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  1. I don't know how much help this will be, I encountered the same problem when binding melee to my mouse. One of the side buttons registered as a "back" button and it wasn't until I went into the menu and changed a setting (forgot which one) that it started working. Just for clarity, which button are you using for melee? Even with everything set to default (including the melee button) does it still not work?
  2. Umm... To cycle you press the button, to use you hold the button. In Ivara's case she can cast via tapping rather than holding. There's no reason to go through your whole list of all wall hits are ziplines, all enemies are sleep, and all floors are cloaks; that's just stupid.
  3. You're literally talking changing a whole ability because you think it's dumb to hold a button to use it. Do you even read your own posts? The ability is fine, you can even tap a button to cast it instead of holding it. Instead you'd rather change a while frame, without understanding it, because you think it's dumb.
  4. You've put zero thought into this. Most of the time when someone is using sleep arrows they're shooting the floor. Not all wall hits are people wanting to use a zip line, sometimes you want to use a cloak or sleep (not to mention that if you had your way then missing a sleep means random tethers everywhere). Sometimes someone wants to boost another frame's damage and shift aggro from them by setting up cloak pockets near the enemies. You want to wreck a frame just because you don't like it? That's basically what it sounds like. If you even bothered to learn how she works
  5. The Mecha set is bugged, it seems like they don't really care about fixing it. This is going to be one of those things that was bugged on release, they know about it, and 3-4 years later remains bugged because they'd rather not spend time fixing it (like the Pandaro bug). Another bug is it granting armor to other players that kill the target, the bonus being granted through your own frame mod. Sure granting armor to other players through your frame mod isn't game breaking, but the whole has the feeling of "Here's something new. Whoops, it's not working right. We're not going to bother wit
  6. It is indeed intended. It's somewhere around 2 per enemy hit (some things, like the Zenistar damage aura, doesn't count).
  7. I seem to remember doing the math on generic secondaries, you could do something like magnify a pistol's output by 120x with mods... More for crit secondaries. Definitely put in a gap between "doesn't do much of anything" to "hold a button, wave your hand, and everything there is now dead".
  8. It's specifically the only gun designed to open up enemies to finishers.
  9. The same could also be said about something like Opitor. The point was that weapons broke, they're still broken, and doesn't seem like they're going to be fixed. This isn't the first time, there are still well known bugged/broken weapons that have had issues on release, years later they haven't been touched. Sorry, but saying that the Zakti isn't broken because Nezha is status immune doesn't make much sense.
  10. I guess I should ask why this would be different. I spent years hanging on hoping that they'd go back and fix stuff that never worked in the first place or broke when something else was introduced. Why would this be any different? 😕
  11. I saw in an ad that Zakti Prime was being released along with Nezha Prime. Does this mean that they fixed the Zakti? Or does it still stagger you if it's too close? When they introduced the Bramma, removed self damage, and made weapons stagger it broke SO MANY other weapons; it was so stupid to find that even using a Ferrox primary fire when too close to an enemy self-staggered. Zakti was one of these weapons. Does it still stagger you when the gas goes off? Do you still need to do what's basically the "hokey pokey" every time you use it? Is it still broken, useless, and
  12. If the story was removed and battles taken out (things like gyms and other people), would it still be fun? If it was all about spending time in tall grass until you get all Pokemon there, then the next tall grass, and then the next tall grass until you've collected all Pokemon would it still be the same? Point was "People used to play games because they were fun" . People don't even really play Warframe, they do the same missions over and over trying to get a better drop. What's so engaging about having a button that's basically an auto-kill-all? It's not about playing a game anymore
  13. I feel that it's more along the lines of being at a certain point where grinding is the only thing the game still has. People used to play games because they were fun, not because they feel the need to complete a collection of trophies.
  14. Did I say that I speak for you? Literally all the other people on this page are talking about how this is a repetitive game, with no real challenge, that they play because it's more about collecting stuff than having fun. How about you don't try to speak for other people.
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