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  1. Hello, guys! I made my IP static and opened the UDP and TCP ports just for Warframe to work properly. But i still get disconnected from chat if i don't use it for a long time, i still get the Strict_NAT ERROR when i log in into a game sometimes. Whenever i ALT+TAB from my favorite Farmframe to check out the prices on wf.market or to look for a proper build for my stuff, the icons of weapons and Warframes disappear, and so do the glyphs of the other players if they are in party with me, and the textures of warframes and weaps and etc. aren't loading. And it could be ok, but if in this state i try to start a mission, i get an infinite loading.(It doesn't happen after every single ALT+TAB, but still pretty often which annoys me very much). I really like this game but it's questionable how do i enjoy it with all of that, mentionted by me earlier. P.S My English isn't that good, so my apologies if somewhere i made a mistake.