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  1. Well...Mag's pull used to be strong like that, then it got nerfed sadly, but that was years ago during Greedy Pull meta on T4 Void Tower survival.
  2. There you go again assuming what I use and my builds, even though I never did it to you. Stop crying kiddo.
  3. Did I say your builds are meta? Nope, not once. You're the one who replied to me, and you're the one who assumed I use "crappy" builds to "fight the meta". You played yourself.
  4. But that's exactly what the current meta is lol. Pick one adjective to describe the thousands of players farming things with Khora whip build and a spam macro, other than brain dead.
  5. Uhh.. then they won't be able to do it. What MR 8 player that didn't get carried or is a veteran starting over has enough resources for Helminth? None. They'll unlock it, they'll look at the requirements and they won't be able to do much. If they sink all their resources without reading, then they shouldn't be playing Warframe.
  6. I... really don't get the hate on DE for nerfing meta before it even happens. If the community had more brain cells than haha Roar haha Larva they wouldn't be nerfed. DE realized just from feedback that they'd be generating yet another uninspired, dull, braindead meta. So they nerfed it, and I'm glad they did Just shows how much interest and knowledge most people have of Warframes outside of this current disgusting meta. Note how a lot of good abilities remain untouched, simply because little to no people were hyped for them. Of course DE won't give Roar 200% to all warframes, that was
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