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Gaming since 1981. EU based. Mostly won't be playing with mic except for being in a clan squad.

Started playing Warframe in July '18 and got intrigued enough to get to MR 4 in 16 hours playtime in a few days. I'm an office worker so won't be able to log in everyday but a few times a week should be possible. Especially in the weekend.


LOL... so almost 90 days later... gotten really hooked on it and playing every day for a bunch of hours after work and almost the entire weekends, so much so that I'm MR16 with 31 of the frames unlocked and even 5 of the prime variations + Excalibur Umbra


Hmm..... day 157, MR21, and the following is the list of frames that I have obtained.

The primed ones mainly because of the great people in my clan, as well as the fine folks in the alliance it belongs to, for letting me join relic breaking sessions of vaulted relics.

Except for Mag (regular), which I bought with my starter plat not knowing better at the time, and Trinity Prime (Twitch prime drop) I got the rest by running. Oh and Khora.... RNG was not in my favour so in the end I gave up when I got a discount voucher and bought her.

All the rest I've all acquired them in game (missions, quests and relic breaking) and not by outright buying them.


Day 197 (MR23), I have all the frames that are available at the moment except for Saryn (regular). That one, no matter how RNG is not with me, I will not buy, not even with a 75% off coupon.

Khora was worth to buy (with a coupon) especially after doing lots of Onslaught missions and always ending up with the same 2 pîeces. But having Saryn prime makes regular Saryn just MR fodder.

(Edit : half a dozen runs later I finally had the last piece needed to build regular Saryn.)


June 21st 2019

Got my MR27

Did I buy some more frames? Yes, having the plat to burn and wanting to experience them without waiting until the parts drop. As a matter of pride though I did run to get the parts, even although I obviously didn't need them, just to prove to myself that I could get them.

Could I have gotten MR27 quicker, probably if that was something I was gunning for.

Still, going from not knowing about the game to M27 in 11 months shows the dedication I put in



Ash + Prime

Atlas + Prime

Banshee + Prime


Chroma + Prime

Ember + Prime

Equinox + Prime

Excalibur + Umbra

Frost + Prime





Hydroid + Prime



Khora (2 of 4 pieces to go, Onslaught RNG has not been good to me) ... after lots of runs I gave in and just bought it with a 50% discount voucher.

Limbo + Prime

Loki + Prime

Mag + Prime


Mirage + Prime

Nekros + Prime



Nova + Prime

Nyx + Prime

Oberon + Prime



Rhino + Prime

Saryn  +Prime


Trinity + Prime

Valkyr + Prime

Vauban + Prime

Volt + Prime



Zephyr + Prime

FYI, I also have all 5 archwings.




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