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  1. As expected, I made it all the way to MAMMON's PROSPECT node in Neptune Proxima (Neptune's Orphix Node). I still can't find any unmoded mechs scattered around to use, and it's impossible to do it using my operator alone, at least for me. It seems like this is where I stop playing Railjack missions, for now. It was not bad while it lasted. I'll revisit railjack if I ever build a mech or buy one.
  2. I ended up doing it using my operator, it wasn't easy at all, failed a couple of times too. My operator is not geared at all. I just hope that it'll be a while before I run into another similar mission, as I don't think I'll be able to do it then, and will most likely will stop me from doing Railjack missions for bit. I wish they didn't make us do the missions in sequential order, and that we could pick whatever mission we want to do, rather than having us go at them like this. It seems to be a bug, as some people are able to see unmodded mechs scattered around" in the mission, when I
  3. I traversed the mission multiple times already and didn't find any "unmodded mechs scattered around", not sure what I should do now, not gonna spend time grinding daily capped, time hungry syndicate standing to get it a mech. This game has always been like this for me, as enjoyable some game modes can be, the bad ones always make it unbearable to invest time in it. What a shame...
  4. In that mission? I didn't see anything like that around, but still, it might not be wrong, as they did that with that event that used them. I'll check it out once more. Thank you for replying. I wasn't getting any reply in Region chat, and both Community Warframe and DE Warframe discords required me to verify using a phone number, something that I don't want to share with discord.
  5. Is it possible to do Venus Proxima -> Vesper Strait node mission without having a Necramech? I don't really have the time or the Plat to spend on getting a Necramech, I'm kinda happy so far with the new Railjack update, but for some reason I can't get passed Vesper Strait node, as the operator damage doesn't do any damage against the that stupid thing.
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