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  1. Up. Too much time consuming for a relic. Also normal Railjack Corpus missions are bad. 2 missions (Railjack/base) together and only 1 reward. Most of the times in a exterminate you finish at 1km from exit. Reduce kill needed and tiles to speedup mission
  2. Not reverting all. Personal munition is ok but I think energy is to get RJ dependant and not Warframe dependant. Yes for the UI to get info of others munitions to get situation under control
  3. DESCRIPTION: Now mission are Warframe oriented. I could have to take a build with low energy. Mean using railjack powers difficult. I think is not good that all energy is dependant from the frame. Some sort of multiplier (flow/streamline similar) have to exist dedicated to the railjack. Tether, form up and so over are NOT warframe powers. We get low energy caused by some warframe build that we must choose caused by mission type after get out the RJ SUGGESTION: Maybe some sort of Zenurik Power for Railjack that recover energy over time could help and more energy multiplied from frame
  4. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: tether not work anymore REPRODUCTION: Fire tether and shoot it EXPECTED RESULT: tether explode and do damage OBSERVED RESULT: tether explode for the first time and do damage (and not always) and after you shoot tether again and shoot it. It will not explode anymore being useless REPRODUCTION RATE: Always
  5. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: in about every mission now we have the relict orokin/corpus. When take the Unidentified object you not get anything. We've tried many times. REPRODUCTION: Enter relic, take object, exit mission. Get nothing EXPECTED RESULT: Get unidentified object in inventory and after mission completed revealed OBSERVED RESULT: Get nothing REPRODUCTION RATE: Always
  6. They are sure working on it and in canada the time is 11.08 am. Red Text we are in Hype for the update. Forgive all the fools that not believe in you 🤣
  7. He constantly presented me with this bug and almost stopped using it. Too bad because it's a great frame and I like it a lot. Only you can not risk that in an Arbitration you are bugged and you are forced to die to restore it and not even always works this This bug has been reported since 2019. I hope it will be finally solved so i can use Baruuk again! Please De fix it
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