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  1. almost 2019 and warframe doesnt have a skip dialogue button.
  2. ikr, now we have exclusive alt helmet only for 50$, sound pretty bad if u asking me... whats next...? alt prime skin PA....?
  3. I read it several times, but death penalty analogy, doesnt see right to me. Severity, maybe, but now on the community know u shouldnt exploit warframe.
  4. No, its not the same, but should to refil parking meter in time or at least dont exploit parking meter if u find a way to do that, no cuz is harmless, is cuz is against the rules, same here. Is out proportion because a great player of our community was ban, and it leads to his followers to the same fate. In my opinion Exploits are grey area in any videogames, and u shouldn't do it, just in case.
  5. Grinding and farming is the core of this game, takes forever, no, takes some dedication, yes. And on the top, the games is f2p, u can get everything in game just by "farming and grinding"
  6. or u can send a report to DE instead of making a video about this problem and how to get cheese exp, if u dont want faulty programing u can help the devs, since they try to make Warframe fair for u and everyone.
  7. lift! together !!!!!!!!! TOGETHER !!!
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