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  1. I don't think first mission applies to index, but it does for everything else.
  2. Instead of using a +ammo max mod I just put synth set on my sentinel. I also like Pox a lot, and I've been working on formaing a Tysis. The Infested weapons all have really neat designs but you don't see many of them often. I'm excited for infested liches!
  3. I think there's a little bit of a problem in this game with Warframe abilities being so bright, loud, and overwhelmingly present that it reduces enemy attacks to background noise. Even some of the Lich abilities were difficult to notice or react to. This is magnified by the fact that enemies usually die before attacking, don't attack because you're invisible, or don't matter when they atttack because you have 200k iron skin or 95% damage reduction. It's either that, or they hit you during a weak moment and you melt under the continuous fire from other areas. I think there need to be more attacks that present a specific danger, like status effects or nullification, because things that Hit Hard or are Big and Bright are the only things that will still catch the player's attention.
  4. What is something in Warframe that you think is well made? The modular weapons are one of the best-implemented parts of Warframe's metagame. I've heard a lot recently about "islands of content," but kitguns and zaws (and I guess MOAs) definitely connect Cetus and Fortuna to the rest of the game. The only way to get them is by doing Cetus and Fortuna content, and their visual design is an excellent and constant reminder of where they came from. They're also used ubiquitously, being both good weapons and popular ones, so I'd say they've successfully tied the other content to the open worlds. Also, they're very player-customizable, especially the zaws. My zaws feel like MY zaws, not a copy of someone else's weapon, and I don't feel pressured to pick one specific zaw over another. For kitguns, while catchmoon dominates, the other two pieces are also pretty interchangable. In the end they're one of the only areas in the game where there's meaningful side-grades, other than cosmetic ones, which makes them much more personalizable.
  5. I think something that could help this reductivity a lot is an eximus redesign. The only ones I find meaningful are the infested ancient eximi, because they have a little more staying power than the others. Grineer and corpus eximi, though, die too fast, and as a whole they're not dangerous enough. I don't think they should be super high-health minibosses, though; that would go against the current feel of combat, which I like. Instead, give eximi some attacks which: present a serious threat to any player, maybe by doing straight health damage, or disabling abilities, or some other effect which is difficult to tank are easily visible and slow moving, like the flame eximus wave are dodgable high cooldown, but trigger early, so they can be relevant before getting annihilated by plasmor fire. Also, bump their size scaling up another notch, they aren't quite b i g enough. I think in the end they should be more like nulliifiers, the only enemy in Warframe that I feel really requires the player to change pace to deal with. They should still be vulnerable to high damage weapons though, as every other enemy in the game seems to be drawing players towards lots of bullets or AoE damage, and that adds to the reduction. The best performing weapons in the game are more often just those that hit multiple targets, not those that would be statistically better. Also, other "high ranking muckity-mucks" still feel too fragile and undifferentiated from other enemies. There are some enemies which feel distinguished from combat, mostly nullifiers, heavy gunners, bursas, and noxes, all of which I really enjoy. Others I can tell apart visually, like scrambuses, infested enemies, and ghouls, but in the end are just another bowling pin for whatever plasma ball I'm throwing. Bombards and napalms and such sometimes catch my attention by blasting me with a missile but usually aren't that interesting. In the end, I think Warframe just needs more important targets, ones that are worth paying attention to and taking out before the others. Once again, I don't think this means giving them higher EHP, because that's just not the way this game feels. Instead, give them visual distinction and slow moving, dodgable attacks that can stand out among all the bright energy colors, so that we can easily notice and direct attention to them for a split second.
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