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  1. Nope, no negative stats. There's definitely a delay between pressing primary fire and the gun actually firing when not aiming. Also the only gun I've used that becomes "stuck" and can't fire.
  2. I was taking another look at the Pandero earlier. While firing while aiming feels great and secondary fire feels good too, normal firing is another story. When "hip-firing" the Pandero there is a noticeable delay between pressing the button and it actually firing. This is the only weapon of it's type that has this delay when not "aiming". Not only this but there's a weird bug I've encountered where it will stop being able to fire, I think it's also somehow tied to the delay to firing. Both these issues need to be fixed for it at some point.
  3. Honestly I don't see why this isn't a thing. I have 2 liches that I don't want either yet I can't get rid of them unless I trade them to someone 😞 .
  4. They're right. What's the difference between struggling at Mars and blowing past one-shotting everything in S3 sorties before you even see them? Mods. If the mods were toned down a bit maybe people could actually playing the game instead of having someone else play for them. Personally I think cutting everything by 1/3 is going too easy, 1/2 at the very minimum is what I think should be done atleast.
  5. The point I was making was frames like Frost play a role, you were basically talking about changes to make that role irrelevant.
  6. You can still play solo, I play solo (if friends don't join) whenever I take my RJ out. There's just no reason to have everything automated so you don't need to do anything. There's already enough 'I'm just going to sit here and do nothing' passive frame in the other game mode, we don't need an afk RJ experience (Void-Hole is bad enough).
  7. I don't use Ash, but would changing the ability so that mod effects from his melee are added to this (like how some other frame abilities work) improve it's usage? I know I'm basically suggesting a bandaid (actually, that exactly what it is 😕 ) but would that be a decent start?
  8. Isn't that like saying Hijack missions are stupid and need to change because you can't do those with only Inaros and Nidus? Frost's aptitude lends to area control at an objective, Really want to say that every frame should be as well equally suited for these missions? Careful, we have all kinds of frames with all kinds of roles for a reason. People use Frost, some people like using Frost. It's bad form to advocate that a system should change into one where he'd (or other) frames would no longer serve a useful purpose.
  9. This screams Amesha cheese. Also no Railjack dies quicker than an Archwing (even a naked one), unless you're comparing it to the Amesha where as long as you're spamming a button you will have limitless energy and wont die. Refuses to use Railjack, cheeses with Amesha, and complains about how weak RJs are and how they need to be buffed/automated. Also no, you don't change and adapt, you fly out in an Archwing that wont die as long as you press a button.
  10. This is why I think people that talk about how weak the Railjack is and how hard RJ missions are, people that don't upgrade their Railjack complain about being underpowered. Even just the Sigma equipment that you can buy makes a lot of difference. This is pretty much the core of it, the missions are centered around the Railjack and it shouldn't be any other way. I'm also the guy that when I join a pub in the Veil, see that they parked their RJ outside of everything, it's fairly obviously a naked RJ (even went into one game where the guy didn't have ANY form of BULKHEAD on the ship), and they're off cheesing with an Amesha I'll drive their RJ into the middle of everything and leave. I know that makes me look like the bad guy but if someone makes a game with the barest of bare RJ, in the Veil, hosts as pub expecting people to join and carry, and later comes back to the forums to complain about having to cheese it's just like a 5 minute newbie getting taxied to Sedna and complaining about how hard everything is.
  11. I assume that, by extension, you mean mods aswell? The mods are a big part of weapons being either peashooters or killing everything in sight with one shot.
  12. Why play a game unless it plays itself for us? /s Really though, who thinks like this?
  13. I still use it too, it's pretty satisfying when you land it and is one of the mechanics that works well that isn't some form of spam.
  14. What about the jump kick mechanic? where you jump in the air and press the crouch button to slide while timing it to the moment that your foot makes contact with the enemy. It does some "damage" and knocks them over, making them primed for a ground finisher.
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