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  1. My life goals is to hit things with my sword. If hitting certain things with my sword can help you accomplish your life goals such as taking over the family business but your A****** cousin Cecil just inherited everything and is running it into the ground, but gets badly hurt when he gets hit by a sword, then hit me up. Maybe I can help you accomplish that life goal by hitting things with my sword.
  2. This sounds great, but I really only care about ONE thing. Hitting things with my sword. Once we do the heists and quests and whatnot and actually fight the giant spiders, can we damage them by hitting them with our swords. That's really all I care about. Hitting things with my sword. All vehicles and modes of transportation are only to get me closer to hit them with my sword. If I can't hit an enemy with my sword, then I have no interest in fighting it. I don't care what the threat is, what the reward is, or how much is at stake. If I can't hit it with my sword then you need to find someone else to do the job. I just want to hit it with my sword. Bring me closer! I want to hit them with my sword!
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