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  1. The bug is not solved tho. I'm still missing most of the icons in the dojo and other menus. And for what I've seen, I'm not the only one.
  2. Zenith is a hitscan weapon. It means its projectiles don't travel from the weapon to the place where they hit. They hit instantly. Since Terminal Velocity increases projectile speed and the Zenith projectiles don't have speed (you could say they teleport instantly) the mod won't work on it.
  3. Thanks for the update! And for the surprise! Just something to point: I bought the Mirage Oneiro skin and I can't equip her animations on other frames. It appears as if I didn't purchase them so they can't be equipped. Could you please look at it?
  4. 3 radiants IF you get them. And farming traces is really fast to do doing capture relics. And you can't choose what relics to farm either. And, again, I'm not saying that we should remove relics or anything at all from Simaris. You are not explaining how is this detrimental to the game. You just refuse to accept it but are giving no reasons. Actually, putting Simaris standing on sanctuary would if anything, increase people going there because if they're going for the relics, they'll do more than one run anyway, and if they are going for the standing they'd do at least one run that, otherw
  5. Yes, I got Khora (a few sets), I've done several braton vandal sets (thanks to the streaming and the runs I've done farming focus) and yes, I don't need the lato vandal anymore. The "other goodies" from eso are capturas, a couple of rare and useless mods and a silly eidolon shard that gives 5k focus. Yeah, I don't need more of those either. Relics? Sure, they're a good thing, but Disruption offers a better and more focused farm. So no, it's not good for that either. Having simaris standing would make me go back there because I'd farm companion rivens, and copies of frames to experime
  6. Right now I don't go to SO/ESO because there's nothing for me there. And I'm pretty sure that's happening to many other people. Right now doing a single steel path exterminate with Ivara on earth you max Simaris standing. It's much faster than a single 8 run of SO/ESO, but it's boring AF. Besides, it's about giving people more options, not removing the ones that exists in order to put these others in place.
  7. Don't worry, it's not just on PC. On Switch the issue is there too, except we're not that lucky and our fps drops to 0.1 lol
  8. Why? Just make like the other Syndicates, you get standing depending on excess affinity. 1 point per kill would mean you need to do 31k to max daily standing at MR30, how many ESO runs should you do for that? We're talking about making simaris standing less boring to get, not more.
  9. I'd rather keep them as a simaris offering but give players a new way to farm Simaris standing: Sanctuary. Enemies killed in SO and ESO give simaris standing. I'd go there more often this way.
  10. I agree prime accessories should be always available in the market, specially when they've been vaulted for the first time a while ago. Be it purchasable for money, or for a hefty amount of plat. After all, they don't change anything but your looks, so they can't be considered pay2win. With the frames on the other hand... I dont think they should make all vaulted frames always purchasable. But I do think that they should rotate their unvaulting much faster or, at least, offer more frames on each unvault. If each vault access lasts for at least 3 months (this one lasted for 5), that means
  11. I've done it. And yes, it's impossible for me because in my case (and others in my clan and group of friends) around 90% of the decorations won't load. I'm not exagerating, it's that bad. Sometimes after leaving and re-entering the dojo, it will load a bigger batch, but other times it won't. And I've already reinstalled the whole game, moved it from the SD to internal memory and viceversa... The issue remains.
  12. Guys, please, solve the Switch bug on dojo decorations! It's been months already. We can't see the decoration thumbnails in the menu so to see how a decoration looks like, we must place it. Decorating on Switch right now is impossible!
  13. Sorry, not being a native English speaker I didn't understand it well. "Later day"? You mean later today? Or later as in a few days from now? Thank you!
  14. Crew should have a "sub-job" based on their skills. Explanation: You have a crew that has 5 in piloting, 5 in engineering and 3 in combat. He's the assigned pilot so when you start a mission he's flying the railjack. After a while, you decide to take the railjack and fly it by yourself. The crewman then, since he has a 5 in engineering, would automatically switch his role to engineer, until you stop piloting, moment in which he will take command of the railjack again. If the crew member has several skills at the same level, when you start doing the job he should be doing, he will swi
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