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  1. Still the point shown here is the fact that there are clipping issues and they could be fixed. This is an item that we have worked hard for over a course of weeks and something this awesome should be given a chance to shine in the best way possible.
  2. I was pretty excited to get the protosomid shoulder guard but I found out that it clips very badly through Saryn's orphid skirt. If possible and since others have reported this clipping issue as well please implement some collision as the clipping is pretty distracting from an otherwise awesomely designed shoulder guard. This is with comparision with a recently released syandana the enthra syandana from the nyx deluxe set that doesn't clip through the skirt.
  3. Sadly still unfixed. But happy tennocon peeps .
  4. Thank you it has been so long since the garuda skin problem was around.
  5. Garuda successor skin talons have been broken for months as a client. It has a similar problem to khora mithra. Please take a look into this problem.
  6. Unfixed and yet a similar problem can be fixed for khora mithra
  7. There is a similar problem with garuda's successor skin claws as a client please fix it or acknowledge this problem.
  8. Just a bump for a problem that still exists even after a new round of tennogen is released
  9. Garuda's successor skin claw's defaulting to their original texture as a client is still unfixed. Could someone take a look into this? It has been over a few months and considering its a paid item it is honestly turning to a case where a buyer is not getting what they paid for.
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