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  1. you just move around the existing polarities on a weapon or frame.
  2. The loud minority usually is all that gets recognized by DE.
  3. The segment still makes the incubation time shorter so I don't think there will be any compensation, besides it was fairly cheap to begin with.
  4. You can change the vibration intensity on the PS5 system itself somewhere in the device settings
  5. Oh god volatile is a perfect game mode other than the fact that everyone is forced inside If the squad could be split and the railjack crew could shoot at certain weak points on the pillar ship to make the hack go faster or to reduce the amount of enemies inside then it would ACTUALLY be a perfect game mode.
  6. I think the best part of railjack missions is splitting the squad between railjack and objective but a few railjack only missions wouldn't be terrible.
  7. Grineer Railjack was perfect and corpus railjack shouldn't have changed a thing except for adding more modes and targets to destroy. I don't understand how the game can handle having some players on the objective and some players in the railjack on the grineer side but when it comes to corpus we are all forced onto the objective to lighten the load on the game.
  8. So on Xbox if you press the Y button while in your pause menu it will allow you to change your game session between friends only and public, that way you don't need to rely on your friends to carry you, you can rely on randoms to carry you :)
  9. In the new update big enemy units are guaranteed to be able to be mercy killed after their health goes down past a certain point, that yellow marker is the point where they will enter the mercy kill state.
  10. I'll say to you what I say to all returning players If the game doesn't pull you in when you come back, just don't play it, games are supposed to be fun and if it feels like work then it isn't worth it.
  11. Some clans don't allow lower ranking members to build rooms and some only allow the founding warlord to build them
  12. The spawns seem really weird because you guys are talking about how little your sisters are spawning but mine spawned consecutively in the first 5 missions I played with her after me. Also if you don't like killing the sisters or liches at such a low level why not just purposely fail the sequence when they show up to level them up, its really up to you how fast you kill them.
  13. Seeing as how nitain used to only be available from alerts and nightwave is supposed to be the replacement to alerts, yeah I'll always consider it the only source
  14. He is quoting the forums as a whole so no he is not implying that this person held both sides of the argument. I totally agree that the forums are never satisfied
  15. If you really think the whole process should be solo then just set your matchmaking to solo I don't understand the problem and i especially don't understand the need to come complain to a platform where a bunch of people are going to see this and tell you to do the same thing,
  16. Well I was actually relying in the dupe protection because I just want one of every weapon for fodder but that wasn't the case I got the tetra back to back, like I vanquished a sister with the tetra and the very next candidate had the tetra. So it is either bugged right now or they removed that feature with Sisters of Parvos Anyway I guess that works out in your favor if you want a second Detron, besides the protection only applies to the VERY NEXT candidate or larvaling so you would just have to down one, abandon, then go after a new candidate or larvaling to get rid of the protection.
  17. There is an effects slider in warframe but it affects ALL effects not just yours, also when it is at 0% the effects aren't completely gone just a lot less intense
  18. you need to fully charge the xoris by killing 3 of the particles with it and then once it is charged you make it explode on the solaris
  19. So did you down it and then proceed to run over to it and mercy it with your parazon as well? Either way its no big deal, just get 25 kills in the granum void again, or i guess since you have 2 people it would be 50? I'm not positive.
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