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  1. Ahh, ok. Thank you for letting me know. It would be nice if they gave us more information (in game) for some of these NWA's.
  2. I've been doing the nightwave missions and have found many "Rare Mods" but not a single one of them has registered in the "Nightwave Weekly Act"
  3. Same with me on my PS4, I went into a mission, it counted 11, stopped showing the count but I went on and killed over 150. Got back to my Orbiter and both was still there and showing the count at 0 (zero). Can't be done, tried a few times.
  4. They even call it a type of syndicate, so put it in with the syndicate alerts, or make so that it has its own selection, rather than forcing it down our throats. Have no idea what they are thinking, as I haven't heard any thing from them, so I'm downloading Warface to see if it would be a good (or even a fair) replacement.Once I find something, I tend to stick with it until the devs do something like this - just as I have said bye bye to dust514, Bungie's Destiny and any new destiny releases, ubisoft's division and many others. once gone they only become "... remember when..."
  5. While I can't give you accurate stats, when it comes to Orb Vallis or Nightfall, but I can tell you that I have put in 1174 hours of gaming time into Warframe and have enjoyed my time playing. When Orb Vallis came out, I didn't care much for it, so I have spent very little time there, and did not have any reason to complain about it, as it didn't have any adverse effect on my gaming. But now with Nightwave, along with Nora's irritatingly superfluous hyperbole, this new addition has me looking for something else to play. So NuclearToast451, I am in agreement, but rather than the "mad at the game" I would say that I am P.O.'d at the Devs for implementing this interferingly intrusive update.
  6. I've given my comments in previous postings, but I'll give it to you here too. While I can understand that many will like this new system, there are some that don't like things that were removed. Here are my bullets: I don't like the removal of the old alert system. I don't like how Cephalon Simaris Synthesis Targets no longer display the name of the designated target. I don't like that I can't completely silence Nora - as when the you happen to complete one of the "challenges" as I don't even pay attention to what the target is. I don't like that the extra little side quest for more Affinity like slide kills and etc. was removed and replaced with Nora's Nightwave. I don't like the change where I have to switch out of the displaying of Nightwave so I can see Resource Drones display. If anything these should be reversed. Personally, I would rather see Nightwave be more in line with the other "Alerts" on the Nav screen, where you have the option to do Nightwave along with Quests, Alerts, Invasions, etc.. Being more of a casual player, it took convincing from friends to get me to play this game, as when I checked it out it had way to much going on and no clear explanations of the many aspects of the game. Once my friends walked me through much of the gameplay I started to enjoy the game, as I wasn't being forced into things in order to advance. This past year you have added a number of new things, which was overall good, but I haven't participated in much - like Orb Vallis - as I didn't really need to in order to continue playing the way I liked. Nightwave has changed things that totally affect my play time, so I am loosing interest. Don't know if you can see how much I have invested, but ... my interest is waning.
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