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  1. 1 hour ago, [DE]Connor said:

    Kronen Prime: 1.05->0.85

    Sad. While I was expecting it to touch .75 soon, I do dislike this mechanic.
    I've been using kronen prime for the past 2 years, much before the melee update. That update just made this weapon useful and made everyone realise how good looking and fun it's to use.
    Nerfing it all the way down to .5, till no one uses it anymore and it becomes semi useless again is probably the aim here?

    I'll be one of the few who still has wings on my back.
    Hmmm, I guess something positive out of this anyway.

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  2. I've become so used and jaded about this that I have a copy paste for every trader I invite to my dojo... as do most other regular traders I know.

    When someone spawns into the railjack, you can't see them in the trading list.
    Speaking of which, if your trading room is far enough from the spawn room, you can't trade either. Unless the other person fast travels or uses a teleport.

    The reason I'm posting this now is when someone shared this dojo design / pictures and I thought it was brilliant.
    and then I thought why is it even required.

    Can railjack spawning please be fixed?



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  3. Hello @[DE]Megan

    A small complaint / suggestion.

    Unless I set up an alarm on my phone, I end up missing most of the streams.
    DE has a working discord server, with a de-livestreams channel in it.


    However most of the messages in the channel are "thank you for watching". Kinda defeats the point of leaving it unmuted.
    Can you please add a message or announcement channel for when those streams actually start, instead of just a "ty for watching" forum post, showing up on discord?


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  4. On 2020-08-15 at 8:57 PM, Aadi880 said:

    For me. ESC does work. (Yes, I have checked multiple times as well). Probably a bug is what going on here, in which case, it needs to be reported.

    What? Its there on up top when you press tab. its a single button press.

    Same on the Mission Complete UI, except its up top of the affinity gain widget. No button presses on this one.


    If I understood this sentence correctly, "+" then "stats", and then back to "progression"?

    Didn't we do that with the old UI as well? Except that it was the "syndicate" tab instead of the "stat". On the new one, it seems the Syndicate standings have been given priority over your stats. Syndicate standings are shown immediately on the new UI, while stats are no longer shown immediately.

    However, all 4 of the UI elements seems to be shown immediately (resources, mod, stats and affinity) when TAB is pressed mid mission. I suppose something similar could be done when the mission ends.

    ESC works now. Yay.

    However, the timer is still not visible. Try index (considering the event, something a lot of players are playing).
    It doesn't show the timer, without tabbing a lot.
    I assume thats the same case for orb mother / PT runs.


    Only visible in the 3rd tab
    = unknown.png

  5. On 2020-08-13 at 12:44 AM, YG-- said:

    i might be only one of the very few people who dislikes the overhaul of the endgame/tab UI, but if people actually join up on my opinion that would be great

    please DE, for the love of god, give us the option to switch inbetween the Old UI for endgame/tab and the new one

    i absolutely hate the overhaul as it looks hideous especially for us PC players, but this is just my opinion

    in line with the forum changes of removing reactions, because they wanted us to reply and explain what we wanted to say, I will reply to this post and say this post is 100% accurate and I fully support this.

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  6. 2 hours ago, (PS4)Raven-Ghosthawk said:

    ...can a fix be implemented to remove the result screen once the loadscreen has concluded and you've been deposited back on orbiter (or relay), especially since there's an option in the menu to view the previous mission's results if you feel the need, to prevent someone from accidentally (or possibly intentionally) dragging folks back into the previous mission? This is a problem for those who may try to open the chatbox, but instead restart the mission and risk it not being caught in time, which can be a problem for time-sensitive missions.

    please no.
    We need that restart mission, esp when we are spamming a mission type.

    Having to click menu just increases clicks required. The point of "restart mission" should be you can start it with less clicks required than going into the nav screen and starting the mission again :facepalm:

  7. 17 minutes ago, Aadi880 said:

    From my experience, esc still works.


    Can you clarify? Its the same for me.

    In the old one, I had to scroll down to see what I've gotten as loot. In the new one, I only need to press the "+" to see all the things.

    Nope, ESC doesn't work. checked multiple times.

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  8. I thought the new mission end log would be good, but the performance drop + requiring 3 clicks just to see mission timer is truly horrible.

    While I love warframe, I have to ask, does DE actually test their changes with actual players? If yes, dump the current testers, they suck.
    ANYONE with even a little bit of active play time or fine, any "serious" player would have told you this in less than 30 mins of trying out the new interface.

    I'm sad that my 3rd fav game / 2nd fav devs are still having these issues, despite being told to do better QA repeatedly.

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  9. On 2020-05-08 at 11:16 AM, (PS4)OmegaSlayer said:

    Can you increase the number of available/purchasable loadout slots to match the number of released Warframes (vanilla, non Prime)

    Can you at least give us a reply with reasons if it is not possible?


    Can you give us a hint at what you're aiming to with the New Player Experience? Will you craft a story mode including old events that are fundamental to understand the whole storyline?


    During those periods of development of new content, can you give us new weapons (Tenno Reinforcements) that are already in game? Like the Cadus, or the Corpus Flamethrower


    Why did you decide to not release new chambers for Primary Kitguns?

    I agree about the loadout slots

  10. 24 minutes ago, Marvelous_A said:

    Yes it's totally normal for the intermission to last longer then the mission itself. We all know intermission II started from Oct 2019 and the work from home started from last month totally interrupted their plan of work. I mean who can possibly ask the devs to plan before head and work in the previous 5 months? Totally unreasonable.  Seriously screw those players.

    And we require a break after intermission because inter-intermission is a thing. I mean intermission is an effortless reuse of assets aready but who even cares? Instead of letting it stays for 2 more weeks I think just ending it and replace it with emptiness is just a better idea. Who could possibly think otherwise?

    lol. Well said. Like the subtle sarcasm there.

    I'm both kinda surprised at some of the other posts here that "Defend DE no matter what" and not surprised at the same time.

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  11. Which is my point exactly. Why doesn't it take into account subsequent events?
    If you want to honor founders / old time players, you can add a 2nd figure in brackets or some thing.

    That's a lot of space in stats wasted for something that a majority of players won't ever get.

    For eg, founders get a cool badge on their stats.
    Do non founders deal with a empty space on their profile? Nope.

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