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  1. I mean the problem here isnt the riven but the weapon. MR 2, its normal it sucks. Electricity works for building corrosive, and grineer damage is very valuable. Usually i dont use faction mods but they make quite a difference if you include them in a build. So with this you have elemental damage+damage faction in the same slot. Range doesnt matter because they are gauntlets. You cant have less range than that
  2. So you want to catch them all. Get with the times. Pokemon has now DLCs + subscription service. You want to collect, you pay. A lot.
  3. It was hilarious. We reach the third terminal and everyone is happy commenting things like: maybe i will get a decent riven this time. Suddenly someone kills the terminal and we fail. Everyone went silent and left hahaha
  4. This comment describes perfectly the mood in the whole forum
  5. Ah you mean why the riven was labelled as rifle. Thats because gaze can be a primary now and it falls under the rifle category
  6. In my opinion now its perfect. Annoying enough to comply with the law but not too annoying that it disrupts your game. I mean whats the use if the message can be easily ignored or forgot. If they get an inspection and find the message is useless, they will force them to do it more annoying. Then you will have a message with big font or a window that you have to close, appearing in the middle of the screen every hour. But knowing DE they arent worried about an inspection. Their policy is if it is not broken, dont fix it. Someone made the warning system and it will stay that way unless they
  7. Europe laws. Nothing DE can do about it. Idk which law it is, but im sure thats the reason. Considering how they are worried constantly about videogames and the impact on the younger population, regulation of lootboxes and addiction etc.
  8. Idk what the developers are working on right now. They were all excited about railjack but its full of bugs and it seems they are moving to another thing now
  9. I want everyone playing and cooperating obviously, engaging and fun gameplay. What are you confused about? There is a difference between me carrying everyone and me being totally unnecessary in the mission. Things doesnt work only on extremes. This is the game fault, not them (i think something is very wrong if you cant prepare them, game design problems). And yes, it happened exactly like this, i imagine because there are more people yelling and insulting others for failing. First time it happened to me, usually its just one people. I waited for mere curiosity to see what they woul
  10. I see you get the point i was trying to make. I think i might quit the game, since like you said there are no incentives to do things in a different way. I dont see the developers trying to incentivate more playstyles, despite this game having a ton of customization options and mechanics (some of them completely abandoned). So at the end, it all comes to the same playstyle. the same builds and the same options. It seems the "playing solo" advice makes more sense than i thought. I dont think things will change in the future, and i have no friends who like this game either.
  11. I can come across as negative or whining or toxic. But im tired of the kind of playstyle the game is trying to promote lately. Everyone have a different tastes. So if you like it, nothing wrong with that. Just want to tell my experience, and then you can come with your own conclusions. I usually play public always, and im tired of trying to compete with my team for kills. AOE weapons, nuke warframes...The map is clean in seconds, and im there with a hitscan weapon, looking like an idiot. I like sniper and precision, and frames that reward skill. However, with this game is almost impossibl
  12. We must be playing a different game i guess...so ok. That or you have god tier builds.
  13. I mean...it doesnt matter how good melee is, you still need weapons. Approaching every group of enemies to do the helicopter is inefficient (and boring). Try to do a solo defense mission in steel path using melee only. You cant keep up, or at least it will be much more difficult than using weapons. Using certain warframes you will be unable to protect the objective. Also you are assuming you can wipe a group of enemies with just a few swings. What if it takes you a bit more? Are you going to tank them while the rest shoot you from outside? Position is crucial in higher levels.
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