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  1. other then one click damage buffing ability everything seems cool and interesting lot of stuffs to try but i think as we are getting mirage buffs that is like lot of damage buff compare other damage buffing ability as rhino is giving like 100% to 150%~ damage buff (also to everyone in range) at 200 to 300% power str while mirage is 500 % to 600% damage buff to self while other warframe are giving elemental damage buff adding those elements. adding element is i guess can be ok still super broken if you have correct built but accepted by warframe standards but i think the mirage
  2. i really agree but atleast they should respect player inventment and give the inventment back atleast i think they can do atleast that much i think
  3. same man if they give the inventment back it would have been atleast bareable
  4. the only reason i have to use glave is for the state stick nothing else i think its common sense that you use infinity combo duration for state stick thats the first thing that come to mind i am saying why the nerf now after all the investment done?? you like glave that doesnt mean everyone like it so thats why also i really dont mind nerf but what about my investment of 5 forma and patato if the combo working with the warframe ability was not a thing i would have never touched that glave
  5. i was thinking that they made this weapon so people start using this type of weapons but guess i was wrong the glave has really no reason to use now thats why i never play a lot in the first or 2 weeks of update drop as they never test there weapons and always nerf stuffs after all investment in the weapon has been done rip all my forma well now i learn my lessen soo i will only play any new weapon after 1 or 2 months of that update drop as rather the hoping in and playing it the glave was not even powerfull to begin with it was just a entry weapon to get started with the khora and other
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