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  1. Finally the game is starting to be more dynamic, I love all the work done with the railjack, I have been playing for 3 years and finally the universe is expanding, this update has enormous potential, applause to the developers and all those who have worked hard to bring this to life dream, especially to the audio technicians and the music department of the highest level, continue to amaze us and make us dream X)
  2. for these people it just takes a nice ban, they are ridiculous unable to compete seriously
  3. my post is used to report cheating in this event since no one talks about it in the forum but in game everyone complains about it, thank you LeMaquiniste for sharing the same opinion, I'm not talking about small centesimal points between 23k or 24,750 do well 25 , like you, others and the undersigned have invested 6 forms on necramech and 5 or 6 on arquebequex, not to mention the fluctus, however this does not center the fact that measures are not taken for those who do not respect the game and the others by adopting means to prevail on why incompetent and without passion, I repeat people with
  4. Sorry I appreciate the event on xbox but the score earned for each sentient kill does not work and since in my clan like many in this game we are competitive and that the DE has put up a ranking it seems only right to make a complaint, too many people have used the trick of the low fps to get 1 in the standings with 45K alone, when in 4 well-built and coordinated you get to the max at 21-23k (using the fast boss kill method), which on a PC it was enough to kill the greatest number of sentient .. . DE I hope you take action at least to be fair to your loyal supporters :)
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