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  1. Sell the arcanes for plat, with the plat you can buy prime pieces to sell for ducats. 4 arcanes equals to max. 40.000 standing with the Quilts. In other words, really not that much. To put it in perspective, a Health Conversion mod cost 100K standing with Simaris which means that even if you're MR25 during 4 days you'll have to spend a hour or so scanning each of those days to get enough standing to get that mod. If you are MR15 then it will easily take you 6 days because of your standing cap. 40K standing Quils can be gotten in way less then 4 hours if you have the right kind of weapons even if you are way lower then MR25.
  2. You do know that the pieces wanted by a syndicate to rank up with them change according to what is vaulted or not. In other words, if you haven't rank up yet you'll just need a similiar piece of a different prime warframe. Secondly, Hydroid is lots of fun, and versatile, but like any frame you have to understand how to use it. Thirdly, Hydriod's pilfering swarm is still much more advantageous then Nekros desecrate.
  3. Plague Star postponed due to issues on Xbox. Once that's cleared up it will be released sometime later this week. See below:
  4. Wyrm can go invisible? That's news to me. There's Shade with the Ghost mod and there's Huras with the Stalk mode. Else you can do it with Loki, Ash and Ivara. Don't forget that it isn't because the riven is for rifles that you have to use a rifle to make the kills. I would suggest using Sonicor, fully decked out you can kill them as soon as you can hit the ship. For 14 kills you might have to get 2 or 3 drop ships. My prefered place to do that is the defense mission on Jupiter at IO.
  5. I stand corrected. There is no flat number that is deemed minimum nor is there even a general rule of thumb that is valid across the board no matter what one is looking at or how many variables that one is investigating. I had the 500 number in mind as that was what I was tought back in the day when I was taking mathimatical statistics
  6. ROFL Yep, lets make a study about a subject but use worthless information that dilutes any credibility of the outcomes you deduce from it. Mate, if you just don't care about being honest then just fill it out yourself 400times. Or are you too lazy for that as well? Frankly it smells more like a hoax then anything else. If it isn't, then I do hope you fail because if it takes you this long that you barely have a week left to get you start things and you can't even be bothered to have at least a 500 sample (500 being the minimum I was tought being the bare minimum for a valid statistical sample) and on top actually inviting people to lie then if you would graduate you would be a fraud.
  7. Whenever I have a riven that is about having a 3x combo for 30sec I solo the Jackal with Inaros, using Gazal Machete to get the 3x combo going and finishing him off with whatever primary that I suited up with, most of the times TIberon Prime. I really don't see a need for a shotgun but then I'm not big on shotguns, not my style. Jackal isn't difficult, if you know where to shoot and when. The first time I was clueless and it took me a long while. After a bit of research I was able to down him in a few minutes and that was when I started the game. Nowadays, even if it's the razorback version it takes less then 10minutes for a run even if we have a full squad where a couple of members have no clue what needs to be done.
  8. Skill ≠ MR ranking Your MR only shows how many tests you took and succeeded on. In other words, you could have ranked up all that is possible but if you didn't bother with the tests then you stay MR4 (or whatever MR level you like) forever. On the other hand I'm MR26, only 75k away from MR27 test. I'm not to bad skill wise but I haven't really bothered much with Profit taker and Eidolons. In other words I'm not going solo against those enemies. However I've seen MR10's that solo the Eidonlons multiple times in one night. Being able to do kind of thing by the way doesn't have anything to do with MR nor with skill. It's just about what do you focus on. Do you go full meta and just max out a certain frame and certain weapons so that you can emulate what some one did on youtube? Do you play to have bragging rights about how OP your frame/weapon is? Do you play to have fun, explore, experiment and discover? Sure it's great to do heavy damage but in the end I have more satisfaction on winning a difficult run then when I red crit everything in sight. The choice in the end is yours depending on what brings you fun.
  9. You do know that Operation :"Hostile Mergers" has only been a thing on PC. If you're right that would mean that on console we wouldn't get season 2 until sometime in late July because we first still have to get the Operation as well.
  10. Don't sweat it. There's nothing in game that needs more then MR16 so any rank higher then that is not really needed. Just play game, get frames and weapons when you can and feel like it and before you know it you'll qualify for a new Mastery Rank. Benefits to get higher MR are more load out slots (1 per every two ranks) being able to hold more max. void traces capacity, and the usual increase of standing capacity and focus
  11. Good advice. The way I did it was with Limbo, put some speed on it and just chase the targets. Ignore the enemies. Once you have a good feel of the routes the targets take it just depends on staying cool and having a little bit of luck or at least not having bad luck. Be careful tho' and keep your wits on you because the test can glitch. E.g.: when I actually went for the qualifying run I ended up thinking I had only 1 more to do but there where two targets still moving, lost half a minute chasing the wrong one before I realized that there was indeed only 1 true one left and this wasn't it. Still made it, but that certainly made my heart race. 🙂
  12. As a PS player you start out with some starting plat. If you have PS+ you can get even more starting plat for free. If you don't spend the starting plat on weapon and warframe slots then you either buy more plat or do as some here have mentioned (gettting prime parts from relic runs - selling of statues and syndicate mods). It's your choice, either go for style (syandana's and skins) or go for substances (slots of all kinds). If you choose style then it will take you a longer time to get the substance. A halfway decent skin or syandana can easily pay for 5 to 10 warframe slots. Now considering that you don't even know name the shotgun, don't seem to know that Wisp isn't out yet on console, nor know that Rhino is a fairly easy frame to get, even for new players, and can be gotten very early in the starchart (Venus) might I suggest instead of stating your wants you would be better of playing and learning the game.
  13. Other things that make me go ...NO - people putting up a WTB and logging of 20 seconds later. - people that want to buy something because they heard it's a must have even although they don't have the MR level, experience, know how needed nor the plat to pay for it. e.g. an MR4 wanting a maxed out Bite mod for 20p and not even having a Kubrow or Kavat made yet. Then again you have people silly enough to actual selll on way beneath the value of something. Only yesterday I saw someone sell a maxed out Bite for 110p. Considering that Bite easily sells for 100p (0.01% chance of dropping afterall) that meant the buyer got 30k endo and 1.5million credits worth for 10p.
  14. In short, there's no inbox message. It's just available when selecting Syandana's. Not a bad looking syandana by the way.
  15. If you like a general purpose frame that is a tank and agile then look in your clans dojo for Nezha. I have all present frames that one can get, prime and non-prime, and I keep returning to Nezha because even without forma's Nezha can keep up with high level enemies as well as a Rhino and on top be more supportive and nimble.
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