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    Kuva Bugs?

    So I've been spamming Kuva Flood missions recently especially once I got the double resource booster. However, today, the kuva flood mission bugged out for me twice. It happened to be on the same node and same mission twice (once in the afternoon, other time at 8pm) soon after the hour changed (since it's a new kuva flood every hour). I did the node again, and got no kuva. The first time, I asked my teammate if they got it, and they did. They then told me that kuva flood bugs out a lot and that the icon should appear though and I should be able to do the mission again to get kuva. However, it was not there in my last mission results. Then when it happened this evening, I asked my friend which mission the kuva flood was on, and it was the same mission that I had just done (on the same node for me as it was the hour before). Again I could not do it again to get the kuva. Is this another frequent kuva bug?
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