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  1. yep, i had the same problem, did survivel missions for days (at 15min the manic appears) but no luck there, then i did the Yursa mission in solo mode, after 5 runs i got the system. the manic commes out after 5 min and then just kill him. Make sure you kill the manic, if he is killed by the enemie there is no ash drop, thats what i experienced.
  2. yeah, i guessed this was the case, i gonna leave it like it is and if i play on a corpus tileset then i just gonna look extra around for the noise they make. Thank you all for the answers. 🙂
  3. Hello all, I have a question, I need the Mantis fuselage part to complete my foundry build. Now, i know the parts are dropping from rare containers and fuselage is dropping from corpus containers. Are there specific places where these containers are dropping or is it just on good luck and you can find them everywhere on a corpus map? Thank you for answering, you are all awesome 😉
  4. Thank you so much for this , after playing three years I found four of them, now its time to complete the search. 🙂
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