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  1. To me, it seems they are unwilling to fully commit to another rework and are hoping small changes can fix her. Sure, the changes are great and she needs them, but they need to do something with the Lantern/Spellbind overlap in functionality, Diwata being the crappiest melee ever, Razorflies vaporizing over level 60 content and a long etc.
  2. They didn't brand it as a rework. For some reason they keep adding small QoL changes to Titania instead of giving her the rework she deserves. They said they'd showcase more Titania changes in the next devstream, if I remember correctly.
  3. Well, they just announced they'll reveal Titania changes in the stream, so I'm reviving this thread. We've got the selectable tribute buffs and the tethered lantern (finally). still far from a rework.
  4. I can't believe I'm gonna praise Raid SL here, but they have a daily/weekly/monthly mission system too, much like Warframe's nightmare, the only difference being those missions are actually you'd normally do while playing. So, in essence, they reward people for doing what they are supposed to do. Nightwave, however, takes the opposite approach and reward people for doing stuff you wouldn't necessarily do, and once you're done, that's it. Most people won't bother with the measly credit reward. I mean, come on, 1 week to get at most 60 credits? Not even enough to get a #*!%ing potato. I think nightwave needs to have a more custom, personalized approach and give you missions organically depending on what you're actually doing and present you with several choices you can agree or refuse to do. Say, the game detects you've done several thrall missions in a row and gives you a weekly challenge: Kill or Convert 1 lich. You can then accept or refuse. If you refuse, the game will simply present you with another one. Say: You're using the ignis for a few missions in a row and asks you to kill X enemies using the fire element. On top of that, I think alerts need to come back and reward you with nightwave credits.
  5. We should get beaten. The sentients have been evolving and accumulating power for millennia. Not to mention, the sentients have been trying to develop resistance to the void and strategies against the Tenno. During the old war, we send the packing, but barely and thanks to the betrayal of the lotus. Back then, we had an entire empire backing us, with a well oiled military machine, a fleet, supply lines, not to mention Dax and Grineer auxiliaries. Right now, we're but a former shadow of ourselves, with part of our true potential locked, without leadership or direction and with a greatly diminished capacity when it comes to numbers and firepower. We're scattered, divided and without notable allies. By all accounts, we're far worse than we were in the old war and the sentients are far better. We should lose, but barely, of course. We should lose only to unite the entire system against the sentient threat and then counterattack.
  6. I mean the warp to railjack and warp to player. Do you think that maybe people don't use blink while dogfighting because it's not worth it? Or because everyone uses the Amesha which instantly stops enemies from moving? We don't have alternatives. Do you realize killing the fighters is mandatory? So, even if you bypass the entire map it's for nothing. And now, you can't even bypass the entire map, you can bypass maybe 25% and then you're stuck flying without being able to blink anymore. Like I said, the current blink is better for long range traversing.
  7. The devs obviously didn't want instantaneous travel either. That's why they added 2 forms of unlimited distance teleport and the archwing slingshot! The point is, cooldownless blink could be the perfect tool to make archwing a capable dogfighter. We already have the slingshot and the teleports to traverse the massive maps undisturbed. Please, notice that if blink were to cost energy, it would be less efficient at traversing long distances than the current blink. Sure, you could travel 5 kilometers in one burst if gone from a full extended energy pool with modded efficiency, and then you'd be out of juice. Considering most objectives spawn 15-20km away from the starting place, I would say the old blink is far from useful there. Meanwhile, the aggro reset and the projectile avoidance, not to mention the quick maneuverability, would make cooldownless blink shine in the battlefield.
  8. I think this is the first time they face such instant backlash and so hard. I mean thing is still going one months after. The very moment they showcased the new cooldown the chat erupted into complains and they had to change the text in the patchnotes to highlight in BOLD that it's free! and has more range! and gives you hugs and kisses! while trying to downplay the part about the cooldown. Honestly, between this, the entire old blood and the entire railjack update, I'm no longer spending a dime on this game. This is the first F2P game ever where I spend money in. Not because I felt the need to, but because I liked the direction. At least until the last trimester of 2019. That was a disaster of epic proportions. They've killed the fun in 3 months. That's gotta be a record. No more money for DE on my behalf until they fix this mess.
  9. So.... exactly as we've been doing before the nerf with no problem, but for every archwing instead of just Itzal. You're just trying to imagine problems were there are none. I'm not asking for anything new! I'm just asking them to revert the freaking Blink to its previous state. We've been doing perfectly fine with it without problems.
  10. Because it's very hard to look at the number in the energy gauge.
  11. This is something that needs to happen at some point or another. There are so many "Kill everything" missions someone can repeat. A mission randomizer can give us the replayability we've been asking for since forever. Think about it. Instead of having a single, long mission objective like defend for 5 waves or kill 200 enemies or defend 3 computer terminals, etc. why not have shorter, randomized ones that can link organically with one another? Even going to as far as having multiple different objectives at one. What if you had to capture a target, which happens to be carrying a datamass, which you need to insert in a console to gain access to a prison to rescue an operative which you have to defend for 1 minute before extracting? There are millions of possible permutations. For example: -Escort an operative so he can hack an signal tower which you have to keep under control (interception style) while supplies beam down and you have to capture them. All the while, you still have to defend the operative. -Take a datamass to hack a mobile drone which then you have to escort so he can unlock a spy vault all of that while demolysts are constantly trying to take it down. -Defend an objective so more life support capsules can spawn, all the while you have to bring in energy cells to the defense objective. Multiple mini-objectives merging together nicely and randomly. There are tons and tons of possibilities if we pair all the various mission types with bounties and narrow the scope so the objectives can be done quickly. On top of the above, once we have the node complete, we should be able to select increased difficulty levels, ranging from simple high level enemies to sortie/nightmare/disruption/arbitration modifiers in exchange for increased rewards. This would allow us to tailor missions to our playstyle. Too easy for you? How about level 150 enemies with speedboost, high eximus percentage, low energy and vampire mode?
  12. K-Drives were never intended for anything but being a skateboard. They are a little addition to those people who like racing/skateboard games.
  13. The shy must have copied the thread I made yesterday. Dude, that train of thought isn't new, original or unique. A lot of people here in the forums have been repeating the same thing for months.
  14. Yeah, doing nothing but that. Now, me, I do other things, I don't necesarilly play several hours a day and I don't smash my head against the wall continuously just to farm liches. So, it takes me about 2-3 days to kill a lich if I'm dedicated to it. So, 160-240 days, 5-8 months for 80 liches. I find it real funny when someone says "It's not that hard to do X". Well, actually, it's not that hard to do anything in this game. This game is moronproof. Everything is stupidly easy BUT requires TIME. Some people might not have anything to do with their lives but to play for 6-8 hours a day, maybe more, every day, but that is not the norm. Most people will play 1-2 hours, maybe 3 and maybe not every single day. Do you think most people are willing to dedicate what little playtime they have to a single, repetitive task?
  15. No game really does that, as it would be a disaster. Games need to deliver content while fixing stuff all at the same time. That means none of the 2 things are done properly, but that's the way it is. I do agree that they should focus a bit more on the core issues of the game AFTER they finish delivering the core gameplay and storiline. Namely, they have to finish delivering the rest of railjack and the lich system, New war, Duviri and raids. Then, they can focus a lot more on fixing the glaring issues like armor and level scaling, damage types, primary and secondary gun rebalance, mission node rework, warframe reworks, etc. The problem is, their philosophy indicates all the content they produce is consumable, not meant to be replayed, and that's a big problem. Unless they shift away from that, nothing's gonna change. We need real sustainable, replayable content.
  16. Whut? 3 cds are 9 seconds, not 5. You can teleport straight to the slingshot, and with rank 7 gunnery you get 50% extra distance. Not to mention, you can use it to destroy fighters and you get inside the crewships straight away.
  17. Rebalance suggestion for reactors: Get rid of RNG. All reactors come with their max stats. ?????? Grofit!
  18. Well, they have already responded to you. The slingshot is 10 times better than blink. The nerf to blink is ridiculous, specially now more than ever. You could use blink to easily traverse or maneuver through the massive open map of railjack missions, but instead you get a clunky archwing that can't keep up with enemy fighters when it comes to speed and maneuverability and that, without any kind of defensive abilities might as well be dead. Blink makes projectiles loose their homing and fighters change target. In railjack, for once, consecutive blinks could be used tactically instead of as a means to traverse, yet with the stupid 3 second cooldown, it's just severely hampered. That is one of the reason why people have to use Amesha. It's the only archwing that can survive - because it has invulnerability - and that can keep up with fighters - because it slows them down. So it's stupidly ironical that the slowest, clunkiest archwing is the best when it comes to dogfighting.
  19. 90% of weapons have a V slot, and 90% of the exilus mods are -. Do you think it's a coincidence? It's meant to make you spend an extra forma.
  20. It's funny, because it had one in the gameplay they released in their tennocon. You could turn off the side turrets.
  21. That's bugged. Sometimes you can, sometimes you cannot. What I would like to have is an icon showing when a crewship is on reactor meltdown, so I don't wast a cannon shot on them or slingshot into one.
  22. I'm suggesting the archwing launch points precisely for this, so you can go to another mission from the one you're currently in. Same with the gates. It's just a matter of modifying the end and starting blocks with some doors and a launch point. Similar to the ostron consoles or the railjack one, the launch point could be used to access navigation and select other missions, meanwhile, the doors simply take you to the next one on the list.
  23. With simple and modifications to mission start and extraction areas, it would be possible to give the impression of a more seamless world. This mission gates would operate similarly to Fortuna/Cetus as a way to progress to the next mission or repeat the current one without the need to extract, select a mission and deploy anew. Archwing launch point would operate similarly. They can even reuse the old archwing drop model and it would require even less modifications, just a simple archwing takeoff animation. This is a very simple, minimal effort, QoL change that would improve the game noticeably simply by making it more believable and less bubbled. With the future introduction of squad link, perhaps one could even take off to space or deploy from the railjack into the plains or vallis (and viceversa, as showcased in the trailer). My dream is a fully seamless universe; a game were you can simply hop in from one mission to the next, from a regular mission to the railjack, from the railjack to one of the the archwing only missions or the open world maps.
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