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  1. I hope there is fix for this Visual Bug on the Devstream :)
  2. I hope There is Fix for this Floating Armor attachment bug.. its been more than 1 year, and there is no fix for it.
  3. Instead of having their abilities as Mods, that consuming Mod Spaces, made it as innate abilities, so player have a room for other mods that help with the Pets/Companions Survivability or Adaptability for our gameplay. and for Pets/Companions Abilities Rank Up made it Like Warframe Abilities rank up, That Rank up By their Level, rather use Endo & credits, and its made more sense, since Kubrow/Kavat/Vulpaphyla/Predasite are BORN with the Abilities, and Not Made for the Abilities like MOA & HOUNDS, not mention each abilities are unique, that can't be shared between pets/Companions (Except for MOA & Hounds since they are ROBOTIC so its made sense they can share between models). and for Sentinel, They like Cross Between Robotic + Infested, they should have innate abilities instead of Ability mod. and the complimentary ability mods we buy from Cephalon Simaris/Son are like Augment mods for them.
  4. As you can see from the pictures above, the Metus Kubrow Armor Skin are floating on several part of Helminth Charger Metus Skin, Especially on the Tail Armor , Shoulder Armor and some part of Helminth Charger Head Flapping Tendril Thingy, this Bug have been around for almost 1 years and a half, I hope you can fix it since its ruin the aesthetic of Metus Skin/armor Set. Attached Below are Correct position of the Armor, Which only can be see sometimes in the Look Link Preview, where the Armor fit nicely on the Helminth Charger Metus Skin. I already ticketing it on Support, they say made a Post about it so they can track it, I hope the fix for this bug are included on Sept 8 Patch. Thank you.
  5. Fixed seeing custom Warframe Ability HUDs while playing Lunaro. People Still Play Lunaro..? **Surprise Pikachu Face**
  6. I got kicked from the tennogen relay and can't login back... hahaha..!!
  7. I don't want risk myself getting limp arm.. i think i will pass the quest.. and read the comic online.
  8. I wish i can do that, but my hand coordination are so bad, the highest point i ever made are 600++
  9. Please DE, can you bypass this or reduce the requirement for it? I have an accident few years ago and causing Post-traumatic hand tremor on my left arm, that cause me hard to executed K-Drive Tricks..
  10. Items marked with * are exclusive to packs and cannot be earned in-game.
  11. I check The Sister of Parvos Riptide Pack on the Website have similar Items with In-Game Waverider Collection (with few exclusive weapon skins, Drone, Sigil and Noggle add-on) but Missing The Waverider's Heart Decoration. If I already Buy The Supporter Pack, how can I get Waverider's Heart Decoration? Do I need to buy again from the In-Game Market? why the decoration not included in the Web Supporter Pack? 595 Plats are a large sum of Platinum, just to get an exclusive Decoration and double items, and If not mistaken, the in-game attachment & syandana only register once. **Sorry I don't know where to post this so I just post it in General. In-Game have the Waverider's Heart Decoration Exclusive. But the item not included in The Web Sister of Parvos Supporter Pack.
  12. i hope they fix bug.. since Lich supposedly didn't steal/take Glyph or Rewards from Gift of Lotus.
  13. HAHAHAHA.. yeah.. I like.. WHY MY LICH Stealing my Glyph...
  14. Can they do that? Since Glyph are Accessories not Resources...
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