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  1. Since roughly ~2 weeks now, i randomly "loose" one of my deployed four Extractor Drones. Especially when i quit a gaming session and later or the next day relog into the game. Meaning, i always deploy on the same four planets the Extractor Drones, and when i can recollect them, every so often now, only three Drones are displayed to be recollectable and having gathered materials in the summarization UI. But i have not lost any Extractors due to damge or such. I still have the same amount of Titan Extractor Drones as before, just that for some random reason, one of the four deployed Extractors did quit it's mission early it seems. I always deploy Titan Extractor Drones on Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Eris. Is this just visual glitch not showing all Drones and their collected materials in the UI, or are factually Drones quitting their job?
  2. These are several suggestions, not necessarily to be added al on one Augment. Make the Augments give a buff-aura, like some Corpus and Infested enemies have, but giving the elemental enhancement buff to allies and companions around the Warframe. These effects should be in addition to the already suggested changes: Freeze Force - Freeze Augment - Frost When cast to destroy the Frostbubble, procc a small buff for allies in range, similar to the Avalanche-Buff Fireball Frenzy - Fireball Augment - Ember Let Fireballs leave a lingering pool of lava on the ground Let Fireballs be supercharged, to blast a ginormous ring of fire, similar to the Eximus-units (maybe Ember's #3 should have this) Let Ember have heightened energy regen while standing in a lava puddle, or trigger a small buff for her passive Shock Trooper - Shock Augment - Volt Make this give allies in range the passive effect from Volt, to build up a charge to procc additional elemental damage on next attack Venom Dose - Spores Augment - Saryn Allies contract the spores buff (reduced duration) when killing enemies affected by Saryns spores Smite Infusion - Smite Augment - Oberon Shoot out a small glowing ball of light, attracting enemies. After x time, it explodes, sending out homing smite bullets in amount of Oberons strength - just like normal Smite, just as a delayed grenade I really hope, we will get a rework of many more Augments, as many are lackluster and way to soft or uninspired with their effects, to justify a mod slot, which is always a decision to make against the higher valued other stat-mods, like strength for most Frames.
  3. Did anything from this discussion atually get to any Dev and got aplied to the rework? Or is it like with the rework from Titania and Nyx? Will anything, especially regarding Wukongs passive from this thread get picked up and looked at again, maybe even applied to another iteration of adjustments?
  4. Interesting idea. While his passive is on CD, his other abilities do get buffed slightly to make up for his vulnerability during this period. Or an Augment which enables this kind of mechanic. Would make it engaging, interesting and rewarding. And somewhat reflect him being a smart ass monkey god.
  5. [rant incoming] Immortality, extra lifes and Buffs My biggest concern with this rework is, that thematically Wukong is considered immortal and with this rework he basically has lost that. While Inaros still is quasi immortal, Nidus has to manage his stacks, Wukong needed to pay attention to his energy management and Nullis, which was fine for all three. Now Wukong feels more like Cat-Frame with his three additional lives during a mission and no way of regenerating those, instead of his actual immortallity. Pablo claimed that for him the background an theme was important to preserve, but i feel currently Wukong is not the Monke King anymore, just a fancy meele oriented Frame with no real focus on anything, gimmicky at best. If Wukong could retain his immortallity for endless missions, a way to manage or replenish his lives, an Augment helping to keep his immortallity up, so he might be also considered an option for example in endless missions and Arbitrations, it would be an actual improvement, as we currently have a very stale meta for that. That Wukong is more melee centered and not an AOE nuker or caster Frame, brings basically no buffs for his team and has very little depth and felxibility in his kit (besides his cloud maybe, which still is very clunky) should allow for him to be more selfish and selfcentered in regard of his immortallity. Just look at Nidus, he's considere fine. I also think that his buffs he gains when he dies the first three times are to transient, as not only do those buffs not really complement his kit and supposed playstyle, they do last just a very short duration in addition of never being reobtainable during the same mission ever. Wukong does not need a buff to gain bonus loot for a couple seconds! Please, there is no need for such an effect on Wukong, it's wasted potential and does in no way complement his kit or even the situation he is in, which made him loose a life! His invisibillity buff for example, what does Wukong do in this time? An Inaros getting this buff might go and during the buff timer replensih his armor buff and nom undisturbed on a foe to recharge, but Wukong? He gains nothing from it. What if he instead for the remainder of the mission can, when he finishes a foe or killed x-amount he regains this invisibility? Those buffs should be reworked to be very Wukong-centric and complement his playstyle better, lasting longer or even be permanent then for the duration of the mission or at least be replenishable as buffs, even tho his extra lifes might not be regeneratable. What if for each life lost he gaines a permanent Buff, that re-triggers under certain conditions during the mission, represented by an icon in the topright corner. The Monkey King is clever, agile, strong, immortal, has chupze, is unconventional, is playfull and above all, has so much power at his hands, that even the gods feared him. Where does Pablo consider these things and reflect them? Sure, there is only so much room for his abilities and his kit to be as close as posiible, but currently i think it's way off from what can be considered a Martial Arts God of enourmos power and benign character and a rich lore behind him too. tl;dr: If we claim to consider the theme and lore behind the Frames, we should try to at least implement them as close as possible. In this current iteration, Wukong is not the immortal Monkey King, but more like a half Cat-Frame. His immortality needs a treatment like Nidus and be replenishable, his buffs need a rework and be more permanent and centered around his kit and playstyle. Immortallity on Frames, if managed right, is not a problem ingame as we see with Nidus and Inaros and those are still not considered Meta, but are very casual Frames.
  6. When can we expect those changes going live, has there been an ETA for this? Something like, when he gets his Primed Version or end of the year or something?
  7. 130 runs in and still no Mask, but finally the Sledge is cooking....
  8. @4holes Thank you so much for giving actual and all around feedback regarding Hildryn. So we don't need to do this anymore. I can agree with everything you said and will also add my following opinion tidbits. Hildryn is very fun to play from the box, unlike the last couple Frames that came out since i started playing, like Revenant, Garuda and Baruuk, which felt disconnected and having just some sort of design pilosophy but no actual game concept to them, Hildryn feels so good overall, that i see myself bringing her out really often albeit her (small) problems, especially in contrast to the before mentioned Frames! In addition to 4holes feedback post, i feel as Hildryn does substantially fall off as soon as you go into higher level situations. I did bring her to Sorties, but i felt like being quickly outnumbered and not properly protected by my abilities like Haven, which brings radiatan damage, but more often than not, even with actual proccs on enemies i get attacked or the wonky LOS will just show an enemy targeted by Haven but not actually affected. The radiation proccs seem to be part of her defensive mechanics, yet in higher levels it seems to be very ineffective. A possibility might be to give her some sort of effect like with Radial Disarm from Lokis #4 when Augmented, so it works as an actual defensive tool. Her #2 is cute, but to slow on the cast animation and the actual result for Hildryn. Conditions get removed on cast start, which is nice, but the cast animation lock is counter productive for this ability, as i think it's a sort of long term investment because the actual benefit comes after the effect returned, while inbetween Hildryn might get into trouble. That her #2 is a full body cast animation is bad for the actual ROI which is to be expected with a delay. To circumvent this, making it a one handed cast (like Volt's #1 & #2) would preserve her mobility and allow for reaction until the benefit from the cast actually take effect. Her damage output seems to be lacking and her abilities seem to have a very flat scaling overall. She needs a lot of stats to make all her abilities worthwhile, similar to Equinox, the result from needing a lot of very specific stats does not satisfy. I can't just slap power strength on and range an be good. Hildryn needs also some supplements for her shields, maybe Vitality in high level missions (big maybe), Range, Duration, Efficiency and Power Strength to not loose her radiation procs and shield stealing scaling on her #2 and so on. Making her abilities scale a tad bit better and allowing for her abilities either to scale good on Power Strenght or maybe something like scaling on the amount of shields she has as a stat (not a dynamic thing like actual shields currently available, which would make her abilties work against her). On a last note, her #1 and #4 feel more like they should be one ability instead splitted like this, which would open up a slot on her #1 for something else. So make her #1 part of her #4 like with Titania and her Dex weapons while in her Razorwing and give Hildryn a new ability on slot #1. edit: Hidlryn current biggest weakness is that once her shields are depleted and after her gating wears off, shield regeneration is subject to interruption by enemy fire, which might bring trouble, because her only resource for her abilities will get limited heavily. Giving her some sort of regen buff after a shield depletion and her invulnerabilty wears off or even WHILE she is invulnerable to allow for her to gain back some of her shields faster, might help with solo gameplay or in higher missions. edit: Hildryn is currently the only Frame not being able to participate in Nightmare Missions, due to all her abilities needing shields as fuel, limiting her to her weaponry and locking her out from all her defensive tools in her abilitie kit. Well, yes, she can go into those missions, but being more than a glorified Sortie Agent or Warframe Specter does not make it better.
  9. Well duh, how else is it supposed to hold the gun, hm? 😉
  10. Currently Phase 2/3 on Stage 1 is bugged, either the Data mass will never drop, or after leaving Squad and and continuing solo, you can get the Data Mass to drop BUT the console does not allow any interactions.
  11. Please buff Staticors radius back to something above it's current 2 meters. It was trash before the buff, now after the "adjustment" it's terrible again. 2 meter radius on top of travel time makes this unbelievable crappy. This was the reason, no one touched this thing beside for MR before. Staticor is meant to be more of an AoE weapon, currently you can miss your traget if not perfectly spot on and even if two or more mobs are beside each other, the explosion does not even hit anything anymore (more often than not). Adjust the radius of the normal fire back to something above 2 meters please.
  12. Because those Workshops are there to talk about the suggested changes beforehand, duh. Also, no one wants those changes just to be MOAR DEEPS. So far this thread seems to be concerned overall with pretty reasonable points about usability and not (just) damage.
  13. No, just because the bullets used to "buff" your minion could have spent to kill off another enemy in the meantime.
  14. Why the f*** did you have to post the entire Ad again? oO
  15. presumably, like last time with Rhino & Nyx, the will be around for ~3 month? But jeah, confirmation on the exact date AND the drop locations would be amazing, i agree.
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