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  1. 1. Don't look for hand outs. You don't know what you need or what 99% of the things do yet. For that matter, who says you'll still be playing in 2 weeks let alone 2 months. 2. Do node by node pushing forward until you run into more then you can handle if playing alone or team up with others because there is strength in numbers 3. Revist previous nodes (farming) to get more mods, more resources, more credits. Especially revisit the Boss on each planet to acquire all the pieces for the weapon or frame that you can farm from them 4. Keep duplicates of each mod because you'll need more then just one of certain mods. I suggest keeping about 5 duplicates. The rest dissolve for endo. 5. Do each and every quest that is open to you and that you can handle. Some quests even drop frames. 6. Find a clan that is newbie friendly, is active and actual helps one another and join it 7. If possible to build a new weapon, do so. 8. Save your plat for warframe slots, sentinels slots, weapon slots.... any kind of slots. You'll need it. 9. work towards getting a Carrier sentinel and get it's special mod from Simaris called 'looter'. It opens any crate without you have to open it. And ti's weapon the sweeper is, if not the best one of the best, sentinel weapons in the game. 10. keep an eye out for the 'Master Thief' mod. That way you don't have to rely on a Kubrow to unlock them for you and can bring something that is far more stronger 10. Remember this is a grinding game. In short, you have to play the long game and not expect everything now, now, now. Slow and steady wins the race. 🙂
  2. In short, you can make 2 imprints of a Kubrow for which you'll need - 2 blank imprints, which will cost you 50K creds to aquire the blueprint from the market to be able to able to make them and an additonal 10K + resources for each time you actual make a new template + the time for making them (1½ hours per piece) - on top of it, you'll need an additonal 25K for each Kubrow you don't want to keep = consign to the Lotus - you need stasis slots for those that you do want to keep (do be bought with plat) + minimum 1 extra for when you want to breed more Good news is that keeping imprints don't need slot which means you can have as many imprints as you can handle. Kubrow/Kavat breeding is still a thing and even more so these days seeing that it doesn't take 3 days to breed one and taking one out of stasis is a matter of seconds instead of hours. and you can make some nice plat with it but it takes a whole lot of time and creds. In general breeders make a new Kubrow, grab the imprints, dump the Kubrow A set of two is better and easier to trade then individual ones. Bulky are worth more. Lotus ones are worth more. Rare colours are worth more. So a bulky golden Lotus can sell for a handsome amount. A skinny non-Lotus that has nothing going for it can still be sold for 50p (for two imprints) on console to some one who's only looking for MR fodder.
  3. Or .... just a frame with some health and armor on it while using a good polearm (like a decent zaw with an Exodia on it such as Force). No I didn't need all the containers either. But what did help was using my operator for a couple of seconds each time to get more enemies drawn into the killing range. I did it with Rhino Prime and a Plague zaw.
  4. It's Ivara but then primed which in her case means possessing higher shields, energy and sprint speed Ivara prime unranked blows my normal fully ranked Ivara with 2 forma out of the water. If you haven't used Ivara then you don't know what your missing. She makes several riven challenges very doable, is queen of the spy missions, with the right setup can help farm focus real easy and can hold her own by herself or work as a teamplayer who actually helps the team without being a nuisance (looking at you Limbo)
  5. Or use Ivara for both (speed running spy missions and doing the melee only missions). She's the queen of spies after all and on top of that she has a bow that is part of her abilities which means that you can 'cheat' on the melee only requirement if you don't have a melee that is good enough. Other possibilites to circumvent the melee requirement and that will give you ranged attacks are Mesa, Wisp, Khora, Wukong (he'll only have melee as well because you can't have a primary nor secondary) but he'll be helping out, and many more. Even Rhino can be beneficial with his stomp. On top of that I would suggest any decent sentinel with a great weapon (deconstructor, sweeper, vulklok) or a good attack kavat or kubrow. And as others have mentioned, it isn't because you are only allowed to have a melee weapon that the rest of the squad can't bring firepower. 🙂
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