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  1. As of today, the MR requirement for the kuva weapons is useless. Serves no purpose at all because it's not limiting its access to anyone. This leads to cases where a MR7 can have a kuva bramma and nukor and well, that's about it. They won't use any other weapon in game because... why? If you already have two of the strongest (if not the strongest at all) weapons if the game? So what to do or how to solve it? It's should be easy: when a larva generates a weapon, make it so it will generate weapons that meet the MR requirements of the player in that game (or of the lowest MR rank player in party). It doesn't make any sense if you have the Cernos Prime locked at MR 12 when you can get a Bramma as soon as you're able to do liches (which can be very soon depending on the player). Same happens with any other weapon actually. Why should one get the Ogris at MR9 when they can have the Kuva Ogris sooner? I'm not saying we shouldn't have strong weapons, but that it doesn't make any sense to have access to these weapons sooner than to their regular (and usually weaker) versions. The easiest way to solve this is make it so the larva can't generate a weapon that has a higher MR than the player is at that moment. If you are MR9, then your larva will generate only weapons that meet that MR requirement. I understand that there aren't weapons with a MR lower than 13, so this might need some tweaking. However, the problem of leaving this as is is that you are basically giving players a chance to not use anything aside the two or three OP kuva weapons. Why can't someone use the corinth until MR8 (or 14 for the prime) when, by the time they reach those requirements, they could already have a kuva kohm, drakgoon, brakk, etc? Wasn't the point of MR locks to not give access to too strong weapons to players that are still discovering the game?
  2. Kuva from extractors and cryotic are affected by lootkats. It's been a thing for a while now, can't remember for how long but it's been a while. However, wait a moment, because I think I found the cause. You just said that And there you got it. Drop Rate Booster affects the entire party (and doubles cryotic). However, Drop Booster affects only the one who has it (and it also doubles cryotic). So if the third player didn't have any booster, they only got double cryotic from the Drop Rate Booster, while you got it from the drop rate AND the drop booster.
  3. Things that might explain this situation before getting into bugs: Kavats. Specifically Smeeta Kavats. They can give you the double drop buff and it's random.Someone might not have it at all during a run while the others would. If all three had a smeeta with you, the difference of cryotic may be due to this. There's also the chance the system flagged the third player as AFK not giving them the yields of several excavations. Of course, there could be a bug, but I'd check with the team if there were lootkats involved in the mission first, because it could be the cause.
  4. They can't help you with that in the forums. You should open a support ticket here https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us so they can check it and give you a solution.
  5. I've noticed this during my last Steel Path nodes. I've been bringing my moa with a weapon to level up and noticed something weird. When doing normal missions with any frame, the xp that the weapon gained would be the usual you'd expect. However, I started using a certain build for the endless missions (range-based vortex). it pulled basically every enemy in the map into the vortex so I could kill them with ease. When I finished the first mission doing this, I noticed that, even though our kills were decent (considering we're extracting at A rotation, just to clear the node), the XP gained by the weapon was barely anything. I tried it again, this time in a survival, and after 5 minutes, we got these results: As you can see, there's a decent amount of kills, most done by my partner, and even then, if you look at the amount of XP gained by the vulklok, is nowhere near what it should be. I've been doing some more tests and the result is the same, for what I can see, enemies killed in the vortex (even if not killed by me) will give almost zero XP (if any at all). I've also reported other bugs about the vauban vortex, one being the Stropha projectiles not working when there are too many enemies, and another being Protea's Artillery not gaining multiplier when hitting the enemies caught there. Could you please take a look at the vortex to see if there's something wrong there? Thanks EDIT: I've just done another exterminate mission with a different frame. As you will see in this screenshot, the kills are more or less the same. However, the affinity gain is much higher. Only difference between these screens is that I am not using vauban and his vortex.
  6. As topic. I noticed doing Steel Path that when the vortex has a big amount of enemies, stropha's attacks won't damage them at all. The normal projectile weapons work, but not this one. Videos with proof of it below: https://streamable.com/qo7btx https://streamable.com/fs03u7
  7. THANK YOU! Like... A TON! My poor CoccoDEATH was constantly downed while fighting the Jackal. Not fun at all when you have to choose either to let it die, or to not fight the boss because you're constantly reviving it. Also, any chance you'll fix the error I noticed about protea's artillery multiplier not increasing when hitting enemies trapped by vauban vortex?
  8. As title. I've noticed this after playing several games with someone using Vauban. Basically, when Protea's Artillery hit enemies that are caught within the Vortex, the artillery multiplier won't go up making the skill pointless to use in this situation. It happened in several modes, both railjack and planetary missions. It only happens with the vortex, Bastille is safe.
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