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  1. https://warframe.market/auction/5faaad2867ad8e04a980d588 +265%Base Damage / Melee Damage +157%Critical Damage -34%Fire Rate / Attack Speed PM in private chat on forums or on discord = IronHair#2367 (caps matter).
  2. Hi. Feel free to contact me on discord - IronHair#2367 (caps matter). 15d=1p, 45d=2p,100d=6-10p. More for vaulted/good items.
  3. Sad. While I was expecting it to touch .75 soon, I do dislike this mechanic. I've been using kronen prime for the past 2 years, much before the melee update. That update just made this weapon useful and made everyone realise how good looking and fun it's to use. Nerfing it all the way down to .5, till no one uses it anymore and it becomes semi useless again is probably the aim here? I'll be one of the few who still has wings on my back. Hmmm, I guess something positive out of this anyway.
  4. I've become so used and jaded about this that I have a copy paste for every trader I invite to my dojo... as do most other regular traders I know. When someone spawns into the railjack, you can't see them in the trading list. Speaking of which, if your trading room is far enough from the spawn room, you can't trade either. Unless the other person fast travels or uses a teleport. The reason I'm posting this now is when someone shared this dojo design / pictures and I thought it was brilliant. and then I thought why is it even required. Can railjack spawning please be fixed?
  5. good time for my 960 to die and to get a 1660 (ti/super/whatever). Atleast till I can find someone to buy my kidney so I can buy a 3080ti next year.
  6. Thank you for doing this regularly. Very considerate.
  7. The hotfix right three minutes before the daily reset is bad. I've always disliked this time for hotfixes and updates.
  8. Hello @[DE]Megan A small complaint / suggestion. Unless I set up an alarm on my phone, I end up missing most of the streams. DE has a working discord server, with a de-livestreams channel in it. https://discord.gg/hqQAEYD However most of the messages in the channel are "thank you for watching". Kinda defeats the point of leaving it unmuted. Can you please add a message or announcement channel for when those streams actually start, instead of just a "ty for watching" forum post, showing up on discord? Thanks.
  9. ESC works now. Yay. However, the timer is still not visible. Try index (considering the event, something a lot of players are playing). It doesn't show the timer, without tabbing a lot. I assume thats the same case for orb mother / PT runs. http://prntscr.com/u184yq http://prntscr.com/u1854e Only visible in the 3rd tab =
  10. in line with the forum changes of removing reactions, because they wanted us to reply and explain what we wanted to say, I will reply to this post and say this post is 100% accurate and I fully support this.
  11. in line with the forum changes of removing reactions, because they wanted us to reply and explain what we wanted to say, I will reply to this post and say this post is hilarious and I agree.
  12. please no. We need that restart mission, esp when we are spamming a mission type. Having to click menu just increases clicks required. The point of "restart mission" should be you can start it with less clicks required than going into the nav screen and starting the mission again
  13. Nope, ESC doesn't work. checked multiple times.
  14. I thought the new mission end log would be good, but the performance drop + requiring 3 clicks just to see mission timer is truly horrible. While I love warframe, I have to ask, does DE actually test their changes with actual players? If yes, dump the current testers, they suck. ANYONE with even a little bit of active play time or fine, any "serious" player would have told you this in less than 30 mins of trying out the new interface. I'm sad that my 3rd fav game / 2nd fav devs are still having these issues, despite being told to do better QA repeatedly.
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