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  1. I am currently trying to farm Octavia for Helminth feeding and running Lua Crossfire Exterminate. I am noticing that the first cache does not seem to provide any reward (obviously a problem when farming Octavia). When I open one cache in a mission, I do not get any resource labelled as "identified" in the end screen. When I open all three caches in a mission, I get two resources labelled as "identified" in the end screen.
  2. Thank you for the update and the changes. I am certainly appreciative of the work that has been put in so far. That said, I am definitely disappointed that there wasn't even a mention of Helminth bile costs. Are you going to at least let us know what future plans there are for it? Because the bile costs are bad. The rest of the system is great, but the bile costs are really disheartening.
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