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  1. Rear what Rhekemi wrote and apply it. A very nice compilation and overview of how to make plat fairly. Too many people are doing the '2p for junk rivens' or the '1 to 2p for junk prime parts'. Avoid those like the plague unless you're really that desperate for plat that a pittance is enough for you. There is NO junk. There's stuff that is less demanded BUT if you have patience you could sell those 'junk' rivens for more then 30p or hold on to the 'junk prime' parts until you have a full set. Even the Lex Prime (3 pieces needed for a full set) sells for more then 10p. Keep in mind that if you sell something dirt cheap (1 or 2p) that you can be certain that your buyer will make a minimum 1000% profit on it
  2. The first thing both my wife and myself said when noticing they removed one of the former maps on the indexing was exactly that. Add a map, sure. But replacing it means removing one of the former ones. Now I'm no fan of the newest map on the index, to many corners to get stuck in. On top of that there are some places where you can fall of the map although there's no clear indication that you can.
  3. 1. Use filters in trade chat but it's kind of a hit and miss because lots of people use WTB and WTS in the same message making filters obsolete 2. look on PS4.warframe.market and look up imprints by the particular breed and contact some of the people on there. I would advice to only contact those that are wanting to sell the low priced generic ones because nobody is going to sell a 200p set for some prime parts. 3. offer veiled rivens instead of prime parts. Depending of the type of riven (rifle, pistol....) they can go from 15 to 40p easily. Which means a couple or a few veiled rivens should get you a generic set of imprints of a Kavat breed of your choice 4. sell the prime parts, or save them up until you have a full set (s) of somethings and sell it for plat and use that plat to buy imprints Don't forget that if you made the Kavat for yourself that you can make imprints and sell those on for plat. (to make imprints you'll need 120K creds + resources) 5. go hunt for kavat code in the derelict missions and hope that you'll get a Smeeta and not an Adarza when your breeding it as well as hope that it's looks are to your liking. Afterall, there' are lots of different colors, ears, tails that can influence the overall look of it.
  4. So people who where there, who made the effort are elitist ? In the clan you can't research anything concerning Solar rails either, not anymore. So those clans that have that research are elitist as well? Gee... cry me a river. Any clan at that time could run for the Ignis Wraith BP research, no matter the size. It's a badge of honor so to speak for those clans who managed to get in the top 10%. Anyone can still get the weapon by either buying if from Baro when he offers it, or joining a clan that has the research or by getting it from someone that is part of a clan that has it researched. Does one get it for free from Baro? No. Are their any weapons from Baro that you can get for free? No. Are there any weapons from Baro that everyone expects to get from other players for free? NO. Most weapons from Baro you can expect to pay something like 60p. But there are those entitled whiners that want to make you think that anyone asking a pittance for a Ignis Wraith blueprint (5 or 10p) are 'bad' people. Hey, they don't have to buy it. They could wait for Baro to offer it. Or even better, just not use it ... but wait...the Ignis Wraith is the weapon of choice for most MR20's and above. So it's very asked for, very much an end game weapon and not MR fodder as several of the Prisma weapons. So because they WANT it and can't wait, they whine about having to pay a token fee. Sad, very sad. Then there are those that think that nothing should be sold and will gladly give away the blueprint, rare mods, maxed out mods etc...because they have everything in game and still thousands of plat and there for they decide to destroy the market and occasionally give away everything for free making it harder for those that are still working their way up. They think they are 'helping' but instead they are creating entitled whiners and pulling the rug out from anyone that is trying to do fair trades so that when they ask a fair price for something they get abuse hurled at them because HOW DARE YOU ask more then 20p for a set of Bulky Lotus with rare colors imprints, my mate got one for free. Although it is funny to later see those same people trying to sell a Fang riven for 300p showing just how little they understand and know about the game.
  5. It's the same on PS4. Switching the settings let's one trade in a different region. The US servers are more populated, so much so that the trade chat scrolls past so quickly at times that you can barely focus on any single line.
  6. Sad. Very sad. Not those clans but people like you. It sounds to me that for people like you a clan is just something to get things from not something to contribute to. Gimme...gimme...gimme... but if the clan needs help with researching do you chip in or just wait until the new item is available? Have you ever donated resources, decorations, creds, plat to the clan you belong to or do you expect it all to just be there? *smh* Sad.
  7. Besides it being easier then going of to Maroo's, it also allow any one in the dojo to start a trade, you can set a trade tax which benefits the clan and I would think putting one down adds a little to the standing of the clan itself, helping it to rank it up to the next level.
  8. 4 landing craft each with their own air support charge. The Liset one can be usefull at times if you're still not good at ciphers, especially under pressure. The Mantis one with its healing can be usefull when you're running with a low level group The Scimitar has in my opinion the worst 'aid' namely carpet bombing does very little damage over a very limited area and considering the time it takes to set it up and execute it you'll find that you're better of just shooting. The Xiphos on hte other hand is the most usefull as it puts down a turret. It can come in use even in higher levels during defences, interceptions and such to add a bit of firepower if you're getting overwhelmed for one reason or another (e.g. re-ranking up weapons/frames without a full team etc..)
  9. 1. hundres of hours? Is that ALL? I'm over 2 thousand hours and I've only been playing it for a bit over a year. Money isn't needed. But I had no problem throwing some money DE's way because it has given me lots of fun. Except for certain cosmetics and for slots there isn't anything that one NEEDS to buy with plat. And on top of that, you can earn plat in game (trading with other players) so all in all there's nothing that one can't get without spending money. How many games are that fair !?! Most games these days ask for 60USD up front, well 80-90-120USD if you want actually all the weapons/outfits/maps/etc.. and another chunk for the season pass and even more for those DLC's that aren't part of the season pass and additional funds for the in game micro transactions...... 2. So investing more time (investing money being purely a choice) is up to you. If you aren't having fun with the game then why keep playing it. If you do, then all it takes is keep playing it. As it's a game without an end you'll do well to keep in mind that eventually you'll get all that you wanted.
  10. As far as I can see, even if it's a crap 0roll riven for the death machine, at the moment because of the forthcoming release of the DethCube Prime, it will easily sell for several hundred.. In short, if the stats are 'meh' or even utter crap you'll be able to sell if for 300 - 500p without a problem. Will there be a lot of buyers? No. But there's always those that want it and want it NOW, who have no problem forking out a nice chunk of plat for being among the first.
  11. Easiest with 2 people. 1 to pick up the points and dump them and 1 who's sole purpose is to prevent the enemy from scoring especially at those times that the first one is off taking in points. My suggestion is 1 Rhino (can carry all the points with ease) and a Frost. Frost bubble doesn't need lots of energy and stays up for a considerable amount of time, will also slow down the enemies. Gara can work but don't forget that the flyers can and will get over the wall. Khora needs to recast way to often to my taste to make it doable. Afterall, everytime you need energy you'll be running of to a energy spawn spot and have to hope that in the mean while the enemy doesn't score.
  12. 4 different rooms that you should only built if and when needed. There's no reason to built them if you're not going to use them. In fact, seeing that everything becomes way more expensive (resource wise) to make, including research and decorations, it's best not to upgrade until it's absolutely wanted and needed.
  13. companion rivens can be equiped to unveiled BUT only by putting them on the companion weapons of the type they'll be when unveiled. In other words, if it's going to be a shotgun companion weapon riven it will only fit on the Sweeper. If it's going to be a rifle riven there will be a lot more it will fit on to be equiped.
  14. Yep, that works. Thank you kindly Toni_Ribeiro
  15. Before the update you could see a screen with info about your Dojo as well as having the possibility to change the MOTD etc.... Now, as soon as I click on my Dojo I go flying to it, the same happens to the founding warlord. No screen and neither of us can't find how to access or change the editable info on there. What are we overlooking or is this a bug ?
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