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  1. I liked the story aspect of the first 2 with the cutscenes. Not so much the random spawns. The third had potential with examining a crime scenes but was annoying with the slow speed and difficult to find objects. And then jumping puzzles I just couldn't do.
  2. He's got the Nidus touch, but he touched it too much. Hey gold Nidus, hey gold Nidus.
  3. The gunblade was claimed no problem but Loki Prime refused to stay claimed. Relinking made it claim properly.
  4. "Stay until the end of the show to get the ceremonial Tannukai Longsword Skin and Tannukai Armor Set!" We have to hang about until whatever exact time it finishes for it to count and hope we don't get a freeze/disconnect at that moment?
  5. I knew that but thought it weird to give the same frame out soon after even if they differ by being the standard and Prime versions. And now they've announced it is indeed Loki Prime. 🤐
  6. I don't think it'd be Loki because he was given away with Twitch Prime recently.
  7. Hopefully the new drop system on Twitch will mean there's no problem to get it. Unlike last time when I did everything needed and didn't get Necros Prime.😢
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