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  1. There's a blue "filter" looking thing in the Vignette that part of its lighting effects, but it stops a little short, causing a weird gap. Took a short video that shows it from a couple different angles:
  2. Hey! Just wanted to confirm. the original post mentions these are evergrenn rewards, so that means if you only get to rank 10 before Season 2 of Nightwave starts, you'll be able to pick it back up after the end of Season 2 and continue working towards the Ephemera, correct?
  3. Nice. A Nightwave "offseason" is welcome, particularly so we can still get nitain. Bigger rewards are probably coming in the next major season, but there's still some useful things here. One suggestion on the ability to replay challenges you've missed though. I wonder if just doubling the amount of time missions are available for while allowing a little overlap would feel nicer. For example, if i can't play at all one week, but the next week, there are that week's missions and last week's missions to power through. I think just having access to two weeks worth of challenges would make it feel real flexible for folks who are a little time-constrained.
  4. Should there be some kind of difficulty spike to compensate for the reduced time? I honestly feel like 5 minute waves of enemies that are just a little above Sedna difficulty wouldn't feel like much of a challenge for guaranteed Endo or statues. If the enemy levels were adjusted much higher to compensate, would that be enough to make it work a bunch of endo and statues without just making it feel like every other endless mission in the game?
  5. So, what would be rewarding? more difficult enemies with shorter wave times or are you suggesting the wave times should be reduced with all the rewards and enemy levels as they are?
  6. Much love for the fix on Harrow's condemn. It'll feel much more fluid again.
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