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  1. You can even remap the buttons on switch so they are the same than on Xbox. Not just talking about the game itself, but the system options let you remap the controller! So you can just "switch" the buttons to make them the same as they are on xbox
  2. Same time on NSW. I've given up a while ago and now I just do carry runs for my lower mr clan mates if they don't have a mech and want to get at least the basmu or the ceti lacera.
  3. Or just double the points each sentient gives. That way, you'll encourage people to actually play the game and not to just wait for spawn, kill asap, run to the next spawn, rinse and repeat. I've tried a run where we had a timer, we kept two orphix alive each time... We did everything in our hand to maximize the run. And we ended with 21.4k. It was a lot of fun, because there was actually some challenge, we had to keep an eye on the timer, communicate to kill when it was the time, positionate ourselves strategically... And all to end with the same amount of points than you'd do by just running
  4. It is amazing indeed that the Switch can run this game as well as it runs. No doubt. I've been playing it since launch on NSW and I can tell you the amount of work they put in the port. I still remember during the first months you couldn't do a tricap without your framerate dropping to single digits. Back to the topic, it's as you say. To get 21.5k points I need to speedrun the whole thing. That means killing every orphix in less than 30 seconds (if possible, not always the game will let you), because ironically, you get more points by not having an active orphix than by farming se
  5. However, PC top players can reach up to 50k points when our top players barely reach 23k. Point is that PC players had the chance to reach higher scores. We don't. No matter how much effort you put, it's not possible for us to pass the 23k line.
  6. Switch player here. I find this event the most boring of all the events we've played so far. The amount of effort (and luck) you have to put to get a 23k run is so ridiculously high that it's not even worth it. I'm just doing speed runs, get to the spawn point, kill everything asap and move to the next. I get an average of 21.5 to 21-7k points and I'm putting zero effort. It's not fair. It's absolutely not fair that we have to pay PC prices for the arcanes when we're getting on average half or even less the points they do in a normal run. There is zero incentive to play it in an orga
  7. It's fine, but please, consider dropping some alerts/invasions for Nitain and Potatoes in case the update should be delayed for too long. Specially Nitain, with Lavos requiring it is something many players are going to need soon. And the potatoes for all the new content too. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  8. Not too hard. I found the first mission easy enough to make you understand the basics. No complaints here. Not bad in Jupiter and Corpus ship. Awful in Grineer galleon. I find that the necramech should have a passive knockdown (or at least pushing back) when they are running. Specially against non-heavy enemies. That would make it more comfortable to pilot in tilesets where the enemies would block your movement. And would be realistic since you know, it's a frigging huge mech, it should be able to push the light enemies with ease! I think that by default, your tenno should ALWAYS g
  9. Yes, sure! Why not? Let's make the process of crafting a warframe even longer. And let's add the absolutely necessary risk of losing an unique piece of equipment if your slot expires while the thing is crafting or because you can't log in one day! What could possibly go wrong if you are crafting a Spectra Vandal and lose it because the purchased slot expires? In the meanwhile, we'll also make the forma crafting harder because who would sacrifice a crafting slot for that prolongating even more the crafting of frames and other complex stuff? This post was sarcastic, if it wasn't clea
  10. (NSW)Belaptir

    MR 30 Test

    Everyone talking about Mesa, Octavia, Saryn... No love for my poor Mag. I did it with Mag! It took me a few tries because I wanted to experiment stuff and see what could I do and what couldn't. I tried several frames, to see what they were capable of (and because I refused to use the usual mass murdering frames for the sake of the challenge) and it helped me realize where was I lacking with those frames. The test is challenging, and that's good. Because it will force you to know very well the frame you are playing. It's not just a matter of having played the game for a long time but
  11. I've been a Mag main for a while, been playing with her set for long and when I saw the cinematic video and how cool was that new thing she could do, I got very excited to see it in game. When the devs told us that the ability would get that effect in game I got also hyped. Until I tried it. Where do I start? Blast damage. Just... why? Blast damage is, I'd say, second to magnetic damage in uselessness on this game. It does nothing, and even if it did, when you consider what the ability does, it makes no sense at all. You are absorbing the bullets that are coming to you, and then s
  12. Just use Vauban with max range and cheese it. Cast vortex, put all the enemies together and throw a canister. You'll then be able to kill 20 in a single hit.
  13. I've been blessing affinity to Strata Relay for a couple of days and I noticed that I am not getting the message display that should appear when someone blesses the Relay. The buff works and as soon as you return to the orbiter, you get the booster and see it active, but the message that prompts when you use the fountain doesn't show for me or anyone who's there.
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