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  1. Yes, sure! Why not? Let's make the process of crafting a warframe even longer. And let's add the absolutely necessary risk of losing an unique piece of equipment if your slot expires while the thing is crafting or because you can't log in one day! What could possibly go wrong if you are crafting a Spectra Vandal and lose it because the purchased slot expires? In the meanwhile, we'll also make the forma crafting harder because who would sacrifice a crafting slot for that prolongating even more the crafting of frames and other complex stuff? This post was sarcastic, if it wasn't clea
  2. (NSW)Belaptir

    MR 30 Test

    Everyone talking about Mesa, Octavia, Saryn... No love for my poor Mag. I did it with Mag! It took me a few tries because I wanted to experiment stuff and see what could I do and what couldn't. I tried several frames, to see what they were capable of (and because I refused to use the usual mass murdering frames for the sake of the challenge) and it helped me realize where was I lacking with those frames. The test is challenging, and that's good. Because it will force you to know very well the frame you are playing. It's not just a matter of having played the game for a long time but
  3. I've been a Mag main for a while, been playing with her set for long and when I saw the cinematic video and how cool was that new thing she could do, I got very excited to see it in game. When the devs told us that the ability would get that effect in game I got also hyped. Until I tried it. Where do I start? Blast damage. Just... why? Blast damage is, I'd say, second to magnetic damage in uselessness on this game. It does nothing, and even if it did, when you consider what the ability does, it makes no sense at all. You are absorbing the bullets that are coming to you, and then s
  4. Just use Vauban with max range and cheese it. Cast vortex, put all the enemies together and throw a canister. You'll then be able to kill 20 in a single hit.
  5. I've been blessing affinity to Strata Relay for a couple of days and I noticed that I am not getting the message display that should appear when someone blesses the Relay. The buff works and as soon as you return to the orbiter, you get the booster and see it active, but the message that prompts when you use the fountain doesn't show for me or anyone who's there.
  6. Ok, I understood nothing of this hotfix. Maybe because English is not my first language but shouldn't it be "veiled but soon to be unveiled promotion"?
  7. I repeat, there's a lot of people who play the game for fun. I know it's a difficult concept to grasp for some players, but there's people who like to use some weapons despite their (according to your opinion) "useless" stats.
  8. There's a lot of people that play the game for fun. The "META" is not something that has to be forced to every player.
  9. Didn't meant to be rude, my apologies. But still the point stands. There's a lot of time involved on building a room even when you have it planned. It's not "my problem", you can't just dismiss it saying it's my problem ignoring the fact that behind a room there's a lot of time investment even when you have everything planned. As I said, assembling a 2k pieces puzzle takes a lot of time. And this is the same.
  10. Even if you plan something, building it will take time. And when you're building something complex, that time, even having the things planned, will not be short. Think of a puzzle. Even if you have it "planned", you know how the design must look and everything, there's still a lot of time that involves building the stuff, specially when it's complex. Or are you telling me that you're able to assemble a 2k pieces puzzle in half an hour? To me, you're talking as if you'd never built a complex room in your dojo. On one thing I agree, saving room templates would be really helpful. But that st
  11. I have rooms where I've spent days working. Not talking about a room that takes 2 hours of "work" to be decorated but something closer to 50 hours of game if not more (it's probably more, actually). It's not about the resources, but the time some of us invest in creating cool rooms for our dojos. This being a safe lock is good for us. However, as i said (and you snipped when quoted me), it should be something that a warlord can and should be able to bypass.
  12. This make sense to avoid a troll destroying a clan in seconds. If someone wants to troll you because reasons, having 2 hours to cancel the destruction helps. However, this timer should be bypassed by someone with the rank of warlord. God... Can we please eliminate these child components? PLEASE? And now that we're talking... what about a dojo planner too?
  13. You can always do profit taker. With lootkat and double credits together with chroma's effigy you'll get a bunch of creds. I personally prefer index on party with my friends because we have a lot of fun trying to get to Prodman to murder him.
  14. It's a pun. Mesa + Index = Mesa-dex In case you didn't know, index is one of the fastest way of earning credits on the game.
  15. I HATE YOU GUYS!! Yesterday you kept me awake during the Game Awards (they started at 2.30 am on my country) to see the announcement. Today you launch Rising Tide at 10.15 pm on my country and it is a 2 hr download. How do you expect me to sleep today again if I need to start the dojo room, redecorate my orbiter, buy Equinox deluxe bundle and try to grab some Thumpers with the itzal rip line? 😂
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