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  1. Aaaand another crash. This time i could play for a couple hours. I did change some settings and used the new experimental setting for borderless windowed on Win10, and i rolled my Nvidia driver back to an older version.
  2. Just had another crash. Playtime: just a couple of minutes. While trying to access the Starchart via the Navigation, on the transitioning animation zooming into the sitting Frame and the Starsystem, CPU and GPU did an abnormal spike into a 100% usage. Sound hung up, system froze but this time it did recover somewhat and i could use my mouse again after a minute, although nothing could be done at this point, no key shortcuts worked, nothing could be clicked etc.
  3. Another thought: With the Rising Tide Update came an experimental setting for the borderless windowed display on Windows10 only. Although i do not have this setting enabled (yet, maybe i should try it?) maybe this patch did break something for the "normal" borderless windowed users like me? I run Warframe borderless windowed to be able to access my second monitor during gameplay and had never any kind of issues sofar. @[DE]Aidan (or anyone on [DE] involved in Development and this feature) can someone look into this pretty please? 🙂
  4. Nope, i narrowed it already down, as those crashes ONLY and SUDDENLY occurred after the latest bunch of patches from Warframe and ONLY when Warframe is running. No other processes, over any variance of time running on my machine produce any kind of systemic failures on this magnitude. As i also stated, my hardware got checked and rechecked, software and drivers of particular interest to this scenario too. Those freezes are provoked by Warframe currently, as my machine NEVER had anything like this before or while running anything other than Warframe. So, when Warframe is running, and my machine freezes, but does not freeze or run into ANY kind of issues while any other program or game runs, it is very likely on Warframes end.
  5. After reinstalling the entire game, i could play for a while (~3 days, just some hours in total) with no issues whatsoever. Right now, after doing some rounds on Hydron, the entire system froze, stayed in this stasis for ~3 minutes and then crashed into a reboot. After the reinstallation on saturday the client prompted me, like after each update, to clear out the cache, which this time around a whopping ~6k MB. Normally this would be around 200 - 300 and i'm clearing this after each bigger patch usually. Now, this time around i can't think of anything on my end, as last time i checked and updated everything. Maybe i could/should roll back the latest Nvidia driver.
  6. PC, playing Warframe since over a year, never had any sorts of issues whatsoever, ever, updates and whatnot always flawless executed and installed, Warframe never had any sort of any kind of issues. Played until yesterday (28.11.2019) without any problems, stutters or whatever else. Today in escalating manner, Warframe crashed several times my entire system, forcing a cold reboot. Just freezing for a brief moment the entire system, to then just go straight into rebooting. First crash after logging in, idling some and doing usual ingame management stuff and wanting to join a Hydron leveling mission. ~15min playtime maybe. --> crash on loading screen into mission After restarting PC i start checking everything and making sure, no usual suspect for a cold crash is to blame. Hardware checked, system checked, Windows checked, powersupply checked. Everything in order. Drivers, Windows-Updates etc. Second crash occurs after restarting Warframe via Steam and just idling ingame for about ~10 minutes. Restarting and checking Windows eventlogs, checking temperatures, making sure powersupply is not faulty, Graphics is working fine Checking other games. System stable and runs without any issues. Third crash happens immediately when i start the Warframe launcher from Steam. After rebooting i directly start Steam and want to provoke another crash, by making sure it is the WF-Launcher and also trying to have a look if there is a repair or verify option or something. --> Steam has Warframe no longer installed. The entire folder and everything from Warframe is gone, just vanished! I'm currently reinstalling Warframe. I will update this post, as soon as i can restart the launcher and try to run Wraframe again. But that a crash can just simply remove the entire folder and program in this manner form my harddrive is unusual! Also, that Warframe does not provide some sort of safety measure to prevent it crashing the entire system and also not providing any sort of logs is bad. This is the first kind of instance after years since Windows98 and XP, that i have encountered something like this outside of obvious hardware faults, and even then those most often provided some error message or BSOD. I have no chance of clarifying, what was the cause of this unusal behaviour and possibly preventing it by working on the faulty parts on my side.
  7. I can't spawn myself a Lich. Sometimes i get the flickering and some transmissions, but that's it. Since Yesterday no Liches for me, while others have already killed a bunch sofar. Is it possible, with teammates in a squad, that they can kill those Larvlings and prevent you from getting the Lich to spawn?
  8. Question: Currently, the Parazon shares it's mod-setup and appearance between all your Frames. Is there a possibility to change this, to have individual setups for each Frame and it's own Parazon, please? Some Frames do benefit from very different Parazon mods than others and it would help a lot, to have a certain setup "to go", instead as with right now, to always have to fiddle with it or even forget about it and end up with a detrimental setup, like Loki having the aoe zapp mod and setting off the alarms or something.
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