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  1. Got the gun really quickly, almost at the same time as the wife. She recieved her Hydroid before she logged off after Tennocon where as I am still waiting.
  2. Worth depends on many factors - what's the disposition of it, because that's an indication about how many players have the weapon - how popular is the weapon in being used, because most players will have a paris bow but you'll be hard pressed to actual see a player using it. - how much demand is there for rivens for that weapon - are there variations on the weapon that are interesting such as Wraith / Vandal / Prism or even Prime - is there a Kuva weapon variation - how much is the buyer willing to pay for it - has it been rolled - what's the MR requirement of the riven - what are the stats on the riven Now veiled rivens sell on average around 20p, that price will be higher for melee and shotguns and depending if something new is coming out. Logic dictates that an unveiled, no matter how crappy it is, should be worth more then the cost of a veiled one. However, unless you'll find someone that is really keen for a riven for the Harpak, you'll find that most wouldn't even give you 20p for it even although the stats on the riven are very nice for that weapon the fact remains that the Harpak is viewed by most as purely MR fodder or something to mess around with for laughs. Unless you hear about someone looking for one and is willing to pay fair price for it (let's say 60p minimum) I would advise you to just keep it for yourself. By the way, if anyone only offers you 10p for any unveiled riven then I would advise you to ignore them unless you are really that desperate for plat. There are lots of people on any platform that will try to convince you that whatever you're selling is crap and isn't worth anything in fact they are doing you a favor, just so they can flip it for 5,6,20 or 100 times the price they paid for it.
  3. hmm..... I guess you didn't play Wukong before his rework. Nor any others after their rework. Once in awhile something gets reworked and it's an actual improvement. Also, you didn't pay attention during Tennocon. There will be config options, as in that if you replace an ability in one config it doesn't change it for all configs.
  4. My wife just defeated her recent Lich. This meant that at the end of the mission we saw all that she had picked up + all the things, resources, mods, etc that got recovered. This is all as should be. The problem lays in the fact that in each and every mission after that it shows those same things including the recovered mods as well as the ephemera that came with the Lich in the mission success summary. This clearly is a bug. It did fixed itself after a reboot of the game.
  5. Mate it's a free to play game with the most fair systems in place of any free-2-play game, heck it's even fairer then the AAA multiplayer games that come out these days. Are they perfect? No. Do they drop the ball on occasion? Yep. Do they promise something and then latter on have to adjust expections because they can't deliver? Has happened. You like WOW more? Fine. Go play it and de-install Warframe. Do keep in mind that any online game you play for several hunderds of hours will entail a grind, doing the same things over and over again. No matter if it's COD, WOW, Fall out or GTA. Rinse, repeat, and doing the same things over and over and over again. If you don't have fun with it, then it's not your kind of game and you move on. Whining about that it isn't something that it isn't intended to be is as silly as playing a racing game and then complaining that all you do is drive around in cars.
  6. To me it sounds more like the OP just wants to whine about the game not being like he wants it to be. Him not having patience, wanting everything NOW. He doesn't understand the game, he doesn't want to spend time working up to something but he wants everything on a platter handed to him. Been playing since Beta and only have 1k hours? A big thing in the game is the need to work yourself or materials up to something. Having the satisfaction of seeing your grind pay off in getting the weapon, warframe, etc or getting a riven rolled in a manner that someone is willing to pay a few hundred or more. Along the way you have to make choices because you can't persue all at the same time. E.G.: I didn't max out on 3 syndicates at the same time but doing a couple and then much latter added a 3rd. I didn't sell prime parts for plat or ducats unless I already had the prime weapon or warframe. So what if that meant I couldn't get that thing from Baro this time... he'll be back and at some point he'll bring the item back that I want. If you don't have patience, then sure, you can get lots of things instantly by just buying it with plat and if you don't have the patience to farm for plat then sure you can buy plat with real money. However what you can't do is spend money to win. They leave that to the likes of EA. Is it DE's fault that you don't want to spend time playing the game or is it there fault that you don't have the time to play their game? No and no. There for it's your choice if you play NBA or Battlefield or Anthem of anything else instead of Warframe. But if you do, then do you really think you're entitled to the same things than those of us that choose to spend many more hours on this game? PS: hold on to your hats if the OP reads about the drop chance of Bite, something tells me he'll be one of those that expects to be able to buy it ,maxed no less, for 20p
  7. It's all or nothing. You can't keep the weapon and sell the ephemera. It doesn't work that way. If you want to sell the ephemera you'll have to convert it and sell the Lich (and thus the weapon and ephemera)
  8. To me it sounds that the OP has more money then sense. Me and the wife trade kavats and kudrow regulary. A set of imprints can go for anywhere from 40 to 400p all depending on colors, bulky or not and being a Lotus or not. We don't have 60 slots between us. Even if you have a slot for each possible kind of kudrow and kavat and a couple of extra so to have some room to keep breeding then you don't even need 20. If you have an issue with them taking 24 hours then I guess you're a fairly new player because even 2 years ago you didn't have to wait 24 hours but 72 hours. The OP has no problem spending 100k on an incubator but bolts on spending 25k on consigning and rather spend 20plat on a new slot. The mind boggles. Everything is RNG. There have been times my wife bred 3 lotus in a row, 2 of them bulky then again I had it happen to breed 12 in a row and each one was smaller uglier with common colors. IF there's anything nice about one, take imprints, consign and re-use the slot for a next try. Of course if you love to throw away plat(money) keep buying slots.
  9. Hear hear ! For some people listening to what the game tells them is to hard. I guess for some people remember 5 things is just to hard. For some people figuring out that they can't bulletjump or run is just to hard. Some people just want a button to press that when pressed says 'YOU WIN'.
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