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  1. 1: Will we be able to decorate the interior of the Railjack like the dojo or will it be small items like in the orbiter or none at all? 2: There are a lot & A LOT of props & objects missing from the dojo decorations menu (Mainly Orokin) Will these be added/fixed in the future? 3:Will Kuva Liches Steal powers as in Copy the Warframe's power & use it against you or steal as in you can never use that warfram'es respective power until you kill the Kuva lich? 4:Are there any certain reason to not kill your Kuva lich at first sight, will there be a bigger chance for some sort of rare resource almost like a rotation. 5:Will there be some sort of "Public Railjack" mode, like before a mission you can hop in as "Public" & other people can join you as your crew, If so will this be Clan members only?
  2. For gods sake, Please tell me the prime operator suit comes in a seperate pack just like the accessories.
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