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  1. Ok, I understood nothing of this hotfix. Maybe because English is not my first language but shouldn't it be "veiled but soon to be unveiled promotion"?
  2. However, Gaze strips armor in an area and not a targeted enemy, so you can cast gaze and every enemy inside the are will have strip when the others must be recasted every time you want to affect another enemy.
  3. Do isovaults with a nekros. Necramechs have a chance to drop it on death and since they can be desecrated, it means double chance. They also can spawn in the vaults much like cetus wisps to be picked up. Been farming them there and got around 20 already.
  4. It's fine man, you love the game, there's nothing wrong with it for you. I get it! I'm happy for you! But... you know what? I never asked for your opinion. And much less for such a novel just for saying that I think a magazine clip is too small for a weapon.
  5. Dude cool down. Why are you taking it so personally? I just said that I feel the clip could be bigger. Jesus man, it's a game. Can we talk about it without you feeling attacked?
  6. Except I'm not talking about the amount of bullets you have in the magazine, but the magazine clip itself being small physically. I'm not talking about capacity, but the physical aspect of it.
  7. Am I the only one thinking that the magazine clip of the Trumna is physically too small? I mean, the thing is huge and it surely has to fire very high caliber rounds, shouldn't the magazine be... I don't know... Bigger?
  8. I may have worded it wrong. I meant that the status proc caused by blast is useless (reduced accuracy? really?). However, that was not the point of this topic.
  9. We know, magnetic damage is probably the worst damage type in the game (probably followed by blast right now). So what about making it a bit more powerful and less oriented to shields (that are already extremely weak)? I saw a post on Reddit talking about how certain damage types are useless after the last status update and came up with this solution for the magnetic one (which is the worst offender here and the one needing most an urgent rework). What about making Magnetic something different: Enemy melee weapons will have a % chance of getting magnetized (the more procs, the highe
  10. I've read about those too. And I'm not very confident. I'd love to be wrong, but if we take a look at their history of upgrades in other consoles you can't be very optimistic.
  11. The problem with the liches was again, caused by nintendo. The game surpassed the memory capacity of the console and Nintendo wanted to be extra careful because things. I mean, Nintendo could have thought a bit more on the design of the console and instead of giving us an IR camera in the joycon, could have given us a few more GBs and all this wouldn't be happening. However, I still raise a question: why can't we ask nintendo to be as fast as the others for this certs problems? Why is it that the developers (and i'm not talking about DE solely) have to answer for the lacks of Nintendo?
  12. To be fair, I was expecting this. I read all the update posts for all the three consoles, and that phrase (the date might shift...) was written in all three. So, even though they expected it to be at the same time for everyone, they also told us from the beginning that this could happen. The only thing here is that, AGAIN, the problematic is Switch because well... Nintendo didn't even tell them anything about the status. For what we know, it could be this week, but given Megan's message, it could very well be next one, or next month as Nintendo didn't say anything about the status at all.
  13. This is all Nintendo's fault then. Them being picky with the games is not the developer problem. It could be DE, or could be Epic, or Evil Mojo or anyone else. Nintendo has clearly issues with the third party cert process and they should solve them if they want more 3rd party support. Also, the memory limits is again Nintendo's fault. A console like Switch should have a minimum of 128gb as a base. 24 gb (they say 32, but we all know that the memory allowance for switch is not 32gb) is... is crap. They wrote in the first post that due to the process of certification, the dates coul
  14. How comes the other consoles received the cert on the same day and they are launching tomorrow? Have you ever considered that maybe this is Nintendo's fault and not DE? Asking the same question: How is it that the rest of consoles received the Update on Saturday and they aren't delayed? How is Nintendo being slower than the rest DE's fault?
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