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  1. Here’s why we call this time of year the ‘dog days’ of summer (msn.com)
  2. I read this as slap to the face for players that pushed to unlock all the helminth over the last year. I'm not expecting a level 10/10 to go to a 15/15 but all the xp/affinity I would have earned for all the Warframes I have subsumed to the wall that I cant do again should still be counted or at least let me refeed extra Warframes for xp i have blue prints for a few frames that i just end up selling for credits and id rather build frames and feed to helminth for xp
  3. this fear of people requiring the invigorations seems unfounded. Do people sit around looking for a perfect team for arbitrations? and that's 300%
  4. This whole issue of helminth level is kinda a slap in the face to players that went through and subsumed every frame. now that xp is not available to us and the only way left to me is to feed the helminth resources. if I was able to earn the xp that I would have earned had I had level 15 available. As for the argument of the Mechs not automatic leveling to 40 affinity isn't a lost endeavor players earn affinity for everything they do so getting level 40 really wasn't a huge deal. This just has bad feels right now. but I guess 1 day we will max the level out with normal play
  5. Dev stream is on a US holiday that a little surprising
  6. ID rather see dispo go up on weapons than go down. its bad feels when your fav weapon get nerfed but when things get buffed you cant help but check them out. I just keep seeing my glaive drop and it makes me sad
  7. I feel that the fact that these were vaulted relics they should be less common to get them than the other relic drops. I find most relics depending on the age your looking for have far too common drop rates most of the time. while its nice to get them its to the point I feel that's the only end mission reward I'm ever looking for or getting, some times I even wish we had things other than relics to get as rewards that I cared about. I have places to go to guarantee a relic and only question is if I get the new relic I'm looking for. Finally I agree endo is abundant in the drop tables for Empyrean id rather see other items in the spots (maybe new weapon or warframe parts) instead of a relic that holds once vaulted items what think would happen is they would become far too common
  8. so drops are still disabled but we got drop from devstream?
  9. will there be a truly endless Railjack mission type like we keep getting objectives to go and find and ships just keep coming while we fight to defend something in space
  10. i would not only love to see this but also if they could include a way to mark a favorite relic or run same as last for endless mission selection. When I'm farming for a specific part id like to be able to have it at the top of the list to pick fast and get on with the mission instead of spending 10 seconds scrolling i have far too many relics collected over years of playing it might not be a big deal to type out names on PC but on console typing is slow.
  11. TYPE: in-game rail jack ps4 DESCRIPTION: while on my way to objective to start the orphex stage stoped to deal with boarding party while in necra mech got teleported to objective then while playing mission was killed as operator and it sent me back to warframe that was on the railjack still couldn't enter sub mission VISUAL: sorry don't have screen shot but feel description is clear REPRODUCTION: not be in warframe when sub mission starts EXPECTED RESULT: warframe should have been in airlock or I should have been able to re-entsr OBSERVED RESULT: locked out of mission REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  12. It's tied to the deadlock protocol as that and railjack are prerequisites
  13. Any one have any idea why the balor fomorian has been at 100% all weekend on playstation?
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