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  1. I've been working on this project for the last two days. I wanted to create an obstacle room where I could change the paths by just adding or removing a wall in a certain place. The result is a course that has 5 shifting parts. There are no pics for the inside because I want to keep it secret for my clanmates so they have to figure the traps that they'll have to face. However, if anyone is interested, I can take some pictures of the course insides to see how it looks like. It includes some shooting ranges, jumping challenges, some nasty traps and parkour zones. From the room's entrance you can't see the outside of the course so you have to figure out during the run how is it this time. The lights would be dark-themed but I made the pics with the default lights so you could see it. Next one, I'm planning a horror themed course, with hidden doors and traps everywhere. However, and this is a suggestion for DE, please, PLEASE, increase the room capacity! With this setting I almost got to the limit. We need more capacity for this room!!! Album with pics from several angles
  2. Can we get a fix for this? It only happens with this syandana, as you can see, it covers the background of the menu and makes it frankly difficult to read some voices of it.
  3. I for example see this when I use my SIlva & Aegis prime modded for radiation.
  4. Came to say this. It seems there's a bug when loading the game. It freezes there and will force you to restart the game. It happens when leaving or entering a random mission, but sometimes also when starting the game.
  5. As you can see in the picture included, when I activate the secondary fire of the Zenith, I get these markers on every enemy instead of the small blue circle that you should get.
  6. Congrats to all the winner Dojos. We didn't expect to place 2nd on ghost clans on Switch! We can't wait for the dojo to open to you all!
  7. Clan name: Weakframers Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: Switch Clan role: Founding Warlord Our design is based on gardens, experimental, fairy tale, foggy or even underwater ones. We wanted to create a dojo where nature was the central point. We struggled a bit because we can't create rooms too elaborated, otherwise, the framerate drops insanely. Still, we hope to improve for the next contests as more time can be dedicated to decoration! Featured Image- The outer garden and the Orokin telescope Album: https://imgur.com/a/tFsK3EZ Video tour for the biggest rooms (the fog gardens and the underwater garden): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq9CJ5_Ubvo Good luck to everyone!
  8. Potatoes and forma are "premium" (because they are available with plat) resources and shouldn't be easy to farm. They weren't before, so it's fair. However, nitain is a problem right now for people who's starting. Before, with the alerts, if I had to farm nitain, I'd set my objective on it and would try to catch as many alerts as I could. It wasn't perfect, I know, but at least, I could get my nitain AND auras that could appear. As it is now, getting nitain means choosing things that you won't get. I said it before, we need either more wolfcreds (and raise the price of potatoes to keep the rate of potatoes/wolfcreds equal), or lower the prices of most things of the cred shop.
  9. As title says, I'm looking for this particular mod to finish my set. If anyone is interested on doing the trade, contact me here or in game. Thanks
  10. Let's hope we get that nerf in the next update (we won't get the last 24.7.1 but something around 24.6 iirc). It's good to know that, contrary to many people's beliefs, they are paying attention to this thread.
  11. On console we are behind pc players in terms of updates. Right now, he's as tanky as the first day for us.
  12. Exactly, nobody is saying that the low MR should be able to beat Wolf. We're saying that Wolf shouldn't appear on a mission full of low MR players because they won't be able to fight him. That's why people is asking for a different way of spawning him and saying that the way it is now, it's poor game design. The stalker will only appear after a certain point. And Zanuka and G3 will only appear under certain conditions and, most importantly, will activate the extraction as soon as they appear. On top of that, they are nowhere near as hard to kill as Wolf and, in case of the stalker (which won't activate extraction on spawn) will leave you alone the moment he kills you once. With the Wolf none of this happens. And he can appear in any mission to any player. No, he doesn't. Just suffered him on hydron a few hours ago and he didn't go. Either if it's a bug or intended, IDK, but he doesn't escape after everyone is downed. Reason why most people will leave the game when he spawns.
  13. Wow, just... wow. You really don't see that there is people in a low MR that is unable to fight him and beat him, right? I'm out of this discusion, it's pointless to try to discuss something with someone who won't see other than their truth.
  14. Phew... where do I begin? You want to go that way? Yes, they are exclusive. They drop only in 2 places, 1 are the events and the other a single spy mission. Yes, they are exclusive of those two places. Nowhere else you can find them. They won't drop you a molten impact or a shocking touch that can be found almost everywhere. And yes, I consider them easier there because that single mission is a pain and you rarely find anyone doing it. So yes, many people think that it's easier to wait for the acolytes rather than doing a mission they consider a pain. Then, you seem to not understand that the wolf can appear in every single mission of the star chart while the eidolon is a boss located in a certain point at a certain time. You can't compare them because they are far from being comparable. My point stands; a MR0 with an MK-1 Braton won't go fighting an Eidolon even if they find it in the plains. They'll move away from him and continue with whatever they were doing; the same MR0 with an MK-1 Braton can find the Wolf while levelling it on the Earth defense. See how silly is saying what you said? Nobody said that we want him to spawn and die at our feet with no effort. But it is clear that spawning such a beast in a random mission where there can be people unprepared is not the way to go. Again, what many of us are suggesting is a different way of making him spawn: call it beacons, call it a mission node where you need points to enter (much like the ambulas), call it an acolyte type of enemy that works like those acolytes from the stalker but without the general HP bar they have. Lastly, yes, it is the phrase. You can't ask a MR0 to be prepared for the wolf. They won't be able to. Can't you understand that there is people like that? Did you really forget what means to be a MR0? Or are you just behaving like an elitist that doesn't care about anyone except themselves? Again, the point you are making is "if you can't be prepared for the wolf, I don't care, it's your problem and no one else's because I'm always preapred for and everyone should be". You really don't get that there is people unable to fight him, and it's incredibly selfish from you.
  15. God! Me wants!! Can't wait to see a Hydrolist spawn on Hydron, or even better, on a Uranus underwater spy! I'd love to see an hydrolist diving!
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