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  1. Using the Rim light and rotating it so it's in front of your operator will cause.. what ever this is
  2. I could be wrong, but last time i checked it's to do with their end and having thousands of us all downloading at the same time as soon as the update is live. Every time i've been "late" to an update after everyone else then i'll normally get my full speeds
  3. I'd like to retract this statement and instead offer this replacement - Somethings a bit funky on my windows 10 install... I may get 118 on windows 10 but i tried it on my windows 7 PC with the same setup and suddenly it's at 120 so i'm just... really confused
  4. With Max Framerate set to 144 it's now showing 144 perfectly and not 142! However, and i realise this might be a niché situation, i run with triple 1080p monitors at 120hz (if i ran all 3 at 144 then my poor gtx1070 would run at turbo speeds at the desktop idling... not ideal), but because of this i normally have the Max Framerate set to 120 with Vsync off. More to the point, it still shows 118fps 😞
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