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  1. Had mon 2 drops for 30min each but no 2 drops on tus and 1 30min drop today missing 3 drops not in my inbox.
  2. Well a day after posting this i thank someone at de must have fixed something iv had no failed chat so far today.
  3. I have mine set to north america due to not many players on the european but iv had that set like that fro over 1 year.
  4. have looked up all the othere posts nothing works feels like iv been playing a solo mode for the last 3 weeks. when in a groupe you see the screen start to jump and boom you get this msg Failed to connect to chat server and your kicked out of the group. my xbox is fine my internet is fine othere games and apps fine, it is the game i can be on mars doing trades and still the msg comes up but everyone stays there os if it was anything todo with xbox id be disconected from the hole game. i just hope with the updat coming soon if fixes it.
  5. OK so cant find my coment about time to edit it so ill post again i was wron looks like uk times will be for the next 2 weeks mon 5pm tus 8pm wen 2pm thu 11pm
  6. so Intrinsics 2.0 i have all maxed to 10 when you reset i can fill all 4 again to 10 with what your giving back and then i can start on comand yes or no ?
  7. Well done on droping the drop to only 1 for 30min and not geting 2 drops for 1hr now i only watch for the 30min and turn off.
  8. Cant claim item after time it dose say claim item in my drops but msg comes up Error Occurred Drop was not claimed. so it still looks like you have to be watching it live.
  9. ok if that guys right see your profile icon to the right click on it to see a drop down list see drops click on that and see if it says claim in there ?
  10. IT looks like now you have to be watching the streem in the chat a box will drop down and say claim only if your watching on a pc of phone then you claim your item. no longer can we just leave the streem up and get drops we have to work for them now.
  11. so now if you only watch on xbox you need a pc to claim the items no where on xbox app to claim items.
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