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  1. so drops are still disabled but we got drop from devstream?
  2. will there be a truly endless Railjack mission type like we keep getting objectives to go and find and ships just keep coming while we fight to defend something in space
  3. i would not only love to see this but also if they could include a way to mark a favorite relic or run same as last for endless mission selection. When I'm farming for a specific part id like to be able to have it at the top of the list to pick fast and get on with the mission instead of spending 10 seconds scrolling i have far too many relics collected over years of playing it might not be a big deal to type out names on PC but on console typing is slow.
  4. TYPE: in-game rail jack ps4 DESCRIPTION: while on my way to objective to start the orphex stage stoped to deal with boarding party while in necra mech got teleported to objective then while playing mission was killed as operator and it sent me back to warframe that was on the railjack still couldn't enter sub mission VISUAL: sorry don't have screen shot but feel description is clear REPRODUCTION: not be in warframe when sub mission starts EXPECTED RESULT: warframe should have been in airlock or I should have been able to re-entsr OBSERVED RESULT: locked out of mis
  5. It's tied to the deadlock protocol as that and railjack are prerequisites
  6. Any one have any idea why the balor fomorian has been at 100% all weekend on playstation?
  7. From what I understand it doesn't matter if the crafted gear is tier 3 the main thing is make certain you avoic grid is maxed in all slots I believe and the 6 was reduced to that amount to make it clear you have reached the goal because at first it was made 30 wreckages and there were so many questions (main one being how do I check how many I have made?) But if your grid is maxed id say your set to t3
  8. As far as roles to play I've always liked the dog fighting for the pilot and the engineer to do 4 things forge, repair, fire artillery, and clear any boarders that the pilot doesn't avoid. then the other 2 players can go and complete objectives. This system seemed to always work for me because it keeps engineer busy with lots of tasks and since they are engineer they aren't real relying on someone else but are offering a ton of support. I mean obviously if something goes wrong shifting roles always an option but the side gunner seat I felt like should only ever have some one on it if there is
  9. Well idk what you have been spending dirac on but the 40k dirac to max the grid should be pretty easy to get to it sounds monumental buts it's really not that much. Burning unused parts gets you dirac the missions drop dirac and unused avionics can be burnt for dirac you have to remember this isn't intended as a grab bag but as a bonus for people that enjoyed playing railjack before because they are gutting it and replacing it's with what is basically a totally different system. While I agree it's for the best it does take the work I laid out to max my grid and get the ship parts I want for my
  10. I guessing they like the grab bags because they set up a single campaign a week and I think if they wanted to do a different drop every day it's a different campaign with different start and end dates and you might have a limited window to claim
  11. I don't think twitch offers that as an option from what I could see in the inventory setup they have
  12. Yup and by going this week they are giving us 2 weeks to get it sorted out instead the week that they plan to drop umbra forma bp
  13. So many Karens here it's not bad your still getting free stuff don't ruin that with your complaining they could just stop doing the drops and only offer news once in a while and in general not treat the community like they are important to the growth of the game they know we're their bread is buttered time for you to stop and see where your is
  14. Interesting just wondering why the change sounds like more steps for the same rewards?
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