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  1. Is The Kunai Augment A Joke?

    Honestly, all of the Syndicate mods of this Event are boring or seem ineffective, though the kunai ones surely takes the cake
  2. Supra Riven

    Aside from Damage/Multishot, i really enjoy my FLightspeed and Reloadspeed riven. Makes it so much more comfortable to use
  3. Coming Soon: Weapon Balance Pass.

    No changes to Daikyu? :(
  4. Hotfix 19.13.1

    Just when i found out i could throw an endless barrage of explosive spears :(
  5. Clan & Dojo 3.0 Ideas, Suggestions & Changes

    One suggesting i have, is adding an easier way for players to find clans to join on their own - copy-pasta incoming:
  6. Recent Ducat Price Changes

    Will there be any indication that these are worth more than uncommon items, but worth less than rares, when choosing rewards in a fissure mission?
  7. It's the reason i never ever EVER bother to mod Sentinel weaponry, because it will always result in some conflict or another I don't understand how this hasn't been changed in years
  8. Do you seriously mean that? o.O Aside from going into broken level territory, the game is an absolute cakewalk. The only difficulty comes from game systems being piled on game systems, at least for new players i guess. I think that was the original intention, or at least what sparked the discussion - inmtegrating damage scaling to weapon level. Removing only Damage mods would still be difficult now after releasing riven mods that have those exact stats that would be removed. No way is DE gonna dare removing those now that a lot of players have thrown thousands of plat at those. Regarding utility mods, i can't tell you how much i love my reload speed/projectile speed riven for my Supra... at least for Star chart territory. Going into sorties with that, it falls off like a rock, then i gotta switch to my Damage/Multishot/Negative Reload Riven D: exactly. Primed mods i still could have seen them remove and refunding ressources spent, but Rivens, for which people spent thousands upon thousand of plat and spent reolling a million times. No way they would dare that now. They don't necesarily need to take away your power, but at least the endgame content should be a challenge. The problem is setting a proper endgame, when weapon balance is so fricked up, that one weapon won't even tickle sortie enemies, while another will just oneshot every enemy in the room. That's why we need damage 3.0, to get weapons on a closer level to each other, instead of having "90% useless weapons" (hyperbole ofc) This also isn't a fair reason in a co-op game. Say we play in the same lobby, you with a Synoid Simulor + Mirage and me with Banshee and my Boar Prime. Is it fair for you too clear whole rooms of level 80 enemies in 2 seconds before i can shoot any enemies? I like to feel powerful in Warframe as well, but there has to be a limit, so one player isn't so much more powerful than the other.
  9. I'm not sure if Dmg3.0 will ever come, seeing as we got Rivens now. People have invested insane amounts of plat or kuva (time spent farming) to get their Damage/Multishot/Crit Mods, how is DE gonna go about changing these mods? If you're going to remove mandatory/damage mods, you can't leave those stats on Rivens either. I feel like Rivens could be a sign of Damage 3.0 being either out of the question or put veeery far at the backburner. I'd personally very much appreciate if weapons were much more normalized in their viability (without the need for Rivens). Without my current Damage/Multishot Riven for my Supra, it wouldn't even tickle Sortie enemies, while you have weapons like the tonkor, zarr, simulor and tigris which can clear entire rooms with a few shots. I'd rather customize my weapons to focus on different utility stats and perhaps MINOR damage modifiers than having 2 different main build routes (crit or status), which seldom leave any room for such utility mods and even if they did, you could still do better adding another damage mod. Aside from the Rivens, another huge problem would be having to rebalance every single weapon and warframe in the game to match the newly set Endgame content and as you probably know, there's *a lot* of those. Which would take a lot of time and ressources: It would be a healthy change for the game overall, but DE is probably going the safe route of "don't fix what's not (too) broken" and instead invest their time in entirely new content, as they always do. I personally don't think people would complain about "nerfs", if it meant a more balanced and more challenging game. There's lots of threads asking for balance changes, but those saying "it's PvE y u nerf" and garbage like that seem more like the vocal minority too me, people seem more open towards a more challenging game as far as i have seen anyway. Well, in short, i'd highly welcome Damage 3.0 and think most of the community does as well. However, since the addition of Riven mods providing damage/multishot/crit/Elementals-stats, i don't know if DE is even concerned with the thought currently, since this will be a hard one to reverse.
  10. PSA: Riven Mods not linked to a rifle

    The stats for it seem unusually low (only ~40% for elemental and flight speed), will that change? thanks for the heads up either way :) - also congrats to your 2.222th post :D
  11. Warframe Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!

    Does the free shipping only count for the ornaments or for everything?
  12. Prizma Arrows

    Thanks for the info. After going to my arsenal and finding it under gear i almost got a heart attack for wasting 350 ducats @_@
  13. Prizma Arrows

    ...equipment? Which i assume means they are one time use only? .-.
  14. Coming Soon: Devstream #69!

    Is there any plans for letting Equinox carry over her saved up "charges" (Mend&Main or Peaceful provocation) and keep her buffs activated when switching? With the new augments Equinox has become much more fun, but you are still penalized for switching forms, because it breaks the flow of the Frame very much.