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  1. Not the same status... Consider... in decreasing order of damage X slash damage Y Viral damage Z Gas damage 120% Status chance = 100% chance of Slash damage, 20% chance of Viral damage, 0% chance of Gas damage.
  2. I think the big thing they could do is add a "boost" function... where you can take one Kuva weapon and feed it to another one to increase the % by a small amount. This would give people a reason to keep farming weapons once the likelihood of getting a better one starts dropping. You get a 38% drop. You get another drop that 24%. Feed the 24% into the 38% to make it 42%? Ideally they don't have to be the same weapon type or that'll just discourage people too.
  3. Players say: Everything is too easy Devs say: Fine, here's content that keeps getting harder and harder. Go as far as you can. The fact that the devs change something so that "as far as you can" isn't as far as it used to be is irrelevant.
  4. Krenlik

    BUFF Garuda!

    I reworked the quick thinking build I had and the mindset I was going for when attempting it. I was initially attempting to maximize the passive, which meant being ridiculously low on real-HP all the time with mostly just energy as the save. Junked that. Being used as additional HP to cover explosions, in conjunction with a decent health pool and armor, made things a lot more comfortable. Now I can drop 50% health (not near 100%) and have a buffer to recover from if/when things go south (and if things start getting really hairy, I can try keeping both HP and energy maxed.) Also went back to a companion that could restore shields if I got blasted for a little more time-buffer to work on recovery. All in all, it's working fairly well for me now. I'm sure many people would scoff at all of my defensive choices, but I like it. Perhaps the main thing is that my reflexes and dancing on knives-edge isn't what it used to be, but I like a low-stress frame. 🙂
  5. Krenlik

    BUFF Garuda!

    Bombards I think... aoe damage. But there are easier ways to double your damage that aren't as convoluted/risky. I have a Warframe Mod that does that simply by swapping weapons... one mod instead of 2+.
  6. Krenlik

    BUFF Garuda!

    I did try that, yes. I didn't like it at all. Still ended up dying way too much. Basically, it becomes a Rube Goldberg machine of staying alive. And putting that much effort into translating health to energy, etc, is time that could have been spent just trashing enemies in the first place. Yes, that's probably what they intended, but I personally don't think it has any benefit over just doing things the "normal" way.
  7. You're probably best off rethinking Inaros as a mobile ranged weapon platform for entertainment purposes. I get a ton of enjoyment out of him by building for medium health/armor. Equip scarab armor (4). Now you're durable... equip a ranged primary that does big AoE damage. Get a Lenz, Corith, or whatever else floats your boat. I personally do Corinth... Can alt-fire to blast the room a few times, or can do a shotgun to the face of things that are more durable. If your health gets down to half, either 1+finisher or Tap 4 to set up the healing pool, stand in it and regenerate your scarabs back to 100%. Easy-peasy. Ignore 2 and 3 entirely! 🙂 There is a mod that can dramatically increase damage output for 3 seconds on weapon switch. Inaros can spare a warframe mod slot for that one as he's already invincible and most of the boosters (strength, duration, etc) don't really help him that much... F->F to go to sidearm, then get back to the shotgun then blast.
  8. Krenlik

    BUFF Garuda!

    You are right in that Dread Mirror is not significantly better than the newly improved melee blocking. However, it's a MASSIVE improvement over no blocking at all if you're using a ranged weapon (or are doing a heavy windup... like getting ready to throw a Glaive... and while your glaive is gone.) So, strictly defensively, it has very valid uses... just maybe not your own use case. The damage bloodball multiplier could be higher for faster damage accumulation though... takes a while to make it worth using over just using weapons (without very high strength values... I assume it works much better at 175%+ than 154%) One extended range mod makes it pretty comfortable, and I'd recommend the extended range mod for a more usable Blood Altar anyway. Yes and no. Like you, I've decided that it's not worth building around... deliberately lowering my health pool to make it easier to die seems like a bad trade off (same with the passive... it may as well not exist because I'm just not comfortable getting low enough on health for the buff to be significant... I hate dying.) But... it's a HUGE boon if you've just gotten your energy drained by a leeching enemy. One tap to get some energy back, Blood Altar on the next guy you see, get back to full health, tap Bloodletting again once or twice to get your energy full again. So, as a recovery mechanism it's awesome. Also... If you have a pair of Blood Altars going (especially with the Mirror active) then you can tap for energy without too much danger. If this scenario, you can blast 4 regularly.
  9. Not entirely sure I like the new movement mode in razorfly. Can make it work, but doesn't feel as smooth. A little bit of inertia is good... the instant stop is jarring. They could try to split the difference between new and old and see how it goes.
  10. A tank is an armored vehicle that can take tremendous abuse.. pretty much invulnerable to small arms fire. The fact that WoW decided to give taunt effects, etc, to the class that can take the abuse is unrelated to the word.
  11. Well, devour has a single saving grace... healing while utterly ignoring damage. I was using devour a lot when fighting the Wolf. Find a spawn, start devouring to get to 100%, stop devouring... fight a bit... devour some more. Well, I've occasionally used it for a second purpose too... to grab someone from a distance and haul them to me... mostly for runs where I'm not wanting to trip alarms. (but then, if you have something like Loki, you'd generally go that way instead.) For as long as it takes to create a sandshadow, they should kick ass. They don't. Never find myself wanting to use sandstorm... why when I can use the scarabs to do the same thing (CC) in a less annoying and much less power-consuming way?
  12. Well, for what it's worth, the update description talks about transferring bonuses from one kuva weapon to another. So, sounds like you can work on this one, and when you get a kuva weapon with better bonus, swap it? Also, higher level = more damage right? In the end, I think you're better off even at 45%, but I could be wrong.
  13. Main problem with his healing scarabs is simply that other players don't know, or don't care, and they blow them away making it a waste of an ability. I use it sometimes solo. 4 can do CC, but people just nuke your healing pool. 1 CC I use all the time (high range) both to lock down an area for a bit, and do some healing of me and my kavat. 3 CC I hate. Too energy hungry, can't see what's going on, have no idea how many you're swirling and what their health currently is, etc. Most times it's just better to whip out the Corinth and blast the rooms away. It does knockdown and kills all at once. It's the Primary I use on Inaros… AOE blast for fodder, single-target to the face for tougher foes. But that said, when I can rely on high armor and life for defense, I'm a lot freer to go in guns blazing. In teams, as long as one person isn't dominating the kills with a high range AOE persistent-death field of some sort which kills things before you can even get to them, I do just fine. And if that person is using the high-range persistent-death-field, then they can't really complain that no one else is getting kills and simply "leeching."
  14. Ah, thank you. Des a throw build combo multiplier, or only melee attacks? Haven't really been paying attention.
  15. From what I can see, Life Strike isn't healing when doing the throws (heavy strike.) Life Strike is only working with a Heavy Slam. Digging a little deeper, equipped with Killing Blow the damage of Throw isn't increasing, nor is the Heavy Strike Slam.. only a stock heavy strike increases... but as far as I can tell it's not possible to do any heavy strike EXCEPT a throw (which isn't considered a heavy strike?) Killing Blow seems to increase the speed of the throw windup, which would imply that it's a heavy strike but the stats aren't listed on the page under throw so can't tell. So, how are glaives supposed to work now with the heavy strike thing?
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