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  1. What I am saying is, negativity in a public forum can cause people who observe negativity on said forum to look elsewhere. They may see a negative forum as a clue to the in-game community. If someone who is interested in the game comes to the forum to see what invested players think of the developers actions; and many of the responses are negative, they may choose to not play said game. Which is bad for the game, since it's losing players before they even play. You said the hype is fine as long as it does not hurt the game.. You may not be able to see the harm; that does not mean it doesn't exist. I am giving you my perspective on it because I have checked out a games forums before playing and decided not to play it due to community responses and toxicity.
  2. That is a logical dilemma. Just because it is your experience does not make it fact. What that guy did was pop into a forum post full of people asking for a date and tell them to go outside or do something else. Telling adults to go outside in a post using emojis can be interpreted as snarky; since it was, by at least one person who read it. The fact of the matter, is that is not helpful in anyway to those asking for a release date...
  3. I am not 100% sure, but I believe that depends on which country you are in. ISO 8601 says the week is Monday-Sunday for a majority of the world.
  4. While I agree that is something to do and has some benefit to it later on. Some folks want to save the grind for new mats/faction.
  5. So your saying it is unreasonable to ask for a release date so we can plan our playtime?.. Not everyone can just stop everything and sit and play. Many adults have tight schedules, and have to take time off or set it aside for their hobbies. We are finding other things to do already by being on the forums.. I love it people saying stop wasting your time.. While wasting their time on the forums. At least there is a point to what we are doing.. your lurking and trash talking for what purpose now? Why not go play the game or go outside?
  6. So making snarky comments is trying to help? Or is stating the obvious? Telling people to go outside is not helpful; and if you don't have anything related to the content to say why bother anyway? Your on a damn game forum. May I suggest your wasting your time and should go outside?
  7. It's fall here in New England.. temps in the 30s/40s with no flowers to pick. Please stop telling me what to do as I am a grown person. Thanks much!
  8. Actually it started off with maybe this week.. Then changed to this week both in-game and in ads.
  9. That is the thing.. There will be major bugs either way. No amount of internal testing can compare to live.. we find great ways to break stuff.
  10. Why show us more in a gameplay video at this stage?... If it is stable enough for a Youtuber to play it is stable enough for us to play imo. Not bashing anyone but a Youtuber is just a person playing a game while recording it with dialogue.
  11. Eloquent, concise and very spot on response.
  12. While I agree with many of your points; I would like to point out most of the hype is directed at people already playing/aware of the game. So I think it is a moot point. If it were more directed at people who were not part of the current player base I could get on board with your statement. The people who are excited for Fortuna have been for a while now, all of the features were went over in detail for months. Just my 2c though. As to your comment about the limit to hype being when it hurts the game.. Well that is tricky. If the product does not live up to the hype that can hurt the game for sure. If people burn through content or see it as not well designed; they may quit and not buy a ticket to the next hype train. And you see the negativity it is bringing out in some players.. That also hurts the game. Some people cruise a games forums to check out the community before playing.
  13. Well it wouldn't make much sense if they said starting October 29th, since they already said it was coming in November. I have 0 dogs in this race though, just checked the post for my kiddos. My hype was for the spiders and those are being delayed. So I'm enjoying other online content, Giving my wallet a break from Warframe.
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