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  1. I think that your comments are out of place, it has nothing to do with what generation you come with the fact that some players feel bored because they already have enough time playing.
  2. I already read the wiki but I did not want to give many explanations as to the operation of the shots since in the first place it was my mistake for not reading it before writing the post , I also did not look for solutions, I was just a little curious, the impatience made me write the post. I should have read it before and give an answer myself.
  3. I already read the wiki, I hadn't realized that the weapons had self damage after a few shots, what a disappointment.
  4. I'm not sure if it was a bug or it was intentional, but I began to notice that every time I used Mach Rush it resulted in instant kill, after a while of analyzing my build and the environment I found that I am really so fast that I can reach my own projectile and die.
  5. Doesnt matter, like say is grey area, and is not my call, for me this is harmless, but maybe for DE is not, or other player have diferent opinion. Maybe DE didnt know about this until now, OP post video because he is concern about the method.
  6. Dont tell me, tell that to DE saske, im just quoting what he say (and make senses) Actually its no... mmm dunno, Exploits are a grey area, can be harmless to the game or not. U have n00blshowtek as example.
  7. almost 2019 and warframe doesnt have a skip dialogue button.
  8. ikr, now we have exclusive alt helmet only for 50$, sound pretty bad if u asking me... whats next...? alt prime skin PA....?
  9. I read it several times, but death penalty analogy, doesnt see right to me. Severity, maybe, but now on the community know u shouldnt exploit warframe.
  10. No, its not the same, but should to refil parking meter in time or at least dont exploit parking meter if u find a way to do that, no cuz is harmless, is cuz is against the rules, same here. Is out proportion because a great player of our community was ban, and it leads to his followers to the same fate. In my opinion Exploits are grey area in any videogames, and u shouldn't do it, just in case.
  11. Grinding and farming is the core of this game, takes forever, no, takes some dedication, yes. And on the top, the games is f2p, u can get everything in game just by "farming and grinding"
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