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  1. Ryouhi

    Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    No changes to Daikyu? :(
  2. Ryouhi

    Hotfix 19.13.1

    Just when i found out i could throw an endless barrage of explosive spears :(
  3. Ryouhi

    Clan & Dojo 3.0 Ideas, Suggestions & Changes

    One suggesting i have, is adding an easier way for players to find clans to join on their own - copy-pasta incoming:
  4. Ryouhi

    Recent Ducat Price Changes

    Will there be any indication that these are worth more than uncommon items, but worth less than rares, when choosing rewards in a fissure mission?
  5. Ryouhi

    PSA: Riven Mods not linked to a rifle

    The stats for it seem unusually low (only ~40% for elemental and flight speed), will that change? thanks for the heads up either way :) - also congrats to your 2.222th post :D
  6. Ryouhi

    Warframe Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!

    Does the free shipping only count for the ornaments or for everything?
  7. Ryouhi

    Prizma Arrows

    Thanks for the info. After going to my arsenal and finding it under gear i almost got a heart attack for wasting 350 ducats @_@
  8. Ryouhi

    Prizma Arrows

    ...equipment? Which i assume means they are one time use only? .-.
  9. Ryouhi

    Coming Soon: Devstream #69!

    Is there any plans for letting Equinox carry over her saved up "charges" (Mend&Main or Peaceful provocation) and keep her buffs activated when switching? With the new augments Equinox has become much more fun, but you are still penalized for switching forms, because it breaks the flow of the Frame very much.
  10. i dont mind the boosters, they're a nice thing to spend ducats on if you need em. Though im not a fan of the bane mods...
  11. Ryouhi

    Hotfix 18.0.4 [Spoilers]

    Dem Spoilers in the patchnotes doe
  12. Ryouhi

    [Major Spoiler!] Post Pics Of Your...

    <3 might still change her a liitle
  13. yeah, i gotta give up soon.. 9PM over here already and i gotta work tomorrw >_>
  14. 8 PM over here, won't have much more time today ;__;