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  1. Tbh, I was coming here to talk about how this was a bad idea... After looking at what you're talking about it really makes sense and should be implemented. It's really stupid to micromanage cosmetics for a mechanical effect (no offense to Chrome or Excal). I've always hated how I'd have to change which sigil I have equipped on all my load outs (so I don't accidentally trash rep) every time I want to change between factions. This is kind of how it should have been for a long time (no one goes around sporting their sigil for fashion frame, you slap it on to start grinding mods).
  2. So let me get this straight, you're using a macro for this?
  3. I mean, it's not just for 2 guns. When numbers are no longer blocking out enemies and the reticle it goes from waving across the screen while holding down fire to shooting at the enemy while knowing where your shots are going. But hey, I'm just offering a solution. It's fine if you don't like it, it just helps with all guns across the board. Only time I turn them on is when is when checking numbers or fighting the Profit-Taker.
  4. You can also turn off damage numbers. I know that seems weird, but it makes it SO much easier to see what you're shooting at and where you're aiming.
  5. I don't know what they were thinking. Wise Razor, Tempo Royal, Gaia's Tragedy, all sparring weapons, and just about all other stances in general had anything they had taken away. All stances might as well be the same now, just a way to spam melee without having any identity or special qualities. I didn't really try Wise Razor until I realized all my other melee stances were butchered. Sad thing is that it sounds like even Wise Razor suffered the same treatment.
  6. *Watches from an Ivara with max STR low EFF empowered quiver build*
  7. I'm pretty sure you're the one that just doesn't understand. I mean, really? "So we have to remove heavy attack spam"? It's pretty clear you don't even understand your own issue. Heavy attack spam isn't the reason why melee is overpowered. The combo stacks, the fact that melee is AOE, and mod interactions are. Not only that but you're condescending to everyone who points that out. Before you bother taking the time to type out an insult next time make sure you know what you're talking about, you look pretty ignorant of the topic; having something like +660% cc blender deals more damage tha
  8. If you're telling people to not leave replies just because they think differently, why did you make a post? To stroke your own ego? Thing is that they're also right, melee is overpowered seeing as it deals lots of damage over an area. Your whole idea for things like removing heavy attack to call it "balanced" and making guns deal more damage with less ammo drops don't even make sense. You don't even explain what you're talking about. This is a forum, not your personal blog. Also your "solution" shows that you don't even understand the issue you're addressing.
  9. It's not random and you can do something about it, you just choose to spam melee without paying attention. It's obviously a challenge for you because even though you know it's coming you keep falling for it. Just because you want to be lazy and spam a button for 20 minutes doesn't mean the game needs to be dumbed down even further to suit your wants.
  10. Sorry, I just don't see why everything should be dumbed down so that braindead melee spam kills anything/everything. Especially when you're complaining about having to pay attention in a challenge mode. If you want to spam a button with no chance of failure, go play a cookie clicker, don't complain that a challenge mode needs any semblance of challenge removed.
  11. Here's one, DON'T SIT THERE DOING MELEE SPAM. If you stop treating them like every other enemy then you'll find it's not that hard. If it was so clear that you could easily evade with no danger/challenge then what's the point? You can already melee and spin faster than a jet engine, you know they're dangerous, why are angry about shoving yourself into that position when every other way of dealing with it is an option? Why does melee spam need to be the only thing you do, why do you think melee spam should always be viable? "Very clear warning", sounds like you'd be happier playing DDR. If
  12. Ivara Titania Khora Excalibur Banshee
  13. The big reason of why normal weapons out perform arch-guns are the mods. Arch-guns feel great for the context they're used in and the situations where they need to be used. I really hate to say it, but the mods on normal weapons need to be reined back and toned down (hear me out). On normal weapons a few mods make a DRASTIC difference. When you're shooting enemies at a certain level without mods you can empty all your ammo, including reserves, into one and not even kill it. Slap on 7 mods and you're now killing 3 enemies per shot, put on an 8th mod and the difference is still big as it's
  14. I'd prefer that they fix things first before adding a bunch of things again, Pandaro doesn't even work right and bugs up. I actually kind of dislike having 2 rounds in the Knell, makes it feel like it burns through ammo faster unless I really clicking carefully.
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