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  1. Honestly, all of the Syndicate mods of this Event are boring or seem ineffective, though the kunai ones surely takes the cake
  2. Aside from Damage/Multishot, i really enjoy my FLightspeed and Reloadspeed riven. Makes it so much more comfortable to use
  3. No changes to Daikyu? :(
  4. I'll be happy if the only stat that was buffed was the reload speed lul
  5. Just when i found out i could throw an endless barrage of explosive spears :(
  6. Certainly nice to have a bit of exclusivity, but i really wanted to get Victory tier for the free slot and poatoe. Not for me since i have more than enough plat,but remember i said most of my clan are still low MR beginners - they're the ones that could've really used those, which is why i wanted to reach it.
  7. My Shadow Clan barely hit half the requirement for the Victory tier, yet we pretty much have HARDCORE Tier in the bag. 4 hours before the Event's end and the 10% cutoff is ~4200 points, with my clan having almost 6000, while victory tier would require 12.100 points. I even tired to motivate especially my newer players by saying that i'll gift those slots and potatoes that reach 400 points (100 rescues), which would get us close to victory tier if the clan had a 100% participation, but alas not even that helped too much. I don't blame my clan, cause there's simply lots of beginners that can't even get that far on their own because they are limited by their equipment. The Tier requirements were really poorly planned on DEs part. I hope they rethink this with their next event.
  8. I may not be a stealth player, but that sounds reasonable, especially with the extra damage, so the slot isn't completely "wasted"
  9. i suppose that would be an option, too. Especially since a lot of clans probably have adjusted their emblems just because of the bloom, so if this was changed they'd have to re-edit their emblem again.
  10. After having finally drawn a new Emblem for my Clan, i was quite disappointed to see it (or rather not) be completely obscured due to the high amount of bloom. You can barely make out the motive, with everything being completely overpowered by white bloom. You could say that to be my fault, but i really didn't expect bloom to affect emblems this much (the emblem before that was just flat colours, so i didn't know about it), especially since the Preview in no way shows any bloom applied to the image. Also, you can't expect noone to use any white or other light colours in their emblems. Would anyone be bothered if Emblems were simply flat images, without any (or just very light) effects applying to them?
  11. That seems so ridiculously easy to achieve, compared to the second Tier for the Ignis Wraith (which is like 6x the points you need for the gold trophy then) But yeah, this seems to be the most logical calculation, though it makes little sense compared to the other event requirements i think
  12. As a shadow clan it says: Shadow 75 POINTS 300 POINTS 750 POINTS 1500 POINTS are required for the Terracotta, Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies each. But i don't quite understand what points are bing counted here. If it's just overall Highscore points of all clan members added, it seems awfully easy to achieve, considering the second Tier for the Ignis Wraith challenge takes 12.100 Points! Is it just that easy? Or are points counted some other way?
  13. exactly. Now, i don't think anyone in my clan currently would do that... but there is the possibility :/
  14. Bin morgen über den Tag verteilt wieder online, schick mir einfach ne Nachricht in game oder adde mich als Freund, dann lad ich dich ein =)