2 and a bit months until mine :) Glad to have been playing Warframe this whole time. It's been great to see the game evolving and gaining popularity, while still having a great (for the most part) community. Keep it up Digital Extremes!
  13. It's also still February sooo......
  14. Is this the massive damage thing? Mios was released in the past few months actually. And because it's an infested weapon, it can't be primed.
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