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  1. But... It's not. I don't know how to say that I haven't said before so I'll be blunt, you can't just sit there and do nothing while expecting something to happen when you play Ivara. If you choose not to shoot enemies and just sit there with one hand on the mouse, nothing is going to happen. Just about every game I go into I'm leading in kills and damage, I just shoot and kill everything 🤷‍♀️ . Also going back to the remark saying how you constantly need to worry about energy is telling me that you're just sitting in prowl the whole time, that's not how you play Ivara and if you just want max duration and efficiency grab Loki instead. On Ivara you should be packing on strength up (Prowl grants damage multipliers, Artemis is an exalted weapon; Concentrated Arrow is just for memes), not spending games just hiding in a corner. Want to kill stuff while doing nothing but sitting there permanently invisible, play Octava. She's fine for people that aren't that great and can't shoot stuff, just don't drag other frames down to a brain dead level.
  2. I was actually surprised and impressed when I leveled my Excal. Probably one of my favorite frames, after Ivara.
  3. We've all seen this game devolve over the years "in the name of fun". It was actually fun at some point before introducing some new mechanic once in a while that seems cool, but then basically shoves down a kind of "This is a new mechanic and new META we're shoving down your throats". A lot of people like sitting there and spamming a button. So they made brain dead nuke frames and melee be the new big thing that makes the game irrelevant. Then they made changes to make those even more powerful and spammy. They even did a "rework" to make all melee options the same, more powerful, and some how even more spam heavy. Then they added in a new mechanic again that allows you to replace an ability that you don't like, belonging to a frame you like, with another ability... Instead it's basically "Hey guys! Add this to the mindless spam META!". If they still cared about frames, lore, or even basic mechanics they wouldn't add a "Replace a useless ability with Valkyr's Warcry" button. The game stopped being fun for me years ago. One day I realized that the only fun I was getting involved reading through patch notes, running hours of tests for new and old mechanics, and updating the wiki. At that point I realized I should put the game down and move on (after years it wasn't going to get better). I still just hangout reading every set of patch notes hoping things will get better, but if I didn't already stop playing the game several months ago I would be stopping now.
  4. You're asking if there's a way to do it manually, because "it's taking too long". We're basically telling you no, there's not a quicker way and when you're dividing resources it takes longer. I really like the book and email analogy above, it's pretty accurate as to what's going on.
  5. Yeah, it's really weird and don't know why it's not a thing. On a partially related note, in mission radar fade (like POE has) still isn't a thing. It's really stupid then when doing searches you practically need to go into each cell, shoot straight in kiddo mode to the highest point, and watch your radar as you fall. I doubt they're do anything about it though... We've seen that they basically leave things alone shortly after release unless they do a big half-arse rework... We're more likely to see a redesigned radar with a bunch of bells'n'whistles that we didn't ask for along side removal of key components than to see a fix to this 😕 .
  6. They're talking about how [Critical Focus] doesn't work unless you're zoomed in at the time of impact. You can zoom in when you shoot but [Critical Focus] doesn't do anything because it only counts if you're zoomed in when it hits (during which you're staggered).
  7. This is one of the weirdest and most blatant issues with archguns and Velocitus. Even after years, this is still not working correctly. I would say I'm surprised but bugs just don't get fixed unless over half the posts on the forums (in each sub-forum) talk about how buggy something is. They've released things with known bugs and after years never fixed them... I know they fix some things each patch, but sometimes I wonder....
  8. You don't get to be MR28 by not doing other stuff. You're litterialy saying she's useless because she can't nuke tiles. Stay in your lane guy, not every frame needs to be brain-dead. Just because you haven't figured her out doesn't mean she needs to be dumbed down so you can use her.
  9. I know it's been said by many already that Ivara is for spy missions... I disagree, I'm an Ivara main and the only time I don't use her is when I do spy missions. Instead I grab a high strength Khora build. Best passive speed of all frames that's always on, and her radar practically allows you to see into the future. Though let's be honest, the absolutely BEST frame for spy missions isn't even a warframe... It's our kiddos. Pretty much teleport straight through vaults no problem and have it hacked before a frame would have a chance to catch up. Only trouble is having Magus Lockdown equipped, it alerts sensor drones after being tethered; Then again for those vaults you basically just run past anyway. The only vaults that aren't kiddo-with-lockdown friendly are a Grineer vault (left passageway, turn, and jump pit), Kuva vault (left bottom path, sneak past drone, hack door), and an orokin vault (the hang and shoot one)... Though I say those non-orokin aren't lockdown friendly, but that's if you don't want any alerts. I've always used Ivara, she's great, always has been great, and doesn't need any buffs or reworks. I still remember doing hunts when people were using the Lanka (no Rubico Prime yet), see I was using Ivara, call me trash (half the time they'd leave straight after), and couldn't figure out how I was oneshotting limbs. Same story with Kuva Survs, a Mesa and Khora saying that Ivara has no killing potential and doesn't contribute anything, yet I get over 60% damage and more than half the kills at my worst. Point is she's not an ability spam frame (also goes for just staying in prowl the whole time, DON'T do that, she's so much more) and doesn't fit everyone's play style, that's ok she's not for everyone. She's for people actually jumping around while shooting stuff. Just don't call for "buffs" and "reworks" trying to drag her down to be another brain-dead nuke frame, she's better than that.
  10. She's fine, she's just not a "set and forget" frame.
  11. Ivara is a DPS and control frame that has support options. I use high strength for extra damage for prowl and Artemis, she's capable of dealing loads of damage. I use her for everything, including Prodman runs (my friend and I used to run those as an Ivara duo). Not going to really go into a lot right now, but something even as simple as throwing out a cloak arrow to an ally who's focused on melee (I wish they'd lock on to allies when you're aiming at them) can skyrocket their damage output via stealth damage bonus (I mentioned it because it's the one thing people don't even think about).
  12. Removing self damage wasn't a positive change. The only thing it did was diminish the concept of this game being a shotter and started a trend of people that just take the biggest, widest, most damaging AOE weapon and spam the ground with it while jumping into the enemy. For reference I used the Falcor a lot, it became my most used melee after the Zenistar nerf (btw, that nerf did need to happen). I had a lot of fun with it and used it to great effect without killing myself all the time.. Imagine feeling that something requiring you to pay attention is BAD for a game.
  13. Anything DE comes up with is either blatantly overpowered or so weak it's only to be considered MR fodder. To be clear I haven't tested the weapon as I haven't played since the abomination that's know as "The Bramma" was introduced and made known that it's staying in it's overpowered state. It seems they don't have a clue when it comes to knowing how strong something is or will be (whole point of Rivens... A system they made to be "self balancing" that in practice just turns already good weapons better), Kind of sad actually. I originally thought I was being too hard on DE when mentioning how they don't know how to balance their weapons in a game... Then I branched out to other games (no, not Destiny or Destiny2; there's other games out there) and found that no other game has trouble with balancing. Speaking of the Plinx, that reminds me of another relatively popular gun that DE has forgotten: Pandero. The Pandero was introduced 3 and a half years ago and still suffers known bugs since launch ranging from shot delay and being unable to shoot. Just like the Pandero or Plinx, the Athodai is probably already forgotten by DE and marked as more MR fodder. Only time they' going to put care into making a weapon will be when their next Bramma comes out,.. Then again, if we basically have things like Bramma and Athodai coming out, is DE even paying attention anymore?
  14. SpringRocker

    Flawed Mods

    Flawed mods need to be made acquirable. It's really stupid that people new to the game might think "Well, I'm short on credits and have all these mods. Now, let's sell all these 'damage' mods that I'm sure will come again if I want them" (was my thought when seeing them)... I ended up not selling them, but it's the dumbest thing ever to make it so you can't get them. It's super stupid that the rarest mods in the game are the ones you think would be a non-issue when first playing Warframe.
  15. the 2.9 to 3.0 transition removed force openers (like Tranquil Cleave's and Sparring weapon moves), high multi hit count (Like Gaia's Tragedy: River's Grief), outright removed some cool effects unique to the stance itself, and then also made Reach reach a flat addition rather than based on the base range of a stance (this one was actually good; too many times you could just spam melee and hit things 30m away). On top of that stances were butchered even further (Tempo Royal being the biggest offender) and basically made everything closer to being the same.
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