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  1. Reproduction steps: Step 1:Equip any Glaive(Tested with Glaive,Glaive Prime,Orvius & Falcor) and any kitgun(tested with catchmoon,rattleguts,tombfinger & gaze. Step 2:Go into any mission,fire and reload. There is no reloading sound while dual wielding with a glaive and kitgun I have tested with a few ordinary secondary but they are fine.
  2. Unfixed https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1088451-plains-of-eidolon-remaster-hotfix-2481/
  3. Garuda Successor Tennogen talons are still bugged as a client please fix it. It is a skin that people paid money for and it deserves to perform properly.
  4. been trying to get some attention to this for a long time I hope they notice it soon
  5. Dear DE could you please fix this issue with garuda's talon with the tennogen garuda successor skin. It keeps defaulting into the normal texture when you're a client. It is something that people paid money for and it should be fixed.
  6. Hasn't fix this issue,even though some client stuff was fixed "Fixed Clients only seeing primary Energy color on Syandanas."
  7. I can gladly say even as im approaching 2k hours of gameplay I've only encountered 4 instances of people being actually jerks. However, instead of tying anything at all to give rise to such issues of toxicity. Why not remove it all and at most give small profile badges. Helping people doesn't need to be tied to a reward. Rather just a small recognition of such effort in the profile of a helper should be enough.
  8. Pertaining to this part of the new upcoming endorsement feature I hope DE realises that they should never tie anything visually cosmetic at all to this system or it will be a repeat of the GoTL program. At most the system should be something like the dota 2's commend system where you basically just rate people and that is it. A number on their profile. "Taking its place will be a new system - we learned so much from working with volunteers over 4 years. Creating a system where helping a noob, having good advice, or being a kick-ass Frost can be acknowledged by your fellow Tenno is a path we want to go down. We will have an endorsements feature that allows players to acknowledge fellow Tenno for their honor and actions in-game. Stay tuned for more, it's early days still!"
  9. Dear DE I will be honest to say that out of the many hours I've played this game I have not encountered a guide of the lotus and I have generally stayed away from the region chat because there are usually just chats that I don't feel appealing to but. I would like to ask you guys please please take note that nothing visually cosmetic should be tied to this commend system other than a mere small badge just like how Dota 2 has a commend system, otherwise it would just a repeat of the GoTL system.
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