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  1. As long as you add something to make it worth taking... I'm thinking, When Mach Rush is disengaged, Gauss deploys a shockwave (as if he hit something solid.) Now you can dash into the middle of a group and explode even if there's nothing to hit simply by turning off the ability.
  2. Well, don't use talons as a melee weapon. Garuda doesn't have to be a "boring tank." I play her with 2 health, but use a critical based fortuna Pistol (gaze) to rip things apart (easy to get headshots with this one.) If you get something REALLY tough, or that you need to slow down, hit 4, then start stacking the slashes If you're getting targeted from too many directions, invest in a Dread Mirror to block a good portion of the shots. If you need more energy, 2 then 3 a couple of times, jump out, and keep going. She's damned competent. Hard to kill as long as there is cannon fodder around. Using talons though... not a good idea. Personally, I use a Zaw with Exodia Brave on it for energy return, so I don't even need to slow down on the 2/3 combo very often. I feel like the biggest problem is trying to utilize all of her abilities to the detriment of common Warframe tactics. Pick and choose the ones that are appropriate for your playstyle or situation. While the 1/4 combo is awesome, it takes long enough to build up to decent levels I generally don't even bother. 🙂 The Dread Mirror pounce worked great on the sentients in this last event though.
  3. You misunderstand me... I'm not talking about boosts to THEIR shields... but they can equip mods that replenish YOUR shields. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Guardian Boosts owner's shields by 100% when it runs out. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Shield_Charger Shield Charger is a Sentinel and MOA Mod that periodically increases your Warframe's Max Shields and regenerates them for a certain amount of time. Now, you still need to keep the damned MOA or Sentinel alive so that the mod is active, but that's a separate issue that's true regardless of whether you're using any of these mods. Just pointing out that there were more ways to regen shields than the two initially listed.
  4. Robotic companions also have Guardian and a shield recharge mod. Somewhat pointless if shields are tissue. Being a bit more durable makes them fairly valuable, especially guardian... the higher your max shields, the more it helps.
  5. I swapped tap/hold cycling for titania, and it's unclear if it also is swapped here. Sometimes I swear I tapped, and I get fire, other times the opposite. Either way, I'm trying to figure out the timing, and with no feedback on which one I got it's a bit frustrating. Yes, I can go into the simulacrum and do things over and over again till I get it down, but really... a red circle for fire and blue for ice would go a long way. Or maybe they already do that, I just don't have my colors set up well enough to notice.
  6. I'd be happy enough if there was better feedback on Thermal sunder about whether it was a cold or heat field. Flip the energy colors or something if they didn't want to ignore warframe energy entirely?
  7. Not sure why you're singling out Garuda's blood altar as being unthematic, so shouldn't be able to heal the defensive target... draining a foe to heal up yourself/friends IS the point of it just like all of the others. I could see reducing the AMOUNT of healing per altar like you did for some of the others.
  8. Only advantage I could see is if the Stance forma provided a non-forma benefit as well... increase the stance mod bonus point beyond a regular forma or something like that. 50% more than a regular forma in the stance slot? Otherwise pretty much pointless.
  9. When did Diwata lose Heavy Strikes and Slams? Just tried slams... might have never had them, but Heavy Strike used to work for Life Steal. Was just wanting to try Tek Gravity to pair with the new harvest augment, see how that went... and it didn't. Then I went to try a Heavy Slam and realized they removed Heavy Strikes too because people were *@##$ing about it not doing heavy strike damage? Bah.
  10. Garadu blocks the disco lasers as far as I could tell... I could just stand there sucking up the damage during the scarlett special. Would it be nice if it was even better? Sure... just trying to explain its current behavior.
  11. I think the difference is this... Garuda's shield is a portable barrier. If something has punch-through (ignis), or hits you from behind the shield (bombard) then the shield basically doesn't exist. For Frost, the logic is different... damage from sources outside the bubble gets directed to the bubble. Don't know anything about Volt or Atlas to comment.
  12. If I can play solo, I look forward to it. If most future missions are group play, then I'll probably just stop. I don't mind grouping on my own terms, but if I don't get to choose to do it, I'll walk away.
  13. Don't see why not, very slow innate regen can't hold a candle to other methods... it's just a way for someone that gets run dry to hide out for a while so they can try again, rather than dying and getting all of their energy back.
  14. Titiania's 3 could get them to all lump up so it's easy to hit 4 at once with Spellbound Harvest. That would make it cost effective, and you could get back to full energy without them even able to fight back. Or maybe your non-razorwing melee equipped with this? If you run low, turn off razorwing, Slam and then harvest? Can the Diwata slam? Never tried it 🙂 (I have the moa mine too that grabs enemies that could do something similar.)
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