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  1. Hey there! We have two more vacant slots in our clan once again, so feel free to send me a message so we can talk a bit to see if the clan fits you!
  2. Why should others suffer because of the incompetence of Nintendo? Nobody is at fault here except Nintendo with their times. I don't see why should others suffer from it when they are not Nintendo. Would you be okay to receive a game at a later date just because Sony (instead of Nintendo) had to get it later? It's funny how people try to find whatever excuse to avoid blaming who is to blame here. I mean, there's people calling white knights the one who are reasoning in the thread, but then it's ok to try to excuse Nintendo instead of complain about them when the problem is clearly on their side?
  3. Ok, so they send the update to cert on all 3 platforms at the same time. The same moment (well, let's be honest, maybe one of them arrived a couple mins before the others). Then Xbox one and PS4 approve the update via their certification process and pass the update, while Nintendo doesn't. Exactly who should we blame here? I really want to know this. No,for real, I need to know. How is DE to blame here if they literally sent the update simultaneously but the other part of the process didn't approve it as fast as MS and Sony? You know? Nintendo as company can be as incompetent as any other. But what I see here is some sort of "Nintendo is never to blame" when they are actually the only ones that should get your rage. Let's just not forget how Nintendo is full of crap for so many things; being one of the first their lack of experience in online gaming in general and, what's worse, their refusal to acknowledge said problem.
  4. You should direct your complains to Nintendo. They said it in the last stream (I think the XOne): Switch might have to wait because of how CERT process works at Nintendo. And for what I see, it's true. The 3 updates have been sent to cert at the same time but only Nintendo had problems to approve it. So if you want to rage, fine, but direct your anger to the proper recipient: NINTENDO.
  5. Not happy with this unvaulting. Trinity hasn't been unvaulted yet, and if you consider switch, players there didn't even have the chance to farm it yet. Oberon is been out until only a few months.
  6. I've been playing some missions with Garuda in railjack and, as title says, the game won't detect you have a melee weapon if you're trying to use her talons. Basically, it will act as if you have no melee equipped (something that, due to the nature of Garuda, is impossible; if you don't have a melee equipped, you automatically equip the talons).
  7. I know this is a difficult concept to grasp but... Have you tried socializing and trying to find a group of people to play with? I'm not sure but I'd swear in warframe there's some kind of option to create a group of people more or less permanent to play with them. I think they call it clan? How dare they! Adding missions that are meant to be played with a group of people in a multiplayer co-op game! Preposterous!!!
  8. Pro Tip: You can go to your dojo Observatory, do all the missions you want from there and the Daily Login Reward won't trigger. When I want to keep playing for a while after the trigger (where I live it's at 01.00 am) I just go to my Observatory and keep doing missions from there. It won't trigger until you go to your orbiter and since you get back to the dojo after every mission...
  9. I know that we'll get the gyro controls when they are ready, but in the meanwhile, can we get some way to change the camera sensitivity when using the railjack turrets? It's impossible to aim with those turrets due to the extremely high sensitivity of the movement. EDIT: Also, thanks for this update! Can't wait to get some of the so long expected changes! EDIT 2: Please, fix the Tactical Reload mod not working when you're a client. It's a must have mod for the Quellor!
  10. Exactly. if I put someone in the ignore list, the system won't match me with them again. If I've ignored someone because I don't want to talk to them, why the game thinks that I would still want to play with them?
  11. As topic says. I've never used this mod before, but I got the Quellor the other day and put it on said weapon. However I've found that the reload when holstered works only some times, not always. I've checked and I can't see a pattern as of today. All I can see is that it's not working as intended. EDIT: Made some more tests, apparently the mod is not working at all. And it seems to happen only when I'm not the host.
  12. So... Don't play the game? Hard to understand that a multiplayer game is expected to be played with other people? Go play a single player game.
  13. Because it's been said by DE that this game mode is intended to be cooperative. I'm impressed by the amount of people that are offended because there's a cooperative mode in a cooperative multiplayer game.
  14. I agree. We don't need an AH because it will be bad for economy. That much is clear. However, it's also clear that we need something less arcaic than the actual trade chat. A riven chat would be a first and nice step, but there should be something else and not only for the seller but also for the buyer. For example, it would be good if you could have some items listed in your profile as "for sale" (limit based on your MR) and people could ask you about those requiring interaction as right now.
  15. As I said, I'm not blaming you or anything, just exposing the possibilities for this to be happening. If I have to be honest, I think the game has a problem of leeching in certain modes that are prone to that behavior. The most rampant case is Railjack right now, but doesn't mean it's not evident in other modes like ESO. This is why I'd be up for any measure that allows me to not play again with a certain player (and for any reason, not just because they are leeching). I can distinguish between a player that doesn't know how to play and a leecher/troll; because the former at least tries to do something, while the latter just stands still or, worse, tries to ruin your game.
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