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  1. If DE didn't take fans pics and ideas to put in the game then wr would have never gotten Zephyr
  2. Why is this one the second page where no one can see it? Do you people have such little respect for the Dragon!? SHAME ON YOU! Bumping because this is a travesty!
  3. That would be a major kick to the balls followed by a finger for the nonfounders. Like saying "LOLOLOLOL You can never get Skana Prime but we're melting it down to make a silly throne trolololololol F*** you, you suck!" I like it.
  4. And make that throne be the Iron Throne, made from melted skanas, cronuses, and dakra primes.
  5. Please don't this is just too amazing of a frame and artwork for it to go poof. Also while I can't say it's cofirmed, I heard that what PWE wants isn't to own the game, but merely to get rights for Warframe to be released in Asia. Of course that's just word on the street so don't quote me on it. Also don't delete the thread because if you do then many people will be very sad face.
  6. TBH Typhus is also a pretty badass frame. Why does it have to be an either/or type deal? The truth is BOTH of these frames should be made. RITO PLZ! Whoops wrong company, sorry about that. ED PLZ!
  7. So who do I have to give my money to, to get this frame made?
  8. I want this for my lilac armor and syndana. It would be a true kaiju frame. My platinum is ready.
  9. Love it especially that Winged Lancer skill DE PLS make this!
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